GA Mom is Banned from Daughter’s School After Posting Weapons Permit on Facebook

Georgia mother is banned from daughters school for posting conceal permit on facebook

This is the picture that got a Georgia woman banned from her daughter’s school.

An Augusta, GA mother is now banned from her disabled daughter’s school simply because she posted a picture of her weapons permit on Facebook.    Watch news VIDEO below.

The reason for this no trespassing order sent from the school is simply ridiculous.  Simply because the woman served her country in the Army and now has a weapons permit, the principal sees her as a danger and threat to the school.

According to WRDW,

“I feel like a criminal. I want I want to be heard. I want a public apology,” says Mount. On Wednesday, Mount says she was handed a notice from Richmond County Board of Education police.

“He tells me that were going to issue you a criminal trespass warning,” says Mount. The notice banned her from McBean Elementary School where her disabled daughter attends.

She asked what she did wrong. “The principal is scared of you and she doesn’t want you on the grounds. I ask for what? And he asks were you in the Army and I said yes. He’s like do you have a concealed weapons permit? I said yes,” says Mount.

Mount who is a parent volunteer says she is banned from the school for posting a picture of her new concealed weapons permit on her Facebook page.

Watch news video below of this incident:

Under GA law, since she was issued a trespass warning, Mount could be arrested if she returns to the school.

Mount was allowed to transfer her daughter to another school within the district following the incident.

Leave a comment below to let us know what you think of the school’s actions.

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  1. Karla Holloway says

    I think the principal overreacted, but what was the purpose for posting the permit on Facebook.
    Both parties should have been more wise in their decision making.

    • Jem says

      Utterly ridiculous. She has every right to post that permit, especially if stalkers and the like come across her page. She should be proud and never cower. Whoever turned her in should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for doing all this behind her back. The principle should be ashamed as well, for, instead of a calm conversation, she gets her banned? I hope the one she does not know bites her, and that she be blessed in the way that she needs to finally act with honor.

    • J. Yoder says

      What did the Mother do that was unwise?? Everything she did was legal and right! The school reacted badly!

    • Beron says

      Karla, I will respectfully disagree. I certainly believe in using wisdom, but I also think it’s wise to be publicly supportive of the 2nd Amendment, because it’s our heritage and our God-given right. Besides, federal law states that law enforcement are not responsible for protecting you or your family; YOU are. With all the legislation aimed at taking away guns and infringing on our rights, it behooves us to be more outspoken and supportive of our rights and our Constitution. I believe that is what this woman was doing, and it’s good that it draws out this type of unconstitutional reaction by government officials, because it shows us what we need to do. The moment we become so fearful and discreet that we stop confronting the erosion of our Constitution is the moment that we lose everything.

      • Kevin says

        2A is not a God-given right. There is absolutely no religion attached to guns or the right to own or carry them. It is an American-born right. I am pro-2A and exercise my right. Just saying there is no relation between God and guns.

      • Matt says

        New International Version
        “When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own house, his possessions are safe.

      • Dave says

        God Given is an shorthand for Endowed by our Creator or Because We are Alive. Someone gave us life. If you don’t believe in god then it was your mom and dad.
        The 2nd A comes from Jefferson’s understanding of Natural Law… “certain rights or values are inherent in or universally cognizable by virtue of human reason or human nature.” This is pretty close to “Endowed by our Creator”. Not everyone using the noun God is referring to a deity so get over it.

    • Pete says

      My wife, Wanda, is wheelchair bound, paralyzed on her left side. She got 100% on her written test and 100% on her range test, even though she can only use her right arm/hand. When we go out to dinner, etc, I carry to protect us both, and she carries because, obviously, she has to stand (sit) her ground because she can’t run. She was so proud of her CWP, that she too posted it on FACEBOOGERS to show everyone she can take care of herself. And, I can honestly say that all replies were FOR her. Me too.

      Maybe this a similar reasonwhy that lady posted her permit. I, for one, salute her service to our country. I wonder if the ‘principle’ can claim the same honor?

    • Terri Swain says

      I see no issue with posting her concealed carry permit on her fb page. The only reason I have not is because I have not thought of it. This is the USA – every citizen has the right to carry a weapon for self defense. I have a concealed carry permit and I am proud of it.

      • chris says

        No, not every citizen has the right. Some citizens gave up their right when they committed a felony.

