NC Restaurant Posts “No Guns” Sign and Then Gets Robbed at Gunpoint

nc barbecue restaurant robbed at gunpoint after posting no guns sign2

(Source: ABC11) Surveillance footage of “gun free zone” being robbed at gunpoint. Video below.

Even while Michale Bloomberg’s anti-gun groups celebrate their “victory” in getting Chipotle to ban guns from their stores, a story out of Durham, NC reminds us why these so called “gun free zones” are actually doing more harm than good.

At 9pm on Sunday night the “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in Durham was robbed at gunpoint when 3 masked men entered the restaurant through the back door.


Authorities said just before 9 p.m. Sunday, three men wearing hoodies entered the restaurant through the back doors with pistols, and forced several staff members to lie on the floor.

The bandits assaulted two employees during the crime, but they were not seriously injured.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt or injured in this incident, but it’s no thanks to a sign on the window of the restaurant that clearly states no guns are allowed.


nc barbecue restaurant robbed at gunpoint after posting no guns sign

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The sign is not just a random one any anti-gunner can pick up at a rally.  This is a custom-made sign that someone spent some time and effort on, thinking it was going to make the restaurant a safer place for everyone.

The sign even points out that “no concealed firearms” are permissible on the property, so even gun owners who have been trained and licensed to carry handguns are not allowed to protect themselves in this establishment.

Watch surveillance video of the robbery here:

This should be a clear reminder that criminals don’t obey gun laws and they don’t obey signs on windows that say that can’t bring their guns inside.  These signs only stop law abiding citizens from being able to protect themselves and make the establishment a bigger target for crooks.  After all, why pick a target where people can shoot back at you?

Ironically, the owner’s original “The Pit Authentic Barbecue” in Raleigh was the same restaurant that hosted part of  Gabby Gifford’s anti-gun tour last year.

Look to see this story ignored by every anti-gun group on earth as it does not fit their narrative that “no gun” signs make everyone safer.

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  1. Glen says

    Wait…you’re telling me there was a “no concealed weapons” sticker on the door but people came in with them anyway?? You must be joking!!!
    Criminals always obey warning signs, right??
    The sign should say “Hey criminals, this is a great place to come and steal stuff, we have plenty of unarmed folks inside, feel free to rob them at gunpoint.”
    Besides, the pit’s food has been going downhill these days.

    • says

      Well…the sign was posted in the front window and the article clearly states that they entered through the back door and thus, did not see said sign. Surely had they entered through the front they would’ve decided to go rob an establishment with no such sign. ; p hahaha heeheehee

      • Eli says

        Yea of course armed robbery criminals are definitely going to pay attention to a sign :p

    • Jason says

      Yes im sure it was a manager oversite not to post one on the back door too. Armed robbers only come through the front right? Anyway im sure they have resolved it and put a sign on the back door so their employees are safe too!

    • says

      I don’t shop or go into ANY place that’s stupid enough to put up those sitting duck signs, let the moron’s that want to be shot go in and enjoy a pleasant day. ANY establishment that puts up those signs do not deserve any business, and should go out of business. STUPID ASS SHEEPLE !!

  2. Wally says

    Uh…am I missing something here? Because I thought criminals caused crime, not signs. The sign doesn’t say, “Hey, I don’t have a gun so come rob me.” The sign says customers aren’t allowed to bring guns in. For all they knew (and frankly, for all anyone knows), the owner had a .357 mag behind the counter. Just kind of wondering if maybe, just maybe, this store owner was robbed not because of the sign, but because three idiots who don’t want to work for a living robbed him.

    • Marc Anderson says

      I like your reasoning. It is the same as guns don’t kill people, people kill people.

    • mark says

      A criminal buys a stolen gun from the trunk of a car in a dark alley for $40, next he approaches a ‘gun free’ bank, at the threshold of entering the bank he pauses and thinks “gee, I cant go in there with this illegal gun, I don’t have the proper license for it”, rats, then he turns away and walks in a dejected manner away from the bank…….And if you believe that story I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale real cheap for you.

