MA Student Faces 10 Years in Prison for Standard 30 Round Magazines & Police Brag About it on Facebook

MA student faces 10 years in prison for owning standard 30 round magazines

Mokad’s seized property. (Source: Methuen Police Department / Facebook)

A student at the University of Massachusetts has found out the hard way that gun control has little to do with keeping us safe and more to do with disarming law abiding citizens.

Jad Ali Mokad, a 24-year-old senior at UMass, was only 3 months away from graduating when he was arrested for possession of 2 30-round rifle magazines.  He was arrested simply for owning the magazines.  He had not hurt anyone and the police had saw no indications that he planned to, by the way.    But not only did the police have a very sketchy reason for searching his home, but upon making the arrest the department decided to brag about it on their Facebook page.

Government agents raided the home of Mokad, who had immigrated to the US and made the mistake of living in an anti-gun state.  So what gave the agents permission to raid his home?  Apparently Mokad’s father had called a local gun shop with a few questions about magazine compatibility and silencers, which are perfectly legal in 40 states with $200 and an NFA tax stamp.

According to the Eagle Tribune,

Authorities said they were tipped to the weapons cache when the student’s father called a gun store to ask how to modify an assault rilfe to fire a 30-round clip. They said the father also inquired about purchasing a silencer for the rifle.

Even though it’s perfectly legal to ask questions about guns and everyone has questions sooner or later, the gun shop owner of North Shore Firearms in Middleton, MA decided to take matters into his own hands and report the incident to the police.

Since the government is able to track and trace about every move we make, it was easy for government agencies like Homeland Security and the FBI to trace the origins of the call and search Mokad’s home.

The police charged Mokad for possession of the 30 round magazines saying that “He was licensed to carry the two rifles, but not the high-capacity magazines.”

2 30 round magazines

It should be noted that not all 30 round magazines in Massachusetts are illegal.  “Pre-ban” mags made before 9/13/1994 are legal, and “post-ban” mags made after 9/13/1994 get you prison time.  Of course the police still have to prove that these magazines were made after that date, and that won’t be easy since magazines aren’t usually marked or stamped with this information.

But gun control laws  in the state are so bad that police can raid just about any gun owner’s home and find something to charge them with.  Mokad was also charged with not securing his firearms properly.

Jad Ali Mokad could face 10 years in prison for simply owning 2 30-round magazines. (Source: Eagle Tribune / PAUL BILODEAU)

Jad Ali Mokad could face 10 years in prison for simply owning 2 30-round magazines.
(Source: Eagle Tribune / PAUL BILODEAU)

In Massachusetts gun owners have to lock up their firearms at all times with either a safe or a trigger lock of some kind.  Leaving any gun “unsecure” will just give them cause to lock you up.  This gives the criminals in Mass a great advantage if gun owners actually follow the law.  Hopefully the crooks are kind enough to allows the homeowners a few extra seconds to unlock their guns first.

It should be noted that Mokad could be face 10 years in prison for doing what is legal in many states that are not anti-2nd amendment.

According to these are the guns that were seized:

“A legally-owned AK-47 WASR-10 rifle, a legally-owned M&P-15 rifle, a legally-owned Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum, three legally-owned low-capacity (<10-rd) magazines, and two standard-capacity (30-rd) magazines with unknown date of manufacturing (therefore with an unknown legal status).”

Then the Methuen Police Department decided to brag about this arrest on their Facebook page saying,

“This investigation was and excellent example of local and federal law enforcement officers working together to make our community safer. The agents, officers and detectives did an excellent job of following a tip and developing information through investigation to a rapid conclusion resulting in an arrest and seizure of weapons and high capacity magazines.”   -Chief Solomon

So far their Facebook post on this matter has received over 1,000 comments and has started a firestorm with supporters of gun rights.    Yet still the department does not see this as a violation of 2nd amendment rights.

facebook methuen department

While anti-gunners will see this as a victory and a positive sign that we are all safer now, the reality it that it’s just another attack on 2nd amendment rights that criminalizes gun owners and takes the focus off of going after the actual criminals.

If owning a couple chunks of metal that are really standard size magazines for those types of rifles and leaving a few guns unlocked in your own house is a crime then Massachusetts can hardly say they support the 2nd amendment.

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  1. Mikel says

    Technically, Law Enforcement did a great job of enforcing the law AS IT IS WRITTEN. That is what they are supposed to do. If you don’t like law, CHANGE IT. At this point it is up to the courts to decide. Any judge worth a shit would toss the case and apologize to the defendant. But again, even they are only following the law AS IT IS WRITTEN. If you really want to make a difference, campaign to CHANGE THE LAW, and make it retro active.

    • George says

      Most judges in states that lean Democratic Party are liberal activist judges. They exist to subvert the US constitution.

  2. dan says

    Our Constitution dies a little bit everyday within this once proud and free nation…..and all that happens is a tweeter or 2…… the Police state expands its ‘great work and cooperation amongst its different stasi groups’……..while being funded by the same suckers that it intends to incarcerate……..imho

  3. Duane Perkins says

    The Father called and asked questions.. so how does this relate to a search of the sons residence or area within the residence and to the lawyer above, profiling? Please. He CALLED in his questions.. Just like a true lawyer, always looking for the lawsuit and money.. LOL. Facebook link below would probably net better results for a quick piece of mind. =]…/North-Shore-Firearms/240671735981330‎

  4. Patrick Murray says

    I came from Mass and now live in Florida. Sometimes its embarrassing to say I came from where we fought for our freedom and it all began. The people of Mass need to stand tall for their rights! The ATF does routine inspections at gun shops, making sure all paperwork is in order. The owner was making sure he was on the good side of the Agent doing the inspection.