2020's Best 300 Blackout Ammo Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Hornady’s Frontier 300 Blackout Ammo0601

Tight-tolerance, high-speed machinery tests Hornady’s Frontier 300 Blackout Ammo for enhanced accuracy. The result is enhanced accuracy for a superior firing experience. Reusable and reliable brass cartridges are loaded with well-designed FMJ bullets. Hunters, marksmen, and self-defense enthusiasts will appreciate the fantastic versatility of 300 Blackout Ammo. 

Made for the M4 Carbine rifle, 300 Blackout Ammo was developed in the United States and built for incredible stopping power. These 7.62x35mm rifle cartridges were modeled for similar ballistics to the Soviet 7.62x39mm. The 300 Blackout Ammo cartridges are designed to perform exceptionally well in AR-15 semi-automatic rifles. 

Today, AR-15 rifles and the corresponding 300 Blackout Ammo are popular among hunters. Accuracy, versatility, and a wide range of features define the AR-15 rifles. 300 Blackout Ammo cartridges are crucial for optimal AR-15 rifle functioning. Here are some of the best cartridges on the market today

2020's Best 300 Blackout Ammo Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Hornady’s Frontier 300 Blackout Ammo

Tight-tolerance, high-speed machinery tests Hornady’s Frontier 300 Blackout Ammo for enhanced accuracy. The result is enhanced accuracy for a superior firing experience. Reusable and reliable brass cartridges are loaded with well-designed FMJ bullets. Hunters, marksmen, and self-defense enthusiasts will appreciate the fantastic versatility of 300 Blackout Ammo. 

Proudly American-made for individuals who value freedom, independence, and self-reliance. The ammo arrives in packs of 20 rounds and a durable, easily transported box.  To purchase this ammoclick here.

Top 7 Best 300 Blackout Ammo Reviews

With a bullet weight of 125 grains and a full metal jacket bullet style, these rounds boast extremely potent stopping power. This military-grade ammo is loaded with bullets specifically designed to enhance overall accuracy. The famous Hornady name lends extra gravitas to the bullets, and even the cartridge box provides a classic, all-American aura to your shooting experience.

Hone your marksmanship and make the most of your AR-15 firearm’s capability with these powerful rounds. These bullets arrive with mil-spec boxer primers and powder to complete your firing experience. Reduced overall recoil, outstanding terminal velocity, and superior penetration are all hallmarks of the Hornady Frontier 300 Blackout Ammo. 

Who Should Get This? 

This is perfect for the marksman-hunter who wants powerful rounds that allow him to hone his aim, as well as take down larger game. 

New or occasional hunters are often intimidated before the start of their first hunting season. You probably don’t want to spend a fortune on target practice, but you also want to make sure your shooting is up to par before heading after big game.  

Ideal for the new marksman or for honing your target practice skills, these bullets deliver exceptional performance and awesome accuracy without breaking the bank. The Sellier & Bellot full metal jacket gives you serious results and helps you further hone your shooting skills. These rounds boast excellent firing power for the price and can double as effective self-defense ammo in a pinch. It’s also good ammo for the younger hunter who hasn’t moved on to larger game yet.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re the type who wants to fire hundreds of practice rounds before hunting season, this is your ammo. Get ready for Big Game season. 

Only slightly more expensive than the Sellier & Bellot ammo, Magtech’s 300 AAC blackout ammo combines a stellar reputation with superior construction. Flat, full metal jacket bullets stay true to their course, and the heavy-for-caliber design offers excellent subsonic performance and penetrative power for rifles equipped with 300 Blackout suppressors. Stopping power meets affordability in this multi-functional ammunition. 

muzzle velocity of 1,017 fps and a 200-grain weight bullet helps each round pack a serious punch. Available in packs of 50 and 100 rounds, Magtech’s high-quality, affordable ammo is ideal for individuals who want to balance self-defense needs with target practice practicality. This makes this ammo ideal for training purposes, whether you’re a total firearm rookie shooting for the first time or you’re a practiced marksman honing your skills on an at-home range. 

Who Should Get This? 