    • The Rukh says

      Uh, Wally…yes, you are missing something. It’s called common sense. The only problem with common sense is that it is not very common. The article doesn’t say that the sign caused crime. It says that criminals don’t obey signs or laws and do what suits them…like committing crime. And, yes, to a criminal, the sign does say come on in, I’m defenseless.

      • bruuk says

        Whose the one who’s missing the common sense here? You think the restaurant owner actually believes that sign will prevent a criminal from coming in the restaurant? Right. Keep telling yourselves that. The post says that “Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt or injured in this incident, but it’s no thanks to a sign on the window of the restaurant that clearly states no guns are allowed.” But you can’t assume that at all. Maybe the restaurant owner has that sign because he doesn’t want an armed patron turning that hold-up into a shootout and getting himself or someone else killed over $50 in the cash register. Not having any other guns in the place might be exactly why nobody was injured. You don’t know that, and that is common sense.

      • says

        If the owner doesn’t think his sign will stop someone with a gun from coming in then why did he put it up in the first place, a custom one at that? You think he only wants criminals with guns coming in instead of law abiding citizens? Ok, got it. Have you considered that maybe the place was robbed BECAUSE the criminals knew no one with a gun would be in there? Or are you just assuming that an armed citizen would have only ended the situation with bullet holes everywhere and multiple casualties? This is reality.. not a movie. We have cited hundreds of stories where armed citizens stopped crimes without ever firing a shot.

      • Bradford Penrod says

        Signs may not “cause crime,” but they sure do invite it! Disprove that!

    • Elaine Finch says

      Hey Wally, get a clue…. that is exactly what the sign says…. when you announce to the world that all law abiding citizens inside are unarmed, it says to the criminals, “Come on in and help yourself to anything you want!!” Do you think they would have robbed the place if the sign said, “everyone inside is armed and waiting for your dumb ass to try to rob them” ?

    • Wally says

      Wow. Thanks for the examples of circular reasoning, and for treating me like a troll instead of someone who believes in the Second Amendment and the right to own guns. (I do believe in the right to own guns, in case that’s too hard to interpret.) I notice that not one of you addressed my point that the owner could well have had a gun despite the sign, and that the criminals had no of knowing that. I also can’t help but point out that stores, banks and other businesses *without* signs banning guns are robbed on a regular basis. But go ahead, feel free to tell yourselves that an honest American businessman who works for his living deserved to be robbed because he’d rather not have customers shooting it out in his store.

    • JohnS says

      Yes, you’re missing something. If you were deprived enough you were willing to point a gun at people and rob them, wouldn’t you prefer to do it someplace where you’re LESS likely to be confronted by somebody armed? No one said GUARANTEED not to be confronted…..LESS likely.

      And yes, the sign that says “No Concealed Firearms” does indeed mean the robber is LESS likely to be confronted by somebody armed.

    • Brian says

      You’re an idiot.. Who are you gonna rob? A place where someone may potentially have an authorized concealed gun and risk losing your life? Or a place where you KNOW there are no guns..

      You think criminals are stupid, then how come only a fraction of the crimes , criminals get served justice?

      And some liberal idiot wanted to post that their store absolutely does not condone any firearms at their location, that they aren’t going to get robbed – because criminals are too stupid to read and too scared of the law? Riiiiigghht….

      What fruity rainbow farting priceless kind of person thinks backwards to criminal activity?

  3. John Smith says

    This is a total lie.. It would never happen.. Everyone knows that that when that sign is posted no one ever brings a gun into the establishment..

  4. Jack says

    Yes, how poignant.. Does the ironic reality of liberal’s delusional illogical illusion, aka asinine stupidity ever hit liberals in the head and wake up to the truth that guns themselves in the hands of law biding good people are not the problem, and when denied only leaves guns in the hands of criminals and govt, which can be one in the same if the govt is lawlessly tyrannical, thus only helps the criminals and govt who wish to rob and terrorize innocent good law abiding people in and of a community. No.. That’s why they’re useful idiots in the first place. They are not called useful idiots for nothing.

  5. D says

    I often wondered if that would happen anywhere that had these signs. Had there been nice, gun-toting customers, I bet they could have helped. But nooooo.