IRS Scandal: This is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Does the irs have too much power

Is an apology from the IRS enough?

The IRS scandal that targeted conservative organizations has revealed just the tip of the iceberg in how this corrupt government agency has too much power with little to no accountability.

If the words “tea party” or “patriot” appeared in a groups name it was heavily scrutinized by the IRS.   But ask yourself why they would target these groups.  It’s obvious that the targeting of conservative groups was a direct attack on the principles that differed from the IRS agents involved.

Watch out folks.  This story goes MUCH deeper than first thought.  The list of improper procedures by the IRS in going after conservative groups is getting longer every day as this video shows:

Rand Paul has called for the people involved to be fired, but all we have heard so far is that the IRS is sorry and that it shouldn’t happen again.  And of course we can believe them right?  After all, this is the agency that is always so lenient with taxpayers.  Shouldn’t we cut them some slack?  The right answer: no.

Mitch Mconnell said the IRS is guilty of a thuggish use of power.

President Obama called the IRS’s actions “outrageous” but you do remember what the president has said about Tea Party groups before right?  Looks more like the agency was just following through on the president’s sentiments.

Few other government agencies strike fear into citizens like the IRS, so it’s actually a relief to see the IRS backpedaling and getting a taste of their own medicine for once.  Except this time, THEY are the ones that should be scrutinized and investigated, and THEY are the ones that should face severe consequences.

So the question is can we really trust an agency that doesn’t trust us, or that has so much power that just questioning their powers can put you in the cross hairs of the IRS.

If you believe like I do that the IRS has too much power and we need a drastic change with this agency, let us know with a comment below. Do you think an apology is enough from the IRS?


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