Jack in the Box Robbed at Gun Point AGAIN. 3rd Time Since Guns Were “Banned” from Store

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You have to wonder if the CEO of Jack in the Box is kicking himself after making the decision to request all gun owners to leave their guns at home.  It was not even  2 weeks ago that Jack in the Box essentially banned guns from their fast food joints, and now the third armed robbery has taken place since then.

According to Click2Houston, 4 men put on gloves and masks before walking into a Houston Jack in the Box, robbing the restaurant at gunpoint.   The armed crooks robbed both employees and customers who were eating at the fast food place.

Who would have thought that criminals would break the restaurant’s policy?  But at least they did not have any law abiding gun owners to try and stop them and make their job more dangerous.  These gun owners would have to either leave their guns at home or eat somewhere else.

For this to happen for the 3rd time in about 10 days has to make one wonder if armed criminals are just targeting Jack in the Box since they know law abiding citizens will not be armed there.  You can read about the 1st armed robbery at Jack in the Box that we reported here.

The whole gun-ban fiasco at Jack in the Box started with some gun owners who were open carrying at another Jack in the Box a few weeks ago.  Anti-gun groups saw the pictures and were so outraged by it that they fabricated all kinds of lies about employees cowering in fear in locked coolers.

Because of pressure from Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety Jack in the Box decided to ask gun owners to disarm themselves.

This story comes after Chipotle has just asked gun owners to disarm themselves at their restaurants as well.

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jack in the box robbed a 3rd time after ceo bans guns

From video, Click2houston.com


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  1. MIKE says

    My liberal mind is having a hard time figuring out how this could have happened. How could the thieves take guns into the store when there was a clearly placed sign that said they couldn’t? What went wrong???

    • Joe says

      Maybe they couldn’t read the sign, Better make one in spanish too. That should take care of it.

    • says

      HOPE THEY ARE DRIVEN OUT OF BUSSINESS !! Bloomberg , brady people , moms against guns etc. etc. GO TO HELL ! that’s where YOU PEOPLE will go after you are sitting in a gun free zone and become a victim, that’s were SHEEPLE GO.

    • Hick says

      Better make a sign that us crackers can understand. Me and my friends just went in to get something to eat and everyone started giving us their money. We just thought they were donating for our next huntin trip.

  2. common sense says

    Press 1 for political control and maybe then people will understand why gun free zones don’t protect anyone but the criminal.

  3. Mike says

    Good job Blowberg, maybe you and your moron mom’s should reimburse the stores and patrons for the stolen funds