This High School is Using an AP History Book That Rewrites the 2nd Amendment

As more schools try to revise US history, it has been found that Guyer High School in Denton, Texas is using an AP History book that completely changes the 2nd amendment in an attempt to try to “simplify” what it says.  But with more educators trying to brainwash kids into thinking that gun owners are “evil” and guns are the real problem in the world, it’s clear that these changes to the 2nd amendment is not a mistake.

2nd amendment changed in texas history school book

Did you catch how the textbook subtly changed the amendment?

Textbook version: “The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.”

Actual 2nd Amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

The text book is implying that we are only allowed to own guns if we are enrolled in a state militia, which is a clear misrepresentation of the constitution since  the 2nd Amendment says that a militia is necessary to protect a free State.   So in order to be able to have a militia, the citizens have a natural right to keep and bear arms and the government cannot infringe on that right.

The name of this text book is “United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination.”  And the page in the picture is page 102.  We encourage all parents to check their students history books for purposeful inaccuracies like this.

If you live in this school district you can find more information about how to contact the school and get involved in seeing action taken on this issue you can visit DailyPaul here.

If you have any other pictures of your child’s textbooks and examples of revisionist history in relation to the 2nd amendment you can link to the urls in the comment section below.  Let us know what you think about this in the comment section below as well.

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  1. Gee says

    Have a grandson in the Denton, Texas ISD. My eldest daughter is like the rest of our family – an Army veteran.

    Only the parents can put a stop to this nonsense. Have informed her

  2. John Marks says

    AP stands for Advanced Placement. Often, these courses are worth college credit (I got several points by enrolling in two of them). There should be no reason to simplify the constitution.

  3. says

    Being in a state militia isn’t a requirement for bearing arms.

    The ready ability of states to call upon citizen militias to secure the freedom of the state is why the people have the right to bear arms.

    If you read the 2nd Amendment closely, you will realize that the first clause is a preface that offers explanation, not a limit upon the people’s right to keep and bear arms.

    The important part is: “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    Restricting the right to keep and bear arms to members of a state militia is infringing upon the rights of persons who aren’t in a state militia to keep and bear arms.

    The US Supreme Court has already ruled on this matter, saying that the 2nd Amendment protects the rights of INDIVIDUALS (not merely those of militia alone) to keep and bear arms for lawful purposes, such as self-defense, defense of the innocent, and defense of one’s property. See District of Columbia v Heller, US Supreme Court decision of 26 June 2008. The textbook is wrong, and the people who wrote it are misleading the students of our public schools.

    • Mark says

      you forgot 1 major fact, the civilians ARE the militia. PERIOD. As in days gone by, it were just the common man that came to stand in defense of their country, came to stand alongside the military, the bakers, bankers, and candle stick makers, the farmers, ranchers, everyone who could pick up a rifle. Those people made up the militia. Training, well the received training as they went, they had basic knowledge as most everyone hunted so knew how to use their rifles..

  4. Jamie Fraser-Paige says

    A “well regulated militia” is one that is well equipped and drilled and trained so as to be effective in the defense of local, state or national interests. Individuals often supplied their own individual weapons – the ownership of which should not be infringed – and often used them for other lawful purposes, such as self defense. Admiral Yamamoto cautioned the Imperial Japanese High Command that invading the US would be fraught with danger, since there was an American with a gun behind every blade of grass. Those people, not the National Guard, are what the founders meant by “the militia.”