AZ Mass Shooting is Thwarted by Concealed Carrier Who Shoots Man Armed with Rifle at Party

concealed carrier stops mass shooting in arizona by shooting rifleman

Yes, we know how this image portrays an enumerable amount of bad practices. But why don’t you tell us all about it in the comments below.

Some of the best stories of heroism are completely ignored by major news outlets who refuse to report on stories like this where a gun owner saves the day.  But thanks to an Arizona man who carried a concealed handgun many lives were saved last Sunday morning.

Several people were at a party in Arizona when a 27-year-old man got into an argument with some of the party goers.  Eventually the man was asked to leave.  He was gone for a short time but soon returned with a rifle and started firing shots outside the house.

The 27-year-old then started aiming his rifle at some of the guests at the party.  That’s when the 39-year-old concealed handgun carrier drew his firearm and shot the gunman.

The concealed carrier remained on the scene until the police arrived at about 1:30am and the suspect was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

According to AZ central, Glendale Police Department spokeswoman Officer Tracey Breeden said that the concealed carrier was justified in shooting the gunman.

“This is standard procedure under these type of circumstances,” Breeden said. “Information and evidence detectives have gathered leads them to believe the 27-year-old was not only firing his rifle, endangering partygoers, but also pointed the weapon at other partygoers, endangering them, prior to the 39-year-old displaying a weapon and shooting the 27-year-old.”

The investigation is ongoing and charges are pending, Breeden said.

In the state of Arizona a license is not required in order to carry a concealed handgun.  Who knows how many lives were saved that night because a law abiding gun owner was responsible enough to carry a gun and smart enough to use it when lives were on the line.

Share this story with anyone you can, because you will probably not hear about it on TV, and gun owners are only demonized by an anti-gun media.  This easily could have been a mass shooting in Arizona, but it was all stopped because a good guy with a gun was there to stop the bad guy with the gun.

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  1. Frank VanWhy says

    Great story and it will never make national news. I do disagree with the header pic though. No holster and finger on the trigger in someones pocket! Very improper. Keep up the positive reporting, some one will hear us one day!

  2. durabo says

    So far, four of my former CCW students have reported having saved their lives by the mere presentation of a firearm. To date, not a single cartridge has been fired. The media, of course, are not interested in these success stories: they want wholesale slaughter in “gun-free” zones (if it bleeds, it leads, y’know?).

    Durabo, Phoenix, AZ

    • HighlanderJuan says

      The ‘media’ is the controlled PR firm for the feds. It is the feds and some states that don’t want the people to be armed, Blame the lack of firearms stories on the government which does not any longer serve the people.

  3. Josh says

    Local abc news story from Glendale AZ. Look familiar Rev. dumbass? No, How about this story from Glendale AZ…

    Story is very much real. Was reported on locally, briefly, but never made it national. Law abiding, gun owning, citizens do not produce national news worthy stories. As far as obamanation is concerned, law abiding citizens protecting other law abiding citizens from being slaughtered is not news worthy.. These kinds of stories happen all the time but unless its in your neighborhood you aren’t going to hear about it..

    • says

      Remember how you conservatives thought Obama was going take all your gun rights away back in 2007 (even before election) and thus hated him? How’d it go? Nope, nothing of the such happened? Yep. All this panic for nothing. Please try to understand that you gun-advocates are the minority. Your reply? DUR DUR, guns don’t kill people, people do. I have to give you credit for realizing that a gun is an inanimate object (clap clap! Congrats!) and has to have an action/person behind it in committing an action. (You figured out gun crime!) Do you honestly think that liberals believe that guns shoot themselves? lol…if you’re that stupid…well, maybe you ARE that stupid.) The ONLY thing liberals are trying to get you thick-headed Fwords to understand is that SOME people (mentally unstable, for the most part) should not be able to buy a gun in the first place. Please try to comprehend the idea that some mentally unstable/other people (maybe not you…you responsible gun owner!) should not own a gun. Wouldn’t that be in everyone’s best interest?! Is it anti-gun to suggest this?! Try your hardest to be rational, please!

