NYC Mayor Bloomberg Announces Largest Seizure of Illegal Guns in History

bloomberg announces largest gun seizure in nyc history

At a press conference this morning, New York Nanny Michael Bloomberg announced a seizure of guns in the city that is larger than any before.

Bloomberg says there were 250 different gun trafficking operations that were seized by police, and half of all the guns seized were from the Carolinas.

In all, 19 arrests were made and the guns seized were reportedly “assault weapons” and automatic weapons.  Although, Bloomberg did not announce what type of assault weapons he was talking about and how many of the seizures were simple semi-automatic rifle or even handguns.  And since Bloomberg sees every gun as an assault weapon, it’s hard to put a lot of stock into this revelation.

Bloomberg blames the “weak laws” of North and South Carolina for contributing to his gun problems in NYC, and he said the seizure  definitively will reduce gun violence.

“There is no doubt that the seizure of these guns has saved lives,” Bloomberg said.

According to the Epoch Times article, the police used some social media clues to carry out the bust.

A 26-year-old aspiring rapper from North Carolina, Matthew Best, who posted several guns on Instagram, was one of the targets in the case. He boasted on YouTube of “packing more guns than the Air Force.”

While this might seem like a huge win for everyone but the criminals on the surface, you have to realize what Bloomberg calls illegal guns most of America calls hunting rifles.

And when more guns are called illegal, it won’t be long before guns that most gun owners have in their homes are seized as well.  History has proven this to be the case over and over again.

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