    • Jessica says

      Because she lives in a FREE country where she can post what she wants on HER facebook. She didnt do anything illegal. Why should she hide it? She was proud and there is nothing wrong with that.

    • Susan says

      Karla Holloway, why she posted a photo of her permit, makes NO difference at all. It’s her permit. She can post it if she wants. There is NO law against it. The principle is an IDIOT & this act is an outrageous & ridiculous state of affairs. The principle not only owes Mount an apology, a very public one, but she should also be reprimanded for her behavior which is totally ASININE & inappropriate. Schools & their “so called” educated leaders are getting more & more ridiculous & brazen. Not only overstepping their boundaries, but also bullying students & parents when they go against the commie, propaganda, indoctrination bull crap that these school officials spew forth. I’d go for her resignation if this had happened to me, but the least she can do is apologize & eat her words with a very bitter aftertaste!!

    • Dan says

      Posting her achievement on Facebook was her choice, because she was proud of herself. She did nothing wrong. I hope she gets a lawyer, and sues the Principal.

      • mary says

        I think everyone wants to be a cowboy or in this case a cowgirl, what are we going to do , live in a society like the old west? Keep your weapons at home!!! And don’t we spend enough money on frivolous lawsuits? Good Grief use some sense

      • says

        The old west actually had a lower murder rate with guns than we have today, so that would actually be an improvement, although that’s the standard of measurement anti-gunners always like to use to enforce gun control arguments.

    • Larry says

      The lady is a veteran and she has a CWP, that would be evidenced that she is a reliable and responsible individual. The principal is demonstrating paranoia either from possible mental disorder, or an event that has occurred in her life, or the possibility of ignorance.

    • Bill Wilson says

      This Principal has just opened this school for a disaster because due to her action she has let everyone out there know that her school has no protection because she won’t allow it.

    • Phillip J Lessaris says

      Its not illegal for her to post that on facebook. More then likely she was happy to finally receive her permit. This is usually a big deal when you finally get your permit. I know the media and the government officals make it seem like they are giving these permits out like candy . But that’s not how it goes. Hundreds of dollars, training, and months of waiting and the usual government run around. And you might get your permit. I have heard of people who had to hire laywers to get their permits. Shall not infringe my butt! This is the kind of things that can happen to returning soldiers since Obama and his gang put all of us returning vets on the terrorist watch list. Which i find pretty disgusting as far as Presidents go. Asfar as that school official goes you know for sure she is a liberal democrat. This a real shame for that child. How was her civial liberties not infringe upon. These schools shouldn’t be able to do this based on this child association with a group o

  2. Chuck Jones says

    If you want to tell Ms. what you think here is the address:

    Dr. Janina Dallas, Principal
    1165 Hephzibah-McBean Road, Hephzibah, Georgia 30815
    Phone: (706) 592-3723 Fax: (706) 592-3729

    • Craig Bradbury says

      You go girl. Don’t let those Obama Butt kissing people mess with you. You might want to get ahold of the NRA . Let them know the story. The just might Have there Lawyers defend you on you Constitutional rights .And I want to personally thank you for protecting My and everyone elses rights. I am a Vet myself. And I salute you ! Thank You For your services. And may God be with you and your Daughter .

  3. Jerry Turner says

    I can’t believe our soldiers are being punished for serving their country and terriorists carry their weapons everywhere, every day.

  4. Chris says

    Im not sure why it is relevent if she is an Army vet or not, every citizen should have the right to carry a weapin.

    • Lynn says

      I agree! She needs to sue the crap out of the school & the stupid principal.. People need to use their common sense!

  5. Barry says

    The principal needs to grow up and seek a physiatrist for treatment for her paranoid attitude. This lady has served her Country and followed the law and to be banned from a school for those reason is totally STUPID on the part of paranoid principal.

  6. Deana C says

    The school did not take the “legal” route. She should have continued to take her daughter to school and forced the school to get a restraining order, which they would have failed to get. They have no legal leg to stand on. She should also contact the NRA to help her in this battle.

  7. Trace Keene-Latham says

    So…the principal is basically saying that the exhaustive background check done by the FBI prior to authorizing and issuing a weapons permit to a veteran with military training isn’t good enough?

    Wow. Is the principal CIA? MI5? KGB? Interpol? She must really know something our government doesn’t, despite the fact that every shred of communication and bit of information that exists about people is accessible by Big Brother under the Patriot Act.

