Choosing your blackout barrel is often a matter of personal preference. Everyone has their favorite barrels and may need a different barrel for a variety of shooting needs. While the primary consideration is usually barrel length, there are a host of other reasons that one barrel may suit your firearm better than another

As they represent a significant investment in your gun, ensure you’re making the right choice before you make a purchase. Gas blocks, recoil effect, flash hiders, shot noise, and barrel profile are all essential considerations when you are researching the most suitable firearm blackout barrel for your next hunt.

Editor’s Choice: Aero Precision M4E1 16in .300 Blackout Barrel Complete Upper Receiver

Undoubtedly the best 300 blackout barrel you can buy today, the Aero Precision M4E1 16in .300 Blackout Barrel combines a sleek, attractive appearance with a range of practical features. Easy to construct, this light barrel is great for maneuverability. 

With a low-profile gas block and pistol length gas tube, standard A2 flash hider, and an M4 speed ramp extension, you can modernize and upgrade your AR-15 or M16 with ease. Buy the Aero Precision M4E1 16in .300 Blackout Barrel Complete Upper Receiver today for an instant improvement on your current weapon.


Top 7 Best 300 Blackout Barrels Reviews 

1. Aero Precision M4E1 16in .300 Blackout Barrel Complete Upper Receiver: Best Overall 300 Blackout Barrel



When you’re shooting, the last thing you want is your firearm jamming or low energy feeding issues. With the low-profile gas block and pistol length gas tube, this barrel meets all your needs for a hassle-free shoot. 

The longer barrel significantly reduces recoil, which can help to improve accuracy, while also saving your shoulder from a pounding when on the range. Built for the long-term, the barrel allows for easy cleaning using the Otis Technology 300 AAC Black-Out Rifle Cleaning Kit so that you can maintain barrel integrity over a long period.

As the barrel is incredibly light, you can easily transport it, whether at the range or when out hunting. The A2 flash hider reduces muzzle flash to conceal your firing position, while also minimizing any light going towards your eyes, keeping your night vision at peak levels. For overall barrel quality and performance, you won’t go wrong with this choice.

Who Should Get This? A great all-around barrel, this product is ideal for those who enjoy recreational shooting on the range and love the thrill of the hunt.

2. Faxon Firearms 300 Gunner Rifle Barrel: Best 300 Blackout Barrel for the Money



Purchasing a 300 blackout barrel doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and the Faxon 300 provides resounding proof. The steel construction with the QPQ nitride finish provides you with a quality barrel for a long time after purchase. The balance of the barrel tilts the weight of the firearm toward your body, providing a more pleasant shooting experience, even if you’re on a hunting expedition for an extended period. 

Button-rifling ensures your bore and groove dimensions remain consistent, while it also helps to improve your shooting accuracy. The black nitride color aids concealment in your surroundings while also giving a refined appearance. 

Although it is a rugged barrel, the pencil-profile assists with the overall weight distribution, providing a comfortable shoot. Although it is one of the less expensive barrels on our list, it doesn’t compromise on quality and is a great choice even for more experienced users.

Who Should Get This? Best for those seeking a solid and reliable barrel on a budget. Corrosion-resistant material, for a longer-lasting barrel, adds to the wallet-friendly approach from the manufacturer.

3. CMMG, Inc Barrel Sub-Assembly, 4140CM SBN, .300 AAC Blackout: Best 300 Blackout Barrel for Durability



CMMG has been building high-quality firearm barrels for many years, so it is no surprise that their 300 blackout barrel offering is an excellent choice for many users. You can install a pistol length gas tube for use with your handgun. Since it can fit onto smaller weapons such as a handgun, there are inevitably some restrictions when using it for long-range shooting. 

The barrel can increase your power, as well as accuracy, and it can help when hunting even extremely sturdy animals, such as hogs. The added energy generated through the gas tubes provides the necessary punching power to help you neutralize your prey with your first shot.

The salt bath nitride finish fuses nitrogen and carbon to create an outer layer of epsilon-iron nitride. Your barrel is well-protected and ready to stand up to the accidental bumps and scrapes that can happen when you’re on an expedition. 

Who Should Get This? Many users may already have a CMMG product in their arsenal. This is an excellent addition for anyone seeking an incredibly strong, durable 300 blackout barrel.

