[VIDEO] In 1 Week Home Invaders in 3 Different Detroit Homes Face Gunfire from Armed Homeowners

detroit mother shoots home invaders with an assault rifle

It looks like more homeowners in Detroit are choosing to arm themselves to protect their families against violent intruders.  In the same week three different Detroit homeowners used their guns to fight back against criminals who broke into their homes.  And in each case, the intruders lost.

The most recent case took place on Saturday in the southern part of Detroit when 2 intruders broke into a man’s house with a tire iron.  But when the intruders tried to attack the homeowner with the tire iron, the homeowner fired his gun, hitting both suspects.  One intruder died at the scene and the other fled with his injuries.

The same morning a homeowner on the west side of Detroit used her firearm to stop a robbery as well.  The woman had just pulled into her driveway at home when an armed crook seemed to come out of nowhere.  The woman threw her keys to the ground to distract the gunman and then pulled out her own .38, firing several shots at the crook.  He was pronounced dead at the scene and the woman’s life was spared.

And we just reported on a story from Detroit on last Saturday in which a woman used a semi-automatic rifle (which the anti-gunners like to call an “assault rifle”) to fight off 3 home invaders who broke down the door to her house.

The crooks had a gun of their own and even tried to come back into the house after the woman fired several shots.  But when she started firing again, all the hooded teens ran.  The mother was at home with her 2 children.

You can read that whole story here and see video of what happened.

Each of these cases exemplifies how having a gun in a home invasion situation makes all the difference.  911 would not have been an option to save any of these potential victims.  And when seconds count, you need and have the right to have the ability to protect yourself.

Fat chance of seeing this story on any major news outlets this week, but while the anti-gun politicians are still trying to figure out how to disarm more Americans, at least a few Detroit homeowners are arming themselves against the lawlessness that gun control only encourages.

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