    I hope the principal gets fired over this blatant discrimination and disregard for Georgia law.

    Tanya, lawyer up and take this moron to court. The law is absolutely on your side.

  8. Dale says

    This is why something’s need to remain a secret. Never know what some Libtardious Jackasskus will use to make hard for you. Some day Karma will see to the school’s principal get a just reward for this lame action.

    • Terri Swain says

      Agree – someday she may just wish she had that concealed carry permit mom to help her out of a bad situation.

    • Manny Perez says

      If you have a weapons permit, then there is no secret. It is a “State issued ID card,” allowing you to carry a weapon. Keeping it a secret would be carrying a gun that the government knows nothing about. The fact is that the principal is ignorant or purposely enforced their personal views against 2A rights. The permit is issued by their state government, so possession of the permit is far from a criminal act. And that is all she is guilty of, following the law.

  9. Doug Lynn says

    Was the no trespass order given by a judge? Seems to me that the principal is over reacting and infringing on Tanya’s 2nd Amendment rights. Also, freedom of speech. The posting of her firearms card is not threatening in anyway. Seems like a lawsuit is in order against the school board and the principal

    • Marion S. says

      you see in GA if a person who is a responsible party for the overseeing of a particular property, ie principal says to the school police, I dont want this person on the school grounds anymore that means she has the authority to do so. A criminal trespass warning is just that, a warning. It doesn’t have to be issued by a judge. However what was the principal doing investigating this parent by looking at the facebook page, and what led to that point? There is more to this story here than is being reported on.


    Another incompetent person in a position of authority making a pathetic decision. A civil lawsuit will get their attention. Principal should be terminated.

  11. Chaz says

    Dr. Janina Dallas, Principal, I’m scared you may attack me with a number 2 pencil. I want you restrained from teaching or stepping foot in the United States of America. The LAND OF THE FREE……… unless clueless, brainless people like you continue to hold positions that shape our children’s futures!

    • John Madden says

      Nice one. The principal is afraid of Ms. Mount apparently because an irrational, unfounded fear that Ms. Mount will be irresponsible with her weapon. Ms. Mount, on the other hand, has already been personally damaged at the stroke of a pen. Who is the terrorist here? SMH

  12. Scott Haskin says

    This is the liberal mind set. 1 & 2 amendment only apply to them.
    Principal Dr. Janina Dallas, Is a scared little girl, Ms Perry-Mount Has had a federal background check, and revived her legal permit, in My state it is handled by county sheriff.
    and she has been trained by US army in firearm use and safety.
    This does not mean she is carrying a weapon at any one time it just means she can, with exceptions, In WA state banks and schools are exceptions to permit law and your prohibited from carrying.
    If Ms Perry-mount went to the trouble of getting permit I’m sure she respects the law.
    Principal Dr. Janina Dallas needs to worry more about those who carry with out fallowing the laws than those who do.

  13. J. Payne Jr. says

    First, I totally agree the school and the other parents over-reacted. And yet, as a CCW instructor I believe that with every right we have, we have responsibilities for both legal AND “ethical” behavior, and consideration for others (to an extent).

    For instance, the right to free speech under the 1st Amendment is NOT 100 percent absolute. We can’t yell “fire” in a crowded theater when there isn’t one, and we can’t slander or libel others, etc. and hide behind the 1at Amendment. That’s the legal side. Now ethically, we as citizens also are considerate of others – we usually don’t curse around other small children, or use our free speech rights in a way simply to agitate others for no good purpose.

    Now, under the 2nd Amendment, we have a few limits too. We have the right to keep and bear arms, but we don’t have the legal right to walk around town carrying our weapons unholstered, at the tactical ready position, with the safety “off.” I teach my students to always act and behave in a way that makes them “good ambassadors of our healthy gun culture” that IS the history of arms in our great Nation.

    That being said, I would always be considerate of others opinions of guns, yet always act to preserve my rights. Concealed carry, whether you need a permit or not (here in AZ we don’t) is a good balance. I can protect myself, my loved ones and fellow citizens while still respecting the rights of others who may be uncomfortable around guns, i.e. I can carry and no one knows or needs to know – eliminating worries or notice by anti-gunners, and of course keeping my tactical element of surprise in my personal defense plan.

