2020's Best Air Rifle For Squirrels & Small Game Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle

  • Uses enhanced non-lead alloy pellets for increased velocity
  • Consistent feel even when taking multiple shots
  • Metal-jacketed steel barrel for extended lifespan
  • Automotive-grade nylon stock for comfort
  • Shockproof scope with rings

Using high-tech automotive-grade nylon, the stock is comfortable enough for a whole day’s shooting. The PBA platinum pellets are a non-lead alloy that significantly increase velocity, while the shockproof scope helps to improve your aim. The metal-jacketed steel barrel is durable and can last for many years.

When hunting squirrels and small game, an air rifle is a perfect choice. They are powerful, yet also quiet, which is important if you’re shooting near people, and if you don’t want to scare off other game. There are numerous calibers and recoil-suppression systems to choose from, and you can even accessorize your firearm with a scope to help improve your shooting accuracy.

You can choose a classic-look rifle, or opt for a more modern appearance with nylon stocks and a slimline design. There’s plenty of choices, ranging from expensive models down to entry-level rifles that are ideal for those on a budget.

2020's Best Air Rifle For Squirrels & Small Game Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle

Using high-tech automotive-grade nylon, the stock is comfortable enough for a whole day’s shooting. The PBA platinum pellets are a non-lead alloy that significantly increase velocity, while the shockproof scope helps to improve your aim. The metal-jacketed steel barrel is durable and can last for many years.

While there are several high-quality models available, for the best air rifle for squirrels and small game, buy the Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle.

Top 7 Best Air Rifles for Squirrels and Small Game Reviews

Using whisper-fusion technology to minimize noise, this air rifle is quiet enough not to disturb other game after your first shot, which is ideal when you have a number of small game or squirrels to hunt. Using a shockwave absorber recoil pad, it is gentle on your shoulder, enabling you to stay out in the field for longer.

For increased comfort, you can adjust the trigger to the setting that is least demanding on your fingers, reducing hand fatigue and ultimately increasing shooting accuracy. The rotary-mechanism pellet loader inserts the ammunition into the breach using the energy from the recoil, which provides a consistent supply of pellets.

This rifle can help you eliminate pests, and also is an enjoyable firearm when hunting small game.

Who Should Get This? 

If you can spend more money on your air rifle, then this model provides an excellent blend of consistency, comfort, safety, and accuracy.

  • Whisper-fusion technology for noise-dampening
  • Shockwave absorber recoil pad
  • Customize your trigger to the most comfortable specification
  • Automatic cocking safety feature
  • Rotary-mechanism pellet-loader
  • Although this air rifle is excellent quality, it comes at a high price-point

If you’re shopping for an air rifle on a budget, this model provides exceptional quality at an attractive pierce-point. Although experienced marksmen can enjoy the back-to-basics feel of this model, it is most suitable for beginners who are learning how to shoot. The variable pump power allows you to control the velocity depending on your needs. 

You can apply a maximum of 10 pumps which produces a velocity of 700 fps and can shoot both BBs and pellets. The cross-bolt safety mechanism is an essential feature for those getting used to handling a firearm, while the dovetail mounting rail allows you to add a scope for improved target-identification and shooting accuracy. The 200-round BB reservoir allows you to stay out in the field for an extended time.

Who Should Get This?

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, this solid entry-level model is ideal for those learning how to shoot their air rifle.

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Variable pump power
  • Shoots BBs and pellets
  • Dovetail mounting rail for attaching a scope
  • Cross-bolt safety mechanism
  • Requires manual pumping to generate power

If you feel you need a bit more power for the small game you are hunting, then this model uses .22 caliber rounds, which is moving towards the type of ammunition you would use for medium-sized game. While it is more powerful than many rival air rifles, the integrated sound-suppression system ensures that your shots are quiet, which is perfect if you are shooting in close proximity to your neighbors. 

The clean-break trigger system has a crisp feel and helps to improve accuracy, while the reverse-piston design can reduce cocking force by up to 10x as much compared to standard air rifles.

The attractive hardwood design appeals to many marksmen who started shooting many years ago, and like the nostalgia of a classic rifle appearance.

Who Should Get This?

Bringing a classic look to the air rifle market, this model is ideal for those wanting a stylish look, while also combining the extra firepower of the .22 caliber pellets.

  • Attractive and sturdy hardwood stock
  • Integrated sound suppression system
  • Requires minimal cocking force
  • Uses powerful .22 caliber ammunition
  • Clean-break trigger system
  • May have more power than you need, especially around the home

Using a nitro-mag gas piston to propel the .25 round at a velocity of 900 fps, this model provides serious firepower, while the rifled-steel barrel maintains a high level of accuracy. 

The weather-resistant 783-style nylon stock can provide many years of service before you need to consider a replacement, and the Picatinny rail holds the Centerpoint scope firmly in place for added stability. Because the scope has magnification settings between 3-9x normal vision, you can target small game at long-range.

The adjustable 2-stage trigger gives you time to aim your shot and take a moment of composure before your second shot. Backed by the legendary Remington name, this rifle is built to last and provides an enjoyable shooting experience.

Who Should Get This? 

Improving your accuracy requires becoming familiar with your firearm, and this model can provide many years of high-quality and consistent service. In addition, it’s a great model for all weather conditions.

  • Comes complete with CenterPoint® 3–9x32mm air rifle scope
  • Nitro-mag gas piston for increased velocity
  • Adjustable 2-stage trigger for increased accuracy
  • Uses popular Picatinny receiver rail
  • Weather-resistant stock
  • Only available in a black color scheme

Soft-touch inserts on both the pistol grip and the fore-end make this one of the most comfortable air rifles on the market. The rubber buttpad absorbs much of the recoil and saves your shoulder when shooting for long periods, or if you are using the more powerful .22 caliber rifle option. If you prefer, the .177 model is adequate for hunting small game, and is also near-silent, ensuring you don’t scare off other animals when taking your first shot.

Although it comes complete with a scope, there are also back-up font and rear sights. With the rifled steel barrel, this air rifle is accurate, even when you are using the Nitro Piston power plant to propel pellets at up to 1400 fps.

Who Should Get This?

Shooting an air rifle can be an incredibly enjoyable experience, but not if you’re uncomfortable or suffering bruising from the recoil, and this model makes your shoot a pleasant experience.

  • Back-up rear and front sights
  • Overmolded, rifled steel barrel
  • Rubber buttpad for increased comfort
  • Can shoot both .177 and .22 alloy pellets
  • Designed for achieving maximum accuracy
  • Not suitable for .25 caliber pellets

Using modern technology, this model has reduced recoil and vibration after each shot, allowing you to have a comfortable shoot, while at the same time helping you to steady your aim and make the following shot more accurate. The clean break trigger is also ideal for having a reliable and ultra-smooth feeling, providing consistency which helps you become familiar with re-aiming after the initial recoil.

When anticipating your target coming into sight, you can cock this air rifle for an extended period without affecting the level of power, ensuring each pellet travels at up to 1,100 fps. The intelligent design ensures there are no adverse effects even if you are shooting in hot or cold weather, which is essential in many climates.

Who Should Get This?

If you live in a part of the country where weather can be extreme, this model serves you well in inclement weather. The durable materials can also last for many years of shooting.

  • Reduced recoil and vibration
  • Hardwood thumbhole stock
  • Can stay cocked for long periods without issue
  • Nitro-Piston Elite power plant
  • Clean Break trigger for maximum accuracy
  • Some marksmen may prefer a 1-stage trigger

Available in a .177 model, or in a considerably more powerful .25 caliber option, this rifle meets the needs of any small game hunter. The Monte Carlo cheek piece is comfortable, even when aiming for a long time, and as the model weighs a mere 6.6 lbs., it is comfortable to carry, even if you’re away for the whole day. 

The ambidextrous stock is made of all-weather polymer material for durability, and the thumb hole grip ensures you have a firm hold on your firearm. Coming complete with a 3-9x magnification Optima scope, this is suitable for both close and medium-range hunting, while the micro-adjustable rear sight with optics provides a reliable back-up to the main scope. The dovetail design holds the scope firmly in place for accuracy.

Who Should Get This?

The straightforward design and no-fuss approach to shooting make this air rifle an excellent choice for both experienced and beginner marksmen who like to have an enjoyable day on the hunt.

  • Solid entry-level air rifle
  • Monte Carlo cheek piece for comfort
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • Scope included at an affordable price
  • Lightweight at 6.6 lbs.
  • May be louder than some rival models

Best Air Rifle for Squirrels and Small Game Overall

Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle

Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle

When you’re searching for an air rifle for squirrels and small game, you need a gun with a combination of scope stability for accuracy and a weather-resistant nylon stock for durability. It is also important to look for a shockwave absorber recoil pad for comfort, and noise-dampening technology for shooting in close proximity to neighbors and other game. The Gamo Swarm Magnum delivers on all of these features.

As a market leader in air rifles for squirrels and small game, you can enjoy many hours of shooting with the Gamo Swarm Magnum 10x Gen 2 Air Rifle.

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