This Open Carry T-Shirt Might Get you Shot

This video comes from the Manning Report, and Dr. Manning says he won’t wear it on the streets of New York because he would get shot.  It looks pretty swag as you can see, but you would have to be fairly cautious as to where you wear it.

These open carry t-shirts can be purchased at  They look ridiculously realistic and come in a few different colors.  There is a huge disclaimer on the website warning t-shirt wearers that these shirts can get you killed and that you should not pretend it’s a real gun and you should always obey local law enforcement if they mistake it for a real gun.

This military expert says you should be hoarding these 37 things now before the coming crisis.  He says stores will empty their shelves in just 2 hours and it will be impossible to get these 37 things.  Read More here.


NASA is warning that we have 13 months to get ready.  See why FEMA has ordered 300 million body bags in the face of what some are calling WWIII. CLICK HERE (sponsored)


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    The 1st and 2nd Amendments are closely related; the one is essential for progress, the other is essential in case that progress means “the scythe and the shotgun call the tune.” The T Shirt, the Bumper Sticker, the FB page all should promote the Bill of Rights. Gun Control laws are the “gateway” law to totalitarianism. In a democracy they will not work. Look at England; passed the “Gold Standard” of gun control laws, spent billions of pounds to confiscate guns; now, Scotland Yard estimates each year enough guns are smuggled in for every criminal, gun violence is way up (England is now only 3X higher than the US, instead of 8X, but this is also due to gun violence going down since the 1st modern Right to Carry law was passed), and according to Pew, the majority of British are demanding their guns back.