Texas Auto Shop Owner Says “If It Wasn’t For His Gun He and His Family Would Have Been Killed”

auto shop owner in texas says that his gun saved his life and the lives of his family members

(Photo courtesy of http://abclocal.go.com news video)

An auto shop owner in Houston Texas has reportedly stated that the only reason he, his friends, and his family are alive today is because he had a gun.  (Watch surveillance VIDEO below)

In the dramatic surveillance video two armed criminals can be seen barging into the auto shop, one holding a bag and demanding cash.  The owner, Mack Agaybi, said, “These people came in the right time when I got cash inside the office.”

According to KTRK TV, the owner grabbed his gun when he saw what was going on:

Agaybi told us he saw the men running through his parking lot from his office, so he got out his gun.

“I opened the door a little and I see somebody right in front of me, going like that with a gun,” Agaybi recalled.

The gunfight that ensued was caught on camera. The two suspects ran out of the lobby, and Agaybi could be seen running out after them.

“First I said, ‘Is anybody hurt?’ No, and left,” Agaybi said. “But they was running. I came back and tried to see my friend.”

The suspects ran away amidst the gunfire and nothing was left behind but bullet holes and shattered glass.  It was then that Agaybi realized his friend had a gunshot wound in the head.  He put his friend in his car and ran him to the nearest clinic.  Houston police said the man who was shot will be OK.

In the meantime, Agaybi says he will donate $1,000 to Crime Stoppers for a reward to help get these suspects caught.

Police have little information about the suspects, but an officer told us they fled the scene in a newer-model grey Chevrolet Impala.

Watch the dramatic surveillance video footage below:

This story is more proof that criminals do not obey laws, specifically gun laws.  And if they are willing to brandish their guns around while looting auto shops and shooting at people, then they probably will not have enough respect for the law to go through a background check or make sure their magazine does not hold too many bullets.

The auto shop owner was quoted as saying, “If it wasn’t for my gun, my family and friends would have been killed.”  This is not a story you will hear from any of the major news outlets, mainly because it proves what many gun rights advocates say all the time, that guns save lives.

Piers Morgan has stated many times that he thinks gun owners live in a fairy tale to think that these self defense gun uses actually happen, but to ignore them and only focus on maniacs with guns while using it as an excuse to take away more rights from gun owners is a fairy tale in itself.

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  1. Kendall Weisel says

    How is this considered a good thing? If he had not shot, but instead given the money up; his friend would not have been shot. Yes, he would have lost money, but no one would have been hurt. In my eyes, this is the opposite of an pro-gun story.

    • Kendall Weisel says

      Isn’t it also possible that he might have shot his own friend on accident? After watching the video many times, I realized that neither of the robbers were aiming at his friend when he fell, but they were standing next to him. Maybe he missed, and hit his friend in the head.

      • Shyanha says

        I was wondering the same thing, but we can’t be sure that’s the one who was shot in the head. The man can be seen getting to his feet. My concern is that Agaybi ran after the armed men with his gun. It would have been Agaybi’s head on the block if he’d shot the suspects while they were fleeing. Additionally, the potential for stray bullets to hit unintended objects or people was magnified once they were outside. Just something for folks to remember if they get into a situation like this. Castle and concealed carry laws do not permit us to shoot if someone is fleeing.

    • says

      Considering that these criminals were bold enough to bust into this shop pointing their guns and demanding money, you cannot just assume their mission was a peaceful one and those guns were just for show. However I’m sure that most crooks would rather we just give in to their demands and leave it up to them if they want to shoot us or not.

    • Enrique says

      I’m sure those criminals were kind and humanitarian. The kind that have guns but respect human life. Let’s hope one day you are not in that situation and realize that having a gun would have been a good option right at that moment.

    • Duane Willman says

      How are we to know they wouldn’t have used their guns on the people in the shop…. I bet they never come back there know the owner is willing to use his gun..I am a business owner and have worked very hard for what I have… Don’t ever try to take it away from me.