      • Ben says

        Dave. That’s not very nice. As for “stupid,” after your second use of the word, you ended with a parentheses, but you never started with one…you must be brilliant in your own right!
        Anyway, I believe most people who legally carry guns respect the power of that weapon. I do not believe that most people who illegally carry guns have that same respect for either a) the weapon’s power or b) the consequences of that power. And that is my argument. Let me protect me from them.
        That said, I for one am not a fan of mentally unstable people carrying weapons (guns, knives, grenades, broken beer bottles, anthrax, or anything else that might harm innocent civilians), but who gets to determine mental instability? You? God I hope not!
        So while you continue to think that you’re clever and fantasize about stripping all of us “stupid F-word gun owners” of our right to bear arms (militia or otherwise), remember that depriving anyone of constitutional rights is a dangerous proposition. Also, be careful who you attempt to insult, you never know if they’re mentally unstable!

      • IDFK says

        Puppet on the left…puppet on the right…you must be stupid for thinking there is a difference. Gun sales have only skyrocketed in the past few years. Doesnt matter whos sitting in the oval office.

      • Adam says

        Dave, can you make an argument without calling people names? You debating style is very childish. The only reason Obama didn’t get more gun bans passed is that gun owners and supporters of the second amendment fought long and hard to prevent him from doing it. It is amazing how liberals are quick to give away the rights of others when it is something they think they personally don’t need. When you give freedoms away to the government you never get them back and you establish a dangerous precedent.

      • monique says

        Yes Dave, because mentally unstable criminals will totally follow the new laws passed by idiot liberals like yourself *rolls eyes*
        The only ones affected by new gun bans are law-abiding citizens. Go troll somewhere else.

      • says

        news flash for you genius, it already IS illegal for someone with a history of mental illness to own a gun (which is presumably why most liberals don’t own one).

      • Michael Tilleman says

        You’re an idiot Dave. That’s not what liberals want to do. Liberal want more government control in everything. If the public does not have guns and the government does, the government can do whatever it wants and subject the people to their will. You want to know who was an anti-gun advocate? Hitler. Do you think it was because he wanted crazy people not to have guns? If you think that, you’re the stupid one, not the conservatives. So really, you need to check your intelligence (or your apparent lack of it) because if you really think that liberals just want crazy people to not have guns, you’ve proven to everyone how unintelligent you are.

  4. Gary says

    Says it was in Glendale,AZ. Seen a lot of other stories on this but no major media. Glad this guy was there. May have saved a lot of lives. Thankfully the bad guy didn’t get the chance!!

  5. Rand Hartje says

    I’m a native of Arizona and carry always have, My comment to you Reverand, Wake Up, Look around, Because You truly are deceived.

  6. pudly says

    Good for the defender. However, that intro pic is horrible. A gun-oriented web site should know better than to display such dangerous and irresponsible draw technique.

  7. Gayle says

    I think maybe something is being overlooked here….if the state of Arizona had different gun laws then maybe the bad guy wouldn’t have had a gun in the first place!!!

    • Brian says

      Yeah Gayle, cuz bad guys always abide by the law. They would never have a gun in their possession if they weren’t supposed to have it. Just like there is never any meth available where there are laws against it.

    • Erik says

      Gayle, the problem with your thinking is a bad guy can and will always be able to get a gun almost at will. If you’ve ever been to the southern border, illegal firearms are streaming across. Their accessibility is sickening. Our only hope is for safe and responsible citizens to carry and hopefully carry concealed. I respect others rights to not arm themselves, I really wish they would respect my right to arm myself. After all, when seconds count, the police are just minutes away.

    • says

      Yep, yep. Let’s compound the problem by taking guns away from everyone! Not! No magic device, crystal ball, clarvoyant, computer program, government agency, psychologist, or wise old man exists that can accurately predict who is suddenly going to go wacko and use a gun badly, either now, or anytime in the future. Focus on individual rights and freedoms, not on group paranoia and collectivism. What groups are doing to individuals is getting worse and more criminal every day, and those group members think that is just fine and dandy!

    • RON MCBEE says


  8. Treager says

    Could we please be sure that the stock photos used for these articles do not promote unsafe gun practices? The user’s finger is on the trigger in the photo…