Australia is Cracking Down on Soda Bottle Silencers Requiring All Adapted Suppressors to Be Turned in

Australia wants to ban soda bottles from becoming suppressors in guns

Some new gun laws in Australia may make it illegal to carry a gun and a bottle of soda at the same time.   Australia now wants to prohibit soda bottles because they can be used as “adapted suppressors” which is illegal according to gun regulations which were detailed by the South Australian police.  Watch video below.

So anything that can be adapted to become a silencer is prohibited.  Of course Michael Bloomberg is probably very happy about this, especially if any soda bottles that can carry 20 oz or more are banished from Aussie land.

So what are soda drinkers supposed to do if they also happen to own a gun?    The soda bottlesmust be securely boxed, bagged, or wrapped and bound prior to arrival, and may only be removed from the covering by a police officer.”

The wording of the law has many gun owners worried that they will get in trouble for having a soda bottle and gun in the same room, and since the law has not yet been implemented it gives them time to argue how ridiculous these new regulations have become.  What it really reveals is the ignorance of the people who are ban-happy.

Yes, this is how ridiculous gun control has become.  And if you think it could never happen here in the US, just leave those anti-gun lawmakers in office and see what happens.

Gun control activists look at Australia as a model for the the United States.   Those of us who use that brain between our ears look at Australia as a warning for how far anti-gunners really want to go.  And this is the kind of thing we can expect on our shores if the likes of Bloomberg have their way.

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  1. charlie says

    the end of the video clears it all up, or at least promises to…not as bad as the obamacare fiasco .at least we get free health cover and no time limits on social security…losers

  2. Krom Johann Zyldershtic. says

    I live in Australia, as I have done all my life and I agree that we go over the top when it comes to personal arms control. We pander to the wrong side. People, (especially media) are incredulous when it comes to gun control here. They have got it where they want it but there is still just as much gun violence here as there ever was. Almost all of it is caused by people who have obtained unregistered firearms compliments of the black market. Anywhere in the world you can buy anything you want as long as you have some cash and of course when career crims want guns they can always come up with the money.
    I am a owner of firearms. I have them legally stored in a safe which is so time consuming to get into if we were attacked in our home most of us would certainly be overcome before we were able to get to any of them. Having said that, when citizens have used a firearm to protect themselves they are more likely than not to be charged for the act.
    In fact in this country if you beat the crap out of an intruder you will most likely go down because our laws think more about protecting the criminal than the victim.
    Take into consideration our population and you will find our society to quite violent. Per Capita we aren’t much different than USA and very few people own firearms in this place.
    However, it’s still a good place to live as long as you can escape once in awhile.