News Alert: John Kerry Signs UN Small Arms Treaty

John Kerry just signed the UN small arms treaty

Well it’s no surprise that Secretary of State John Kerry signed the UN Small Arms Treaty today, as the Obama administration had been promising to sign it for several months.

But signing off on our own rights for an international body to decide what kinds of weapons should be regulated in our imports and exports seems a bit silly, especially considering that many of the nations in the UN are not exactly pro gun.

The timing of Kerry signing the UN Small Arms Treaty is especially troubling since voices in the international community have called for UN interference in US gun control regulations after the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting.

Besides covering weapons like tanks and combat aircraft, the treaty also covers small arms and light weapons.  It’s purpose is supposedly to stop illicit arms from reaching into violence-laden countries, but the fear is that it will also open the door to more gun control restrictions for Americans as well.

According to Foxnews,

“It prohibits states that ratify it from transferring conventional weapons if they violate arms embargoes or if they promote acts of genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes. The treaty also prohibits the export of conventional arms if they could be used in attacks on civilians or civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals.”

Kerry has decided to sign the treaty in spite hearing from the US Senate that the treaty is dead on arrival.  A two-thirds approval is needed for it to pass the senate.

But what about our constitution?  We do have the 2nd amendment right?  Well this would all come down to the Supreme Court if the treaty did manage to get passed congress.  This is what makes the 2016 presidential elections so critical.  Right now it doesn’t look like the Supreme Court would ever pass such a treaty, but in 2016 if an anti-gun candidate (think Hillary Clinton) is elected, it could shift the balance in the court and this Arms Trade Treaty could open America up to a worldwide U.N. gun control regime.

If you are like us you don’t see why the UN should EVER have a say in what rights we have or don’t have.  And don’t believe the anti-gun hype that this treaty will not affect your 2nd amendment rights.

The UN did not fight for our independence.  The UN did not write our constitution.  The UN did not write our 2nd amendment.  Enough said.

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  1. William Shearer says

    What a joke do they really think that just because they signed this the American people are going to obey this