3 Men Break into House and Put Son in His Dad’s Gun Closet

man put in gun closet while intruders ransacked in houston

A 3 on 1 fight is not very fair, but when those 3 are dumb as rocks and decide to lock someone in a closet, it evens the odds when that closet is the place where the dad keeps his guns.

Houston police said that today 3 men forced their way into a man’s house and put his son in a closet while they ransacked the place.

Little did the 3 criminals realize that this closet was the same place where the resident kept his guns.  When he thought the men were gone the son grabbed a gun and went downstairs where he had an encounter with one of the intruders.

The intruder was armed and the 2 exchanged gun shots.  The son was not injured but he was able to land 2 shots in the suspects leg and shoulder.

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The 20-year-old intruder fled the scene and collapsed a few houses down, crying for help in Spanish. That’s where Craig Gaddis found him.

“The owner, thank God for rights, he shot one of ‘em. And that’s as far as the guy got, collapsed on the concrete there,” Craig Gaddis said. “You know, amen, we got one of them.”

The suspect was taken to Ben Taub Hospital for treatment.

The young man who shot him appeared to be struggling with his emotions. But Gaddis had nothing but praise for him.

“He got what he deserved,” Gaddis said. “You want to come over here and rob houses? Those of us who do carry guns in our houses, they are there for one reason—to keep you people out, and I’m so happy that someone got him.”

The other two men fled in an older model Chevrolet Tahoe, police said. The homeowner told police that he did not know the assailants.

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    • Rich says

      Awesome son you did a good thing and you should feel no remorse. I am a Army desert storm vet and from one soldier to another which you are for protecting what is sacred like our country….good job. I salute you


      • Mary says

        Know son that what Rich says is correct. My son spent time in Afghanistan and your bravery is to be applauded. You did the right thing.

    • Jonathan says

      Dan – you mean well, but the kid doesn’t need that on his conscience. You and I know it was justified and proper, but taking a life is never something to consider lightly. The kid did very well, and his superior knowledge (and training, I assume) won him this fight. My congratulations to the young man, and best wishes for him to overcome the emotional battle as well. You did good, kid.

      • John Schubert says

        Good point. Despite what gun control advocates, violent video game haters, and lots of other “experts” think, it’s actually against the normal, human psyche to kill. Ask any seasoned Marine who’s pointed a gun and taken a life. For a large majority, it’s an abhorrent, emotional experience which no background check will ever be a litmus against.

        That said, good job to the son, glad you are healthy and alive, and wish you a speedy emotional recovery.

    • CSD says

      Its all about incentive. If burglars start getting gunned down by residents, it’ll give them a good incentive to stop breaking and entering, won’t it?

  1. joseph says

    Lil dude you did an amazing job protecting yourself and your home great job. This is why we have the second amendment for reasons like this. You should not feel down your should be proud that one you didn’t take that mans life but you did injure him enough so he could be caught and serve time for his actions. Outstanding job. Semper fi

    • Ricky Ross says

      Actually, this is only a bi-product of the 2nd Amendment! The 2nd Amendment has one purpose and one purpose only…to prevent TYRANNY!

      • matt weber says

        Read it again sir… It is for defense of home and country from all threats of invasion foreign and domestic AND against tyranny.

  2. Trever says

    I commend this young mans actions, and congratulate him on doing so well under SEVERE ADRENALINE SHOCK. There is a reason that professionals teach center of mass targeting, when that HUGE blast of adrenaline hits you, you are lucky to be able to hit the proverbial barn door. Even at room sized distances. Look how often there is a huge firefight between police officers and dirtbags at POINT BLANK distances, dozens of rounds are fired, and NOBODY is hit, much less killed. It happens with ridiculous frequency. And police officers are allegedly TRAINED for that situation.
    Those of you lamenting the fact that he didn’t “choose” head shots have never been in a gun fight. If it is not something that you have TRAINED for properly, then you aren’t likely to have that much control. He did what he had to do, and was able to accomplish it in spite of the adrenaline, fear, stress, and unfamiliarity of the situation. Some of us spend perhaps TOO much time planning for this very situation, and THINK we will be able to shoot them through the eye if ever forced to do so. VERY FEW of us will actually be able to maintain iron control in that situation and be as accurate as we THINK we are, or should be. Spray and pray becomes the only viable option, and if you are lucky enough you hit them, and they don’t hit YOU. This young man did extremely well. Note that it said he remained in the closet until he thought they had left. Took the gun with him just in case. Wetback was not expecting interference, kid was not REALLY expecting to confront him. Turned out well.

  3. says

    young man it took a lot of heart and guts for you to do what needed to be done you saved you and your father’s life you are your father’s HERO

  4. RafDaddy says

    “The first time you blow someone away is not an insignificant event. That said, there are some idiots in the world that just need to be shot.”
    ………. Marine Gen. James Mattis

  5. David Dang says

    Good for you! I’m still waiting on the people who say BAN ALL GUNS, to come in and say something.. oh wait, they can’t say anything cause they know if they were in the same situation, they would probably have done the same thing.

    Props to this dude.

  6. Nate Mims says

    I give props to the kid for shooting the men who were robbing his house. Good job on taking care of your family. I do wonder if they got away with any of the families belongs.

    I noticed that some people here are having a tough time with the 2nd amendment, so I thought I show what it says: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

    I don’t think the kid was part of a well regulated militia, but fortunately he did have the means to defend his home.

  7. Sal says

    The kid should play lotto that day, at an early age the kid was able protect him self and his home , great work

  8. John Hume says

    Son you did exactly the correct thing, I applaud your actions. You should receive an award for your courage. You are very lucky to live in Texas where you have the right to self defense. I unfortunately live in New Jersey and if I was forced to defend myself as you where in this situation I would have gone to prison.

    • Cynthia says

      Son, I only pray that if I was in the same situation as you that I would be able to react like you did. I practice shooting with my husband but its not the same, You did what had to be done, but please keep training and keep fighting for our rights to bare arms.

  9. Richard Smith says

    Is it lost on everyone that the criminal collapsed babbling in Spanish. Close the border.

  10. darron howell says

    I have heard about enough about head shoots the kid did well. By hitting him 2 times shooting a man is not like shoot a animal hunting or target practice. I for one have seen a mans head explode from a head shoot this is not something you want to see or have to live with the rest of your life I know first hand. Have any of you people ever heard of (PTSD) . I am a grown man and I still to this day have night mares for this and it was 12 years ago. So enough with the head shoot don’t tell someone to do something that will be with them the rest of there life especial if you have not been there your self.