The New AR-15 Design is Compliant with “SAFE Act” and Has Gun Control Activists in a Tizzy

new ar-15 design is compliant with new yorks safe act

(Photo Courtesy of Cindy Schultz / Times Union)

Prototypes for the newly designed AR-15 are hitting gun shops across New York, as gun shops and machinists have designed a rifle that complies with the anti-gun law.

At least one gun shop has received a letter from state police saying that the new AR-15 style rifles should be legal in the state as long as they don’t have some of the features that the law prohibits.

The new gun law bans all kinds of semi-automatic rifles that have been labeled with the “assault” term even though these are very common rifles and are no more powerful than the average hunting rifle.

Features like adjustable stocks, pistols grips, and flash suppressors has been deemed to be unlawful on these rifles, mainly because it makes them LOOK mean.  And we all know how little these anti-gun lawmakers really know about guns, as the “Ghost gun” video illustrated.

The new AR-15 design did away with the pistol grip which gives the gun an odd paintball gun look.  The stock is fixed as well, but at least New Yorkers now have a legal way to own an AR-15, a fact which is still driving some gun control activists mad.

Leave it to good old American ingenuity to drive anti-gunners up the wall while allowing gun owners to still own this classic firearm which shoots the same exact rounds in the same exact way as the rifles that have been banned.

Instead of going after criminals and the ones actually perpetrating gun crimes in New York, Governor Cuomo instead decided to go after law abiding gun owners.  One of the biggest reasons for pushing the SAFE Act on New York residents so swiftly was to take the so-called “assault rifles” off the streets, which we showed in a recent infographic are used in 1% of crimes.

According to Times Union,

“It’s basically an AR-15 without the features,” said James Tresmond, a western New York lawyer representing H&H Firearms, a Lackawanna gun shop that’s seeking to sell such a rifle.

“People are champing at the bit” for the modified rifle, said Justin Reickart, who with his wife operates H&H.

He aims to offer an AR-15-style rifle with the pistol grip permanently removed, and without banned accessories such as a folding stock, a flash suppressor or a bayonet lug.

Although the gun may look a little different, it shoots the same .223 rounds and still retains semi-automatic capabilities.  A few state troopers have already shown interest in buying some of the prototypes.

New York gun shops are simply trying to fill a void in the market that the new unconstitutional Safe Act left behind.  And although gun owners will still be restricted to the 7 round limit in their magazines, there is hope that this will be overturned as more realize how ridiculous this restriction is.  After all, 12-16 round magazines in handguns are the norm across the US.

Lawmakers and others who opposed the law say it’s an example of how economics, along with a bit of imagination and tinkering, are prevailing over what they see as a hastily crafted law.

“The industry is starting to respond to the market,” said Rochester-area Republican Assemblyman Bill Nojay, a vocal opponent.

Nojay said the ease of modification came up during the brief legislative debate on the bill in early January.

“What the heck is the difference?” asked Troy-area GOP Assemblyman Steve McLaughlin, noting that the modified rifles have the same firepower and potential lethality as those that are banned.

One of the great things about the AR-15 platform is that it’s easy to modify, and this has allowed gunsmiths to add or remove features.

But even with this gun being compliant with some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, you can bet that anti-gun lawmakers will jump on the “ban-wagon” in trying to push even more restrictions on gun owners.

New York is already facing several lawsuits over the SAFE act, but while these lawsuits play out in court at least some gun smiths are finding a way to let New Yorkers exercise their rights.

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  1. Sarthurk says

    “Assault” rifle is a term applied by the media to anything they want. “AR” does not mean assault rifle, nor does it mean automatic rifle. I won’t speak to the choir. If you do not know what the “AR” in Ar15 means, do your homework. We’re being duped by the media controlled whitehose (intentional mis spelling) regime and they need to be stopped by any means. So sayeth the Constitution of the USA.

  2. GoldenBB says

    Quit knuckling under New Yorkers, attack the sources of this unconstitutional unAmerican asault on your God given liberties and your Bill of Rights under the true law of the land not their law of man. Get these tyrants out of office, recall them and vote them out by replacing them with staunch constitutionalist candidates. Band together to reject and disobey these unconstitutional laws that these treasonist in public office throw on you.

  3. darwin says

    Now all we need is a kit so people in NY can convert their illegal AR15s into legal AR15s. It should be easy to do.

    • says

      Rob, I think “ugly” is a term that used to be used instead of “cool”. To a guy with a Weatherby, an AR15 (ARmalite 15) is also ugly.

      How dumb can a bunch of shit-on-paper politicians be? Dumb? Dishonest? Whatever…

      I guess New York is sporting the new low. I mean, they passed the damned law and now they’re bitching because people are complying? Do they just let these guys out on weekends? Jeez! What a bunch of loons. Hang Them! HANG THEM ALL!

  4. ed says

    BOYCOTT NEW YORK! Other than firearms firms, that is. Keep my money out of that political region so it doesn’t end up paying their taxes and funding unconstitutional governments. I’ll support firearms firms there to help keep the correct minded people there to guide them back to the Constitution.

  5. says

    duh! build prison camps such as the have in Arizona, get caught commiting a crime with a firearm and you get 20 yrs. no deals, no parole see how fast gun violence goes down