Kahr Arms is Yet Another Gun Company Moving Out of a Gun Control Restricted State

kahr arms moving out of new york because of safe act

It looks like this is just the beginning of gun companies moving out of states that shun the 2nd amendment rights of citizens.  After PTR Industries has announced leaving CT because of ridiculous gun control laws that do nothing to protect citizens and everything to protect criminals, it’s now Kahr Arms that has announced it will be moving out of New York because of the SAFE act that was passed.

PTR Industries will be moving to gun-friendly South Carolina, and Kahr Arms plans to move across the border to Pennsylvania.

Kahr Arm’s new location will be in Pike County, Pennsylvania, where they say they will have the ability to expand and keep up with the growing demand for guns and gun-related products.  They also will be free from the anti-gun lawmakers in New York that are still trying to take more rights away from gun owners with even more anti-gun legislation.

The company was founded in 1995 by Justin Moon, the son of Sun Myung Moon who founded the Unification Church. The SAFE Act is the piece of anti-gun legislation forcing Moon and the company out of this ban-happy state. The legislation bans possession of “high-capacity magazines,” (which are really standard capacity magazines that lawmakers don’t understand), requires background checks for ammunition purchases, creates a registry for so-called “assault weapons”  (Again, these are simply semi-automatic rifles that are no different internally than a hunting rifle), requires that stolen guns be reported within 24 hours, requires background checks for private sellers, and increases several gun-related penalties.

Even though New York will lose the jobs that the gun manufacturing company created in the state, don’t look for lawmakers to miss these jobs as they have willfully driven the company out of state.  Every time the gun laws change these gun companies spend millions of dollars trying to comply, but there comes a point when they simply can’t operate successfully and they have to move to a state that actually respects the constitution.

The politicians will downplay this loss of jobs to the economy and say something about making this sacrifice for the children, but the only thing they are sacrificing is the right of the gun owner to exercise his constitutional right.

Connecticut Senator, Chris Murphy, has already made statements like this after PTR Industries announced it was leaving Connecticut because of the gun control laws, saying:

“If we made our schools safer at the expense of a handful of jobs.  I think that’s a trade-off we have to make.”

But we all know that none of these gun control laws actually make us safer.  If anything they embolden criminals while putting unreasonable strains on citizens to obtain firearms to protect themselves.

Kahr is expected to bring about 100 permanent jobs to Pike County and quite a few more during construction and expansion. Kahr does not plan on moving their other facilities outside of New York.

In the below video PTR Industries’ CEO explains why he decided to move out of Connecticut and into South Carolina:

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  1. Michael Finamore says

    I personally would like to see this manufacturer come to our state, and reopen. It would boost our economy, and provide jobs that are needed here.