Rape Victim Rebukes 2 Anti-Gun Senators in CO Facing Recall Elections in Radio Ad

kimberly weeks radio ad for colorado recall elections

The recall elections in Colorado are heating up as the Colorado Woman’s Alliance released a radio ad in which a rape victim excoriates the 2 anti-gun senators for voting in gun control.

In the ad Kimberly Weeks condemns Sen. Angela Giron, D-Pueblo and Sen. John Morse, D-Colorado Springs for stripping women of their rights to defend themselves, accusing Giron of being “arrogant”.

“We have a right to choose how we protect ourselves and our families — but Senators Morse and Giron didn’t think twice about taking that right away,” Weeks says.

Listen to the radio ad in the video below:

Early voting began this week but the official recall elections for Morse and Giron will be held on September 10th.  We reported yesterday of voter fraud incidents


Watch Kimberly Week’s testimony before the Colorado Senate as she talks about her rape and rebukes her representatives of trying to take away her gun rights and ability to defend herself.

This was after Giron initially voted for a bill to ban concealed carry on college campuses but then changed her vote which stopped the legislation.  Apparently Giron supporters are trying to say that because of this point the radio ad is not based in facts, even though Giron’s support and vote for the recent gun control laws in Colorado show her disdain for gun owners across her state and validate the ad.

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  1. Mary Wall says

    Oh I am sure that they all have a guard with a gun that is where the gun laws should change take away all the guards guns and see how they act.

  2. Bobo says

    Yep, isn’t it amazing how the most vocal anti’s tend to be surrounded by gun toting protection 24/7, and will NEVER give that protection up, but still expect us “regular” folk to do so.