For the target practice and self-defense enthusiast, these Magnum bullets balance practicality with superior performance for excellent, affordable all-around rounds. Hone your shot before hunting season starts.

The Hornady Ammo 300 Blackout features a 110-grain weight, which lends fantastic flight stability without compromising on penetrative power. The result is a superior round that bears the well-respected Hornady name and makes the perfect round to have on hand during a hunt. Each high-quality round case contains primers, propellants, and a bullet. The rounds themselves come in understated, masculine packaging. 

Given the bullet’s weight, these rounds are best suited for hunting deer and similar-sized game, but not ideal for larger prey like elk or caribou. Hornady delivers effective, made-in-America performance for America’s favorite AR-15 firearms and self-defense .30 caliber pistols. You’ll appreciate the great price, the impressive quality, stunning penetrative power, and the full metal jacket construction.  

Who Should Get This? 

Hunters will love Hornady’s versatile, well-made 300 AAC Blackout Ammo that’s built for superior flight stability and incredible penetration. Stock up now for hunting season. 

Another stellar option from the manufacturers at Hornady, these proudly American-made rounds offer tremendous take-down power. Hollow-point construction helps the marksman eke every ounce of takedown power out of each shot. Ideal for both self-defense and hunting, these 125-grain weight rounds knock down prey and rip open a deadly wound when fired correctly. 

Given their heavier weight and hollow-point construction, these particular Hornady rounds are best-suited for larger game, like bear, moose, elk, and caribou. They’re crafted to fly straight and true, thereby helping you make the most out of your shooting experience. Available in boxes of 50 rounds, this ammo comes patriotically packaged to help you celebrate and exercise your 2nd Amendment rights. 

Who Should Get This? 

For the home defense enthusiast or the serious big game hunter, Hornady’s 125-grain 300 Blackout Ammo provides the perfect combination of accuracy and stopping power. 

The Aguila 300 AAC Blackout ammo is ideal for your AR-15 rifle or your self-defense .30 caliber pistol. At 150-grains in weight, it balances excellent muzzle velocity with superior terminal results. To enhance accuracy, it features full metal copper jacket construction as well as a cannelured bullet design. Because of these features, it’s suitable for both big game hunting like caribou, elk, or bear, as well as self-defense. 

These rounds come equipped with a boxer-primed brass case and a stacked, nickel-plated primer. They also boast a supersonic load of 1,900 fps, which represents impressive ballistic engineering. Despite this power, these bullets provide surprisingly low recoil, helping you recover in between rounds for improved aim and accuracy

Who Should Get This? 

The self-defense enthusiast who desires versatile ammo will be delighted with these rounds’ performance: Low recoil and tremendous stopping power deliver superior results for big game or self-defense. 

Affordable and available in packs of 20 and 200 roundsSellier & Bellot’s 147-grain weight 300 AAC Blackout Ammo provides shooters with a superior experience. These are new cartridges, not reloads. Fantastic for target practice and AR-15 shooting competitions, Sellier & Bellot helps shooters progress with well-made brass cases and a supersonic load with a muzzle velocity of 2,076 fps. 

The combination of the heavier grain weight with a hollow tip construction helps to maximize impact and keep the bullet flying straight, even in slightly windier conditions. This gives competition shooters an advantage. Given the rounds’ stopping power, this also makes for excellent self-defense ammunition. This ammo is multi-functional and made to help marksmen improve their skills and exercise their constitutional rights. 

Who Should Get This? 

Ideal for competition shooters who can’t compromise on performance but need reliable and well-made rounds, Sellier & Bellot’s 147-grain 300 Blackout Ammo helps marksmen perform at their best. 

Best 300 AAC Blackout Ammo Overall

Hornady’s 300 Blackout Frontier Ammo is the ideal multifunctional ammo choice for self-defense enthusiasts, marksmen, and hunters. With a bullet weight of 125 grains, it can take down even large animals without compromising on muzzle velocity.

It’s also affordable enough to use for target practice, making it a perfect all-around choice. For these reasons, it’s an ideal companion to America’s favorite rifle and our #1 pick for best overall 300 AAC Blackout Ammo.

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