College Students Face Expulsion After Pulling Gun on Intruder Who Was 6 Time Felon

gonzaga students face expulsion after pulling gun on intruding felon

Two Gonzaga students are facing the possibility of expulsion after they pulled a gun on a 6 time felon who was trying to break into their campus apartment.  The University does not allow handguns in dorms or anywhere on campus property, making them prime targets for criminals who are accustomed to breaking the law.

Watch news video of this story below.

Side note. (College campuses that have allow CCW have not seen a single incident of gun violence or guns being stolen from cars, even though gun control activists promised this would happen on any college campus that would be so daring as to allow 2nd amendment rights for college students.)

According to who reported this story it all happened on October 24th,

At 10:15 Fagan answered the door and was greeted by John Taylor. Taylor is a felon with an extensive criminal history and when he arrived Fagan said Taylor showed him what appeared to be an ankle bracelet as he tried to intimidate him. Fagan said Taylor then demanded money and was frustrated when he was turned down.

Taylor then attempted to force entry into the apartment. At that point McIntosh brandished his pistol. McIntosh has a concealed weapons permit for the gun and did not know it was in violation of policy at the time. Once Taylor saw the gun he left the property. McIntosh said Spokane Police took Taylor into custody after their report because he was wanted on a Department of Corrections warrant.

The school is saying that it has a long standing policy against guns on campus and it is meant to protect the students.  We beg to differ.

A discipline board at the school has decided to move forward in taking action against the students who tried to protect themselves from the intruding felon, but the students have to wait and see if they will be expelled as a result of their actions.

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  1. PUNISHER says

    this students constituional rights and cival right have been infringed on. where was the security . if this guy was homeless, why didn’t security see him? why? Because there worthless. theses kids can sue the school for not having security outside and around there apartment. now some waco knows this campus is a gun free zone and is going to go postal on the school, or more crimes of theft and assault are going to happen. saved your life and your roommates life. time to find another school. SUE THE HELL OUT OF THEM !!

  2. Howard says

    I applaud these young men for defending themselves with a firearm when it is clearly warranted. Sadly, in this day and age we must all be ready to provide forour own safety and not rely on anyone else, inluding LEO’s. As demonstrated here, clearly the local LEO was unble to provide a safe environment for the stdents. To the common person, this seems to be common sense but not to the school, apparently.
    What I would suggest to the reader is the following: one, buy TWO guns, one a realistic looking toy with any silly orange coloring removed and an appropriate REAL gun. If, God Forbid, you should need the real gun and presuming no shots were discharged, by all means take appropriate action. But, as in this case, if no shots were fired but the LEO were summoned, then tell them you used the TOY gun to avert disaster.
    If the bad guy is apprehended as in this case, terrific. If not, should he come back, at least a REAL firearm is available if required.
    Personally, I wouldn’t tell the LEO I used my REAL gun and I sure as HELL wouldn’t brag about it to others outside of those intimately involved or on any social media for obvious reasons.
    These young men thwarted what could have been a disaster but I hope their school hierarchy doesn’t go bonkers and try to make a mountain out of a mole hill.