Epileptic 4th Grader is Suspended for “Allegedly” Pretending Toy Was a Gun

4th grader gets suspended from school for allegeldy playing with a spinning top like a gun

(Photo courtesy of myfoxdetroit.com)

Need more proof that our nation’s schools are full of anti-gun hysteria?  We  just got done reporting on a couple boys who were kicked out of school for playing with airsoft guns on private property, and we came across yet another shining example of anti-gun madness in our schools.

According to WJBK, a nine year old boy in Southgate, Michigan has been suspended indefinitely for allegedly pretending a toy spinning top was a gun while at school.  (Watch VIDEO at the bottom of this post.)

And apparently his actions were so egregious that his parents were asked to come pick him up immediately.  After all, we can’t just have kids with spinning tops running around in our schools.  Oh the horror.

Even the other students admitted that the incident was completely blown out of proportion and that the boy was never playing with the toy like a gun.  But even if he were pretending the top was a gun, have any of our readers done this growing up as well?  Are kids not allowed to be kids anymore?

According to the media reports,

Gage’s parents say he suffers from epilepsy and school hours are critical to grasping reading and writing, and now they are not sure when – or if – Gage will be allowed to return to class. They say he’s a good kid who always does his work, has plenty of friends and has never been in any other kind of trouble.

With so much talk about bullying in schools, it looks like the school administrators are the ones being the bullies.  We have reported on more stories like this than we can count, but this case is especially troubling.

Watch the news video of this story below and decide for yourself who should REALLY be suspended:


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  1. Carolen says

    Hope no kid in Oklahoma cut out a picture of the State of Oklahoma and takes it to school. The State of Oklahoma is shaped like a gun. It has a finger on the end of it and the kid would get kicked out of school.