Caught: This NY Gun Owner Set Up a Camera After His Pro 2nd Amendment Sign Kept Getting Stolen

A user on was fed up with having his sign taken down.   The sign advocated the repeal of the NY SAFE Act, which  was one of the strictest gun laws to date and a major infringement on 2nd amendment rights.

After having his sign taken for the 4th or 5th time he decided to set up a trail cam or a deer cam to try to catch the thief in the act, and so he could report it to the authorities.  Much to his surprise this is what he found.

This NY gun owner was sick of having his 2nd amendment sign taken so he set up a hidden camera and found this

In this image the cop is kicking down the sign.

cop taking the sign away

Now that this NY resident found out that it was actually the law enforcement that kicked over his sign and stole it he will have some decisions to make.  If you want to make a donation to his cause you can find more information at this thread.

This is an outrageous act by this Somers police officer.  Even if the law did not allow for signs to be within 15 feet of the road, if the sign was on private property, as it is believed to have been, it would not permit an officer to simply take it.  That is not the proper protocol.   This story is both somber and eye opening as this NY resident’s 2nd AND 1st amendment rights are being trampled upon.

It should be mentioned that we at Guns ‘n’ Freedom support local law enforcement officials as a whole.  These are brave men and women who put their lives on the line every day to protect the resident’s in their districts.  But when officers like this abuse their power, it should be noted so this kind of activity does not continue.

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  1. Byron Armel says

    Those type of cops are all over the place and in every department. Just watch the news, you see it everyday, Cops working as security for someone and want to push people around and when the people tell them to f off they pull out there badge and arrest them. Just look at the guy in a school board meeting in Maryland and got arrested Oh by the way the cop lied

  2. L. Spears says

    Not sure how the law is specifically written in your locale, but here it is theft of private property to remove a sign from someones property; several were even prosecuted during the last election cycle here.

    Most law enforcement agencies do not keep corrupt cops once their activities are discovered. FOP does not usually fight very hard for cops like that.

    Just a thought.

    • namaps says

      “Most law enforcement agencies do not keep corrupt cops once their activities are discovered.”

      Oh, how I wish that were true. Down here in AZ, at least, a LEO can straight-up murder a man and get off scott-free. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office stands behind its deputies no matter what, and that includes illegal, thuggish behavior. They’ve gone so far as to illegally delete video footage fromt he county jails so that murderers couldn’t be prosecuted.

      • Trina says

        Must be a non Sheriff Joe supporter in favor of all the illegals in AZ.
        Sorry but NO, a cop CANT! as you say “straight up MURDER a man and get off scott free”. He would have his badge pulled and be tried for murder.
        I wish more police would uphold the laws that our corrupt government WONT. At least Sheriff Joe IS doing something as Obama has told our border patrol to turn a blind eye. And THAT folks is why we have so many running over the borders.

    • Ernst says

      Too many people are afraid to take a stance and sign their name beside it. Where would we be if our founding fathers were so afraid to sign what they believed in. You can’t just hide in the brush while everyone else takes responsibility. I write letters to my Representatives and the White House because things are not going to be changed by anonymous. I owe my grandchildren that much.

  3. Eric says

    “It should be mentioned that we at Guns ‘n’ Freedom support local law enforcement officials as a whole.”

    There’s your problem right there.

  4. EBounding says

    “It should be mentioned that we at Guns ‘n’ Freedom support local law enforcement officials as a whole.”

    I’m just curious…who does “Guns ‘n Freedom” think is going to actually end up taking guns? Is it going to be a whiny skinny liberal bureaucrat? Or is it going to be a large squad of heavily armed police?

  5. Frank says

    It’s time as good Americans that you stop supporting the thug and bullyboys who are oppressing us! Murdering our loved ones,molesting our wives,daughters and mothers and killing our pets. The police in this country have degenerated into terrorists.
    Support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights,not a bunch of freedom hating,degenerate thugs!

  6. william says

    i believe this is the same cop who ticketed me for parking at my job let me explain…. i worked at stop and shop, and i went shopping after work, right before i was ready to leave, instead of double parking like everyone els, i went out to move my car closer there was no carts! there was 2 or 3 handicaps OPEN i parked at the farther one down open my trunk and ran to the door to grab the bags so they didnt rip all over the lot walking. he pulled up as i was puting it in and said im ticketing you, i told him and explained i was here for literally 3 min! i was outraged i work there, theres 2 other spots open and theres 4 cars double parked! But you ticket me! somers ny police dept. is a joke