PA Concealed Carrier Shoots and Kills 2 Armed Robbers, Being Hailed as Hero

pa concealed carrier shoots and kills 2 armed robbers

Anti-gunners say this never happens.  They say that we don’t need guns to protect ourselves.  They say that we should not have the right to carry concealed weapons because that’s a job for police.

But this story proves, right along with all the other defensive gun use stories we have reported, that armed citizens save lives. Watch VIDEO below.

A Reading, Pennsylvania man was outnumbered by 2 armed robbers when he shot and killed them on the street.  The 2 suspects had just robbed Krick’s Korner Market, a convenience store which had the target of robberies in the past. The concealed carrier, described by police as a concerned citizen, confronted the men as they exited the store.

The suspects drew their guns on the citizen. He responded by drawing his own, firing two shots (according to witnesses) and striking both suspects in the chest.

According to ABC News, the concealed carrier did exactly what he should have done in the eyes of the community,

“He was very brave, very brave. He could have ran away, he chose not to,” Berks County District Attorney John Adams said.

The police are saying the killing of the 2 suspects was justified, but the families of the deceased are trying to portray the suspects as hard working men who would never do anything like this.   Surveillance footage, which has not yet been released, shows otherwise.

Watch news video of story below:

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  1. Tom says

    as always, I have the utmost respect for the police.
    But, on cop told me that although they do try to be everywhere when something happens, it’s up to the citizenry to protect themselves.
    He shortened up his comments to me by saying:
    When seconds count, the police are just minutes away…. own, learn and practice with a side arm… Your choice, wheel gun or pistol… it COULD save your life.

  2. says

    It does not always end up that was as some victims that have legally shot their assailants have had their guns taken away and have done jail time for wreckless endangerment and the illegal use of a firearm towards another person ! If that were to happen in Chicago , the victim would be prosecuted to the fullest ! Go Figure !!