Jack in the Box Asks Customers to Leave Their Guns at Home After Pressure from Anti-Gun Group

texas open carry demonstration

Shortly after an open carry protest in Texas turned into the entire police force showing up at a Jack in the Box, the fast food chain is now taking a page from the Starbucks public relations guide.

The anti-gun Bloomberg group, Moms Demand Action, threw themselves into the debate after several gun owners went to a Jack in the Box while open carrying their firearms.  Some employees of the fast food restaurant even got pictures with the open carriers, but media reports only complained that some of the employees went to the cooler in the back to hide for fear of their lives.

Now it looks like Moms Demand Action has pressured Jack in the Box into putting out a statement that requests gun owners to leave their guns at home.  You may remember Starbucks doing the same after open carriers started using the establishments to demonstrate their rights.

Here is the statement that Jack in the Box put out:

Creating a warm and inviting environment for all of our guests and employees is a top priority for Jack in the Box. The presence of guns inside a restaurant could create an uncomfortable situation for our guests and employees and lead to unintended consequences. While we respect the rights of all our guests, we would prefer that guests not bring their guns inside our restaurants.

– Jack in the Box VP of Corporate Communications Brian Luscomb

Open carry demonstrations are usually met with a mixed bag of emotions, and I know there are many opinions on this approach.  Regardless of how you feel about open carry, it is legal in Texas and will now be frowned upon in the Jack in the Box establishment.

The statement does not outright ban all guns from the fast food stores necessarily, but then again, it kind of sounds like it does.

Since the media portrays guns as evil and anyone who carries them as evil, many are not even aware that open carry is perfectly legal in many states, and many peaceful, law abiding citizens do it.  The problem is that it only takes one person to complain for the cops to show up on the scene and slap you with a disorderly conduct charge.  Kind of like the cartoon depicts below:

Here is the 911 call that lead to the police showing up in huge numbers after the open carry demonstration in Texas:

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  1. Janice says

    This is stupid!!!! One of these days they are going to wish someone had a gun when they are robbed. Well the only way I can protest this is to say as much as I like there food I will not ever eat there again.

    • Stephen says

      They were robbed 3 times in 10 days. For some reason the sign didn’t work against criminals. I guess the useful idiots didn’t connect he dots.