CT Cops Seize 69-Year-Old’s 274 Legal Guns and Charge Him with 17 Felonies

CT man has his 274 guns seized

Photo courtesy of Fairfield Police

Update to story here:  http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/connecticut-man-wanted-bomb-keith-richards-article-1.1482789#ixzz2v0hPlFuf

A Connecticut man found himself in the crosshairs of his state’s anti-2nd amendment policies for simply having too many guns and being a rocketeer.

Police raided the home of Joseph Callahan, 69, on Monday and charged him with 11 counts of illegal possession of explosives and six counts of first-degree reckless endangerment after finding 274 guns in his home in Fairfield Connecticut.

Callahan is a gun aficionado who collects guns and is also a retired chemist who is an amateur rocketeer.  And according to the NY Daily News  “at least some of the chemicals found appeared to be for his rocketry hobby.”  I’m guessing that all of those chemicals were used for his hobby.

Callahan’s attorney Richard Meehan said that his client is harmless and had no intentions of doing anyone any harm.  He is simply a gun collector who also happened to work for DuPont as well as gunmaker Remington Arms, which is how his attorney says he acquired most of his guns.

“He’s a gun collector, and they’re all registered. They’re all legal,” Meehan told the Daily News on Tuesday. “In addition, he’s an amateur rocketeer. He shoots off his own small rockets, and a lot of what he had was related to the rocketry.”  “He’s even in the skeet shooting hall of fame,” he added.

So how did this gun collector end up on the wrong side of the law?  He reported a burglary at his property, and that’s when the authorities made the shocking discovery which resulted in the property swarming with police, fire and Hazmat units.

CT man has his 274 guns and explosives seized

Amanda Raus, Chris Podosek/NBC Connecticut

Callahan’s entire collection was seized and the 69-year-old was taken into custody but was allowed free in lieu of bond with the condition that he help officials sort out the scene, since they didn’t even know what they were looking at, apparently.

Callahan is an avid hobbyist in his retirement years.  Police found M-80 fireworks and jet fuel which he said was used in 2 of his classic corvettes.

This gun collectors court appearance is set for October 16th.

The last time I checked the 2nd amendment didn’t limit how many guns we can own, nor did it allow for the seizure of those guns for baseless conjecture.  This hobbyist had not hurt a single soul and had no intentions on doing so.  This is just another reason not to let people know how many guns you have, especially if you live in the anti-gun state of Connecticut.

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  1. BewareCT says

    Don’t forget – the state wants you to register all of your ‘assault’ weapons – including .22LR rimfire rifles with detachable mags – by 1/1/2014. But they’re not going to use the information against you. Really – Gov. MAOlloy promised. 😉

    When they come for your guns, give them your bullets.

    • Ronald R. Johnson says

      More proof that the last person you call for help is a cop! Cops have become our biggest bunch of criminals! If cops had to personally pay for all their mistakes [ just like all other citizens] we would have less of this and other criminal acts by cops! Why are Cops above the law?

      • says

        Just thought I would advise you that in addition to being subject to all laws and their own departmental policies, cops can be — and are — sued civilly as individuals for any alleged civil tort, the same as anyone else. Of course their guilt or innocence is then up to a judge or jury to determine, and not uninformed individuals who for their own reasons are prejudiced against all law enforcement. Incidentally, I support the Second Amendment and right-to-carry laws and justice for anyone like Mr. Callahan who, it appears, may have been falsely charged with crimes and for the possible illegal seizure of his personal property. In such a case, if the police agency is found to be in the wrong, I would like to see Mr. Callahan reimbursed for his attorney’s fees, court costs and any other expenses incurred by him as a result of this incident.. It would also appear appropriate that any agency found at fault in such a case should also be required to pay a penalty to the falsely accused.

      • bsybee says

        Cops are not above the law. If they are wrong they pay the price like anyone else. They are and they have double the fine and consequences than a normal person. For they are taught in the law and should no better. We just follow the law. We don’t always agree with it. But we have to follow it and the lawyers procecucutes the law. According to the Construction and the individual rights of the person. If people want laws changed. They need to voice and change the law. Write the Congess and tell them. The web site can be Google.

      • says

        You made the comment about Cops Being Above The Law, I would like to know why and how come the Attorney General Eric Holder cannot be touched ,over -fast@ furious ,what was he even doing giving weapons to Drug Cartels,who authorized him and how would he know who to give them to ? I was stationed @Ft Bliss El Paso And Jaurez used to be a nice border town back in the day ,I just don’t understand Executive Privledge ,maybe I could cross Border and get a few American Made Full Auto Weapons for my-self

    • AZ Ranger says

      Anyone who facilitates the confiscation of another’s firearms, is a despicable piece of crap, and deserves nothing but the noose!
      I predict there will come a time in the very near future, when the people will rise up and overthrow the tyrants who are attempting to destroy the Republic! I hope every one of them pays for their crimes with their life! I hope it is a slow strangling by hanging. Don’t break their necks, make them suffer until they die of asphyxiation!