    The lady in this story, while doing nothing “illegal” absolutely had nothing to “gain” by advertising that she carries concealed, and only really had things to “lose” by “showing off” her permit on FB. In fact, her post drew attention to herself and adversely affected her child (again, I still believe the school very much was in the wrong in their actions). Consider this, the mom in this case would have been well within her rights to publish her name, address, SSN, bank account info, etc to FB, and of course that would open her to scrutiny and probably identity theft that would have impacted her, and to some extent her family.

    Friends, you certainly have the right to disagree, and I fully respect that. Hope this gives more insight into what I try to do, and what I teach my CCW students.

    Semper Fi,
    J. Payne, Jr.
    LtCol (Retired)
    U.S. Marine Corps

    • Phillip J Lessaris says

      You wouldn’t need to conceal carry if it wasn’t for people like that school official. Most concealed carry laws are just another form of infringement by the government. It’s now been turned into a cash cow money stream for more wasteful government spending. As a added bonus for all the liberals out there it also prices most minorities and poor people from excercising their rights also. Then they end up conceal carrying illegally in the eyes of the government. How is a god given right to bear arms turned into a government issued privlege that cost hundred of dollars to get. Oh thats right its called concealed carry instead of open carry. Gee what do most police get to do in this country everyday. That’s right open carry! As far as the lame ass excuse about yelling in a theater! It’s called if you harm someone by screaming you are liable for the injures or property that you cause. Not lets use screaming fire as an excuse to infringe on everyones god given right to free speech! Once you go down that road you end up with free speach zones five blocks away from where you want to exercise your rights. Oh crap that’s already happened too. To late. Thanks to all the millions of people who screamed fire in a theater since our country was founded we have had our rights infringed on. Hey where do we find that massive list of people that screwed us. What there isn’t one? So the people just used the screaming fire

  14. says

    The kids and adults who have shot up schools did not have permits. What makes her think this lady would? I would not want my child going to that school with a principal that is that unstable. Having a permit does not mean she will ever bring the gun to the school. What kind of people do we have running our schools?

    • Duane Stone says

      That principle is a total IDIOT, the kind of person that these stupid anti-gun people really like. You can just bet that the are cheering the principle on. I don’t own any guns( I did at one time), but the way things are going I am going to replace the ones that I sold. That teacher the school AND the school board should be sued for defamation and acts again the civil rights of an AMERICAN VETERAN.

  15. Rwingjr says

    I suspect there is more to this story. Obviously, it’s an overreaction on the schools part if the story is accurate. I’ve seen parent volunteers in the past where they are actually a detriment, rather than a benefit to the school. It almost appears this may be the case here but the mother is using the gun permit explanation as an excuse. If the story is 100% accurate, I would tell the mother to go after the school for violating her 1st amendment right to free speech.

  16. JD says

    If the daughter truly is special needs then this is going to come back to bite the principal. Under federal law all special needs students will have an IEP. Part of this is periodic meetings WITH THE PARENTS PRESENT to discuss the progress of the student. The principal cannot legally deny the parent access to the meeting without court intervention.

  17. J. Lee says

    What is wrong with that principal or school? This woman is a VETERAN of our country!! She has the proper permit and is allowed by law to carry a weapon. This woman is owed an apology from the principal and the school board for the injustice this woman was inflicted with by them. We should thank her for serving our country and protecting us all while raising a disabled child!

  18. Kim says

    Augusta has a military base. Does this mean every active member that has a child in his school he is not letting the parent in his school? Do not forget the deer and rabbit hunters. I guess low enrollment in school.

  19. William says

    I am 100 percent in favor of concealed carry by trained carriers.
    Sometimes it is wise to use some discretion, when posting on facebook. She is advertising that she can carry concealed, and now all the anti-gun NUTS she knows will wonder does she have a concealed gun.
    Why would you advertise that you could conceal carry anyway? The best part is carrying without anyone knowing. So if the time comes it will not be expected!
    I understand that she is proud that she has her permit, but only tell you closest friends. Maybe some friend of a friend on facebook is a criminal or unbalanced, where do thing they would go if they wanted to find a gun?

  20. AL says

    This is another sign of what the Liberal Communist colleges are turning out as teachers in this country. This principle might change her view point if they ever have some evil minded gun carrying Democratic person entered the school. I say Democratic because if you look back at all the other school shooting since Columbine, the shooters have been from Democratic families. This military veteran mother legally got her gun permit to probably protect her family. Now she is being ridiculed for following the law.