These Criminals Got Their Tactical Rifle from a SWAT Team Facility NOT a Gun Show

Criminals rob SWAT team facility of rifle and other equipment

I thought criminals just buy all their “assault rifles” from gun shows across the nation who sell their guns to anyone with a criminal record.

Hmm, it will be interesting to see how anti-gunners spin this one, but since they don’t even realize that vendors perform background checks with each purchase at gun shows they probably will also fail to realize that people who break the law don’t care about following the law to get a gun.

According to a couple burglars stole a rifle and some other equipment from a SWAT team facility in Cleburne, Texas.

Cleburne police need help finding a gun and other items stolen from the SWAT team’s storage facility.

Police said burglars broke in to the building Monday, taking equipment that included tactical vests, ammunition and a rifle.

The building is not advertised as a police facility, but police said people who live in the area know about it.

“These items in the wrong hands could be dangerous. But, we’re hoping that somebody comes forward and gives us information. The investigation is ongoing. Our detectives are diligent in their investigation and hopefully we’ll find out property soon,” said Kelly Summie, a Cleburne PD spokesman.

Think a universal background check law would have stopped these crooks from getting their hands on a gun?  No, didn’t think so.

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