4. Radical Firearms 10.5 in. 300 AAC Blackout Upper Assembly: Best Military Spec 300 Blackout Barrel



Already assembled and ready for use, this Radical Firearms blackout barrel comes with a wide range of impressive features. The heavy barrel assault rifle (HBAR) melonite finish provides your barrel with much-needed protection to its array of features, while the Keymod and Picatinny rail systems offer plenty of room for your attachments.

The low-profile micro gas block, combined with a direct gas impingement system, gives you all the loading energy you need without taking up additional room, and the M4 feed ramps assist when loading in fresh rounds. 

The built-in shell deflector and flash hiders add extra layers of protection for the user. As this barrel meets high-quality military specifications but isn’t expensive compared to some of its contemporaries, many users can attach this barrel and take advantage of its benefits. Manufactured by Radical Firearms, you’ll get plenty of use before needing to replace this barrel.

Who Should Get This? This barrel is best for those seeking a precisely made military-grade barrel. It is feature-rich and a solid choice for those who have plenty of firearm-related knowledge.

5. Anderson Manufacturing Complete Upper, .300BLK, Optic Ready: Best No-Frills 300 Blackout Barrel



Anderson Manufacturing has a strong reputation in the barrel manufacturing world, and for good reason. This barrel is an excellent starter addition for those who may be new to shooting, or for users who want some help with their aim. It comes optic-ready so that you can add precision aids on for additional help with target practice.

Built to last, the barrel has a phosphate finish, which helps to avoid any unnecessary scrapes to the barrel finish. It’s also a suitable protective finish to resist water penetration when you are out in nature.

The carbine gas system is useful for preventing jamming, or poor feeding of your ammunition, while also being gentle on the overall system. Coming with a flash hider, this barrel is also a good choice for those who enjoy getting out night shooting. The A2 handguard provides an extra layer of protection and comfort.

Who Should Get This? If you need some help with your shooting accuracy, this 16-inch barrel can help to correct your aim. If you hunt before dawn or dusk, the flash hider helps conceal your position. 

6. TRYBE Defense AR-15 Pistol 10.5in Complete Upper M-LOK, .300 Blackout: Best Looking 300 Blackout Barrel



The M-Lok free float rail does more than just add to the overall aesthetic appeal of this Trybe Defense barrel. Improving stability, it contributes to improving the overall accuracy of your shooting. 

The military spec charging handle is great for convenience. If your chamber is empty when you load a magazine, the handle automatically places a round into the chamber so you can begin shooting without delay. This can save crucial time when you need to take your shot.

Close-range shooting requires plenty of kick behind each round, and this blackout barrel provides the user with enough energy to make each round count. Although it comes in at number six on this list, it’s a great piece of equipment, and many users find it fits their needs perfectly.

Who Should Get This? Users who like to shoot at close range should consider this barrel. With a great look and a charging handle, you’ll draw admiring glances on the range.

7. Ballistic Advantage Performance Series .300 Blackout for AR-15 Rifle Barrels: Best 300 Blackout Barrel for Improving Pistol Performance



Machined from 4150 Chrome Moly Vanadium steel, which adds resistance to corrosion, providing your barrel with a longer lifespan, this is a quality product from Ballistic Advantage.  The pinned lo-pro gas block is much more secure than attachments that utilize screws. However, their clever design means you can remove them easily when the time comes to change your block. 

Hanson series barrels are synonymous with providing heavy barrel performance from a lightweight barrel. As part of the Hanson Series, this barrel provides plenty of firepower from an easy-to-maneuver solid steel product. The whip limitation is useful when you require multiple shots in quick succession.

Although this barrel may not appeal to those who place considerable importance on the appearance of their blackout barrel, it deserves consideration from anyone who takes their shooting seriously. It may look chunky, but it delivers when it comes to more important aspects of shooting.

Who Should Get This? While other barrels may have a more streamlined appearance and have more aesthetic appeal, this blackout barrel is a good choice when it comes to performance.

Best 300 Blackout Barrel Overall

The Aero Precision M4E1 16in .300 Blackout Barrel Complete Upper Receiver is the best 300 blackout barrel on the market. Whether you like to relax on the range, or if you choose to venture into the wilderness for a weekend away hunting, this barrel meets your needs. 
The lightweight design makes it ideal for any user, while the corrosion-resistant 16-inch length can help both the rookie and the pro improve their accuracy. You can count on this blackout barrel on the range or in the field.

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