2020's Best Air Rifle Scope Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Barska 3-12x40 AO Air Gun Riflescope

This scope is built for small game hunters and home defense enthusiasts who are seeking to improve their accuracy. In addition to close-range capabilities, it can also deliver during low-light hunting, and accurate target practice at up to 200 yards.

Practical and quiet, air rifles offer survival enthusiasts, and history buffs a weapon that is easy to use and fun to shoot. They were present on the Lewis and Clark Expedition across the country in the 1780s, and today they are optimal small game firearms due to their quiet output and ease of pellet shooting. 

While you need to check local regulations, air rifles are legal to own in most states and usually have a very affordable price tag. These factors make them one of the most accessible types of rifles on the market

Whether you’re a hunting enthusiast or a beginner marksman, there is an excellent range of air rifle scopes on the market.

2020's Best Air Rifle Scope Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Barska 3-12×40 AO Air Gun Riflescope

This scope is built for small game hunters and home defense enthusiasts who are seeking to improve their accuracy. In addition to close-range capabilities, it can also deliver during low-light hunting, and accurate target practice at up to 200 yards.

The military-dot reticle helps to estimate target distance, which can significantly improve your shooting accuracy.

For the perfect all-around air rifle scope for both beginner and experienced marksmen, buy the  Barska 3-12×40 AO Air Gun Riflescope

Top 7 Best Air Rifle Scopes Reviews

The 3-12x adjustable magnification settings make this a versatile scope that can meet the needs of a range of marksmen. Whether you want to head out and hunt for squirrels, take on larger game at mid-range, or practice your long-range target shots, this scope can provide the required magnification. 

With a 40mm-objective lens, you can see your target clearly and brightly, which is essential when shooting in low-light conditions. Designed to accommodate the recoil of powerful air rifles, this scope is excellent for maintaining visual contact on your target after taking your shot.

Its beautiful, matte-black finish provides durable weather-proofing that can help the scope last for years. The fully-coated objective lens and excellent parallax adjustment capabilities also work hard to provide enhanced clarity as you look through the scope. 

Who Should Get This? 

This is for the rifle owner who wants a scope that is useful at nearly every distance. It’s ideal for small and large game hunting, target practice, and home defense. 

There’s no need to compromise on quality if you’re shopping on a budget. This model is ideal for individuals who want a lightweight scope, suitable for use in competitions, or when you’re out on a hunt. 

The full-coated optics coats all your scope’s glass in a covering that improves clarity by increasing light transmission. The multