2020's Best 300 Blackout Suppressor Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Q Full Nelson Suppressor Direct Thread01

This powerful full-size suppressor is full-auto rated and engineered for maximum volume reduction. It uses a tubeless, robot-welded design for better performance without compromising on accuracy. At 16.6 oz., it’s one of the lightest full-size options on the market.

Thanks to their superior engineering, .300 AAC Blackout rounds are a stellar investment for M4 owners wanting to reduce noise and minimize hearing damage during a day at the shooting range. However, the Blackout rounds’ full potential can’t be met without a suppressor that manages their powerful sound waves.

A great .300 Blackout suppressor is able to reduce noise, tolerate general wear-and-tear, and be attached and removed quickly. The best suppressors on the market are good for novices and veterans due to their blend of all these qualities. Here are the best .300 Blackout Suppressors currently available for you to buy today.

2020's Best 300 Blackout Suppressor Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Q Full Nelson Suppressor Direct Thread

This powerful full-size suppressor is full-auto rated and engineered for maximum volume reduction. It uses a tubeless, robot-welded design for better performance without compromising on accuracy. At 16.6 oz., it’s one of the lightest full-size options on the market.

The titanium construction makes it an excellent investment for serious Blackout enthusiasts who want to get their gun’s noise under control. Click here to buy it today so you can give it a try as soon as possible.

Top 7 Best 300 Blackout Suppressors Reviews

When you’re heading to the range or going out hunting, you want a suppressor that provides serious sound reduction without weighing you down. The Q Full Nelson provides the optimal balance of these qualities, making it easier to move and set up your shot in any weather or terrain conditions.

It’s also available in a more compact version that’s just under 7” long, but the full-size option has real sound-suppressing power. At 1.75” in diameter, it achieves its sound suppression without adding too much additional bulk or weight.

This is largely thanks to its tubeless internal design, which uses electrical discharge machining to maintain accuracy. The titanium and Inconel 718 alloy construction is highly durable and resists damage through thousands of rounds. 

Who Should Get This?

This is an all-around winning choice for big game hunters or range shooters who want a balanced, highly effective full-sized suppressor at a reasonable price-point.

Although the Harvester is listed for .300 Winchester, it works perfectly with Blackout ammunition of the same size. The lightweight design manages sound surprisingly well compared to titanium competitors, with up to 34 dB of noise reduction. 

This suppressor uses a modular thread adapter system to allow owners to use it with a variety of thread sizes on different guns. It was designed for long-range accuracy, so it’s easy to practice using without having to compensate for directional changes.

The price point is a few hundred dollars less than some competitors, so it’s the most practical and balanced option for long-range shooters on a tight budget. Even owners with larger budgets should give it a look, since it can make a huge difference in your shooting experience.

Who Should Get This? 

This is a great choice for gun owners who want an inexpensive suppressor that’s good on accuracy, but who aren’t as concerned with overall durability.

Gun owners in general turn to lighter equipment when possible, but if weight is a priority, then the SilencerCo Omega Suppressor is one of your top options. Although the #2 product is technically lighter, this one is a higher-quality investment overall due to its titanium construction.

Its blend of titanium, Stellite, and stainless steel makes it extremely effective. In testing, it reduced .300 Blackout ammo firing volume to just 119.5 dB, making it much safer for hearing. Despite its shorter-than-average length, it’s one of the quietest suppressors available overall.

It can put up with years of use through hunting trips, long days at the range, and anywhere else you use it. It also works to reduce recoil, making range shooting or rapid firing more manageable.

Who Should Get This? 

Avid hunters who need to haul their gear on multi-day trips or over long distances can appreciate the extra few ounces this suppressor takes away from your trek.

The Sandman-S has a remarkable combination of features that make it a top contender even for owners who aren’t concerned with length. At just 6.8” long and 1.5” in diameter, its compact size is still extremely effective and suppresses up to 31 dB.

The integrated flash hider means you’ll have one less piece of equipment to worry about, especially while hunting at night. The quick detach system is designed for one-handed release, making it easier to break down your weapon fast while hunting.

Although the suppressor is durable enough on its own, it even includes an end cap that provides further protection. All of these features combine for an average-priced product that has excellent value for any shooter, but especially for night hunters.

Who Should Get This? 

Owners who are short on storage space can appreciate the small size and quick detach system, and night hunters will love the integrated flash hider.

The Wind Talker suppressor is the product of Smith Enterprise’s years of experience in making gun accessories, and the attention to detail and quality truly shows. The field-rebuildable system is easy for operators to manage without any special tools or equipment.

The internal components are lubricated with a flame-resistant grease to make disassembly and reassembly a breeze. The construction of the suppressor is engineered to make all parts easy to undo and re-secure, without compromising accuracy or sound suppression ability.

At 9.2” in length, it’s only slightly longer than its competitors, and it’s reasonable 1.5” diameter makes it comparable to or smaller than most. The corrosion-resistant coatings make it an investment that will last through thousands of rounds with proper care and cleaning.

Who Should Get This?

Anyone who already owns or plans to buy Smith Enterprise’s Vortex flash suppressor system and wants a field-rebuildable suppressor will find this to be a worthwhile purchase.

Many suppressors are only warrantied on barrels 12” or 16” and longer, depending on the gun type. This full-size suppressor is for use with barrels as short as 7” for 5.56mm and .300 Blackout guns. The resulting flexibility makes this suppressor a must-have for owners who prefer shorter rifle lengths or pistols.

The ASR mount technology works with many direct thread mounts, flash hiders, and muzzle brakes. It’s rated for full-auto use and is constructed of stainless steel and Stellite cobalt-chromium alloy for blast erosion resistance.

The inside of the silencer uses a steeply angled baffle design to redirect carbon and fouling, which increases the life of the suppressor. It’s a worthwhile investment, especially considering that it’s noticeably cheaper than some competitors with similar specifications.

Who Should Get This?

Owners with short rifles and pistols, as well as owners who want to be able to swap their suppressor between various guns with few restrictions, should get this suppressor.

This full-auto rated suppressor provides a good balance of other features and durability in addition to its fast-detach system. It is compatible with multiple caliber sizes, and attaches to Surefire Socom Adapter systems for quick daily use.

The features for this suppressor were based on the winner of the U.S. Special Operations Command suppressor trials that put suppressors through long and rigorous tests to determine which suppressors would last the longest. The resulting product has stellar accuracy and durability, thanks in part to the quality of the adapter system it uses.

The patent-pending front plate design even suppresses flash, and the alloy used for the suppressor resists corrosion well. Overall, it’s a leading option for multiple purposes, as long as you’re willing to use the prescribed adapter system.

Who Should Get This?

Hunters who want to be able to detach a suppressor and move unencumbered should get this suppressor and practice attaching and reattaching it quickly for optimal use.

Best 300 Blackout Suppressor Overall

Suppressors vary widely in their specifications and compatibility, and owners must be careful to buy one that actually works with their weapon. Thanks to smarter engineering, most modern suppressors work with a wide range of guns, with noticeably quieter results.

The best overall 300 Blackout Suppressor is the Q Full Nelson Suppressor Direct Thread, which uses titanium to attain both durability and superior sound reduction. It uses direct threading for easier attachment to a wide range of guns.

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