NC Pastor Shoots Estranged Son-in-Law to Protect Daughter and Family

pastor shoots his son-in-law after he breaks into house

(Photo: Screenshot/WNCN Video News)

A restraining order is just a piece of paper, and it was not going to stop this estranged husband from breaking into his father-in-law’s house.

WCNC reported that a Raleigh pastor was forced to shoot his estranged son-in-law after a dispute.  The son-in-law, Christian Lamar Griggs, had been separated from the pastor’s daughter.

According to the members, the pastor acted in self-defense after Griggs tried to break into his house and threaten him.

Members of the Abundant Life Worship Center in Angier, which Chisenhall founded 25 years ago, said they were “heartbroken” but that their pastor acted in self-defense.

“The son-in-law tried to break into the house, threaten them,” said Gary Adcock, a church member of 23 years. “He had no other recourse but to do what he did.”

Adcock said Griggs and his wife had recently separated and that she moved back home. The Chisenhall family, he said, filed for a restraining order against Griggs on Friday.

Adcock said Griggs was also a part of the church family.

“He was a young, energetic, great guy. He had a great personality. Something just snapped,” Adcock said. “Actually he was baptized (here) three weeks ago.”

The Chisenhall family filed for a restraining order against him on Friday, but that did not keep him from trying to break into the pastor’s house.  Watch news video of story.

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