      • says

        I’m total agreement with you on this! If
        the Police Agency’s would put half of
        their efforts on catching the real criminals
        instead honest law (Gun Owning) abiding citizens
        there would’nt be crimes be commited as
        they are now! Have you also noticed how heavily
        armed they been in the last year.

    • John Foureagles says

      I like how you say that. Do they really plan to take everyone’s guns away? If they don’t know who has them and who doesn’t have them it could be a difficult task. And it is time for them to stop violating our 2nd Amendment rights. This is tyranny. Plain and simple.

      • Tionico says

        Yes, they DO want to take them all away. Quote Dianne Feinstein: If I had the votes I’d pass a law taking them all. Mr. and Mrs. American, turn them all in”… said while SHE had a California conceealed handgun permit, nearly impossible to get in her district, and armed bodyguards. Can anyone say “elite”?

        I will remember the Jews in the one Warsaw, Poland, ghetto…. the ones who “forgot” to surrender all their arms to Hitler’s goons. When those same thugs came to herd them into the cattle cars and off to the “labor” camps those Jews “found” a couple dozen old Luger handguns and a few antique Mausers. They drove the Nazi troops away, running for their lives. They weren’t used to being shot at by the “mundanes”. No, I will NOT turn them all in. In fact, I won’t turn in ANY of them.

      • tandee says

        Now that they are implementing Common Core education, they are teaching the kids that the Bill of Rights is outdated…they plan on raising a generation that will willingly hand them over.

  2. says

    Gun owners and patriots that care about what government is doing to our freedom should all show up at this gentleman’s court hearing to show support for him. Overwhelm the anti-American thugs and try for jury duty, its time for jury nullification for these illegal arrests…

    • Tionico says

      No need to even go inot nulification. This guy broke NO law whatever. It shoiuld be thrown out on its face, the head copper on the bust needs to get demoted and draw desk patrol for a year.

  3. Michael Lawrence says

    Yea…I’d be filing a giant law suit against the city and police department…. find out what the city budget is for the year and then quadruple it in the law suit….

    • Warchild says

      An enormous class action lawsuit needs to be generated. The federal government is allowing states to trample our 2nd ammendment rights.

    • chris says

      that wouldn’t do anything but hurt the taxpayers. those involved should have to pay out of their own pockets.

  4. Shari R says

    It was not Jet fuel. You do not use jet fuel in classic cars. You use 100 low lead due to high octane. Duh!!!

    • mbullett says

      Know what you are talking about. Yes, we race with jet fuel sometimes. Higher octane and, and for some, cheaper than race gas. May want to save your “duh”s for when you know what you are talking about. I’d like to know what specific charges they brought against ths man. Did they have problems with specific guns? I hate to be a party pooper, but i would like to be more informed on the specifics before i go off half-cocked about “falsely charged” etc.

      • Stevie D says

        MBullet, actually you are wrong about the fuel.. Jet fuel is absolutely not used in race cars. Jet fuel is closer to kerosene than to gasoline. You may be refering to aviation gasoline, which is high octane low lead gasoline like Shari mentioned. So you might want to take a little of your own advise and save your “duh’s”

      • indy222 says

        you, sir, either have your terminology wrong or are a blatant liar. either way you’re full of bad ideas.

        Jet A is pretty close in makeup to kerosene or diesel fuel. you can even run it straight in your diesel truck / car, although it needs some lubrication additives to keep the injector pump alive. try running diesel in your car and tell me how it works out for you.

        if you’re running any aviation fuel in your car for “racing” then it’s likely higher octane aviation gasoline, like maybe 100LL. but if you try this in a newer car you’ll kill it, because the LL stands for “low lead” and all your sensors will go haywire. if it’s an older car then it will likely run just barely OK, but you better re-jet your carb or fiddle with your fuel injectors to get the mixture right.

        go back to engineering school and save the bro science for the liberals.

  5. Ewen says

    What the hell is a rocketeer??? Are you talking about the 1991 movie where the guy has a rocket pack strapped to his back or are you talking about Iron Man (who sorta has something very similiar)?

    • Robert Plett says

      Rocketeer is a person who has the hobby of making and launching homemade or kit rockets. It is not a new hobby at all. Go to your local hobby store I am sure they can give you more information .

  6. Napolean Solo says

    I certainly hope this man had an accurate inventory of his collection. I would not trust the leftist regime in Connecticut to return his property intact. What a waste of taxpayer money!

  7. warren wilson says

    Jet Fuel A is just filtered kerosene.
    Like in camping stoves.
    This administration is treasonous.

  8. says

    How many of you are members of NRA- like me maybe we should ,see should put NRA on the spot ,and see what all this money we send them ,I say if they don’t step up ,I won’t re-up