7-Year-Old Boy Who Made Gun-Shaped Pastry Has Appeal Denied

boy who made pastry shaped gun has appeal denied

The family of the 7-year-old boy from Ann Arundel County elementary school who was suspended for making a gun shape out of a pastry has tried to clear the boy’s record.

This story made headlines across the country as the gun control debate has taken center stage among many elementary schools as some school administrators flex their muscles with a “zero tolerance policy” that excuses itself from common sense.

But according to the Baltimore Sun school officials denied the boy’s family’s appeal on Monday, not allowing the boy’s record to be expunged of the incident.

Robin Ficker, attorney for Park Elementary School student Josh Welch and his family, said he will now appeal to the county school board.

Josh Welch was suspended in March for two days after school officials accused him of shaping the pastry into the form of a gun and waving it around, which was obviously a serious threat to everyone eating lunch around him.

The boy’s father was furious about how the entire situation was handled and how the school displayed a classic overreaction in their discipline of the boy.

“When you compare the caliber of the ‘offense’ to the caliber of the punishment, they don’t match up,” he said at the time. “I just feel that’s a lack of common sense in conjunction with the use of the rules and, honestly, I believe there’s some personal bias involved in the decision, as well.”

The family said it plans to appeal to the Anne Arundel County School Board.

The family’s attorney said he has 30 days to appeal to the county school board and will more than likely do so this week.

“I’ve spoken to Mr. Welch, and we’re definitely going to appeal to the board of education,” said Ficker, referring to Josh’s father, J.B. Welch. “If this school can’t educate a 7-year-old without putting him out of school, how are they going to deal with 17-year-olds?”

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  1. JoeThePimpernel says

    The purpose of zero-tolerance is to manufacture white criminals because it is unfair that Blacks are 12% of the population but commit 50% of the murders.

    • Ace says

      Good one Joe. All they had to do was to tell the child that this is not accetable behavior and we do not want you to do this ever again. Look at it real close, forget about a gun. Doesn’t it look like the tail end of the B2 Bommer. I workrd for Northrop’s Flight departmenet . I also did line service for the B2 and the Stealth fighter. When i saw the pop tart for the first time, it reminded me of the B2. This is such Bull shit. Even if he was waving it around, he’s just a kid. I bet the students where never lectured on the school rules , or there rules about toy guns, or guns in General. I wonder what state it was in.If I where a parent with my kid in that school. I’d pull the chid out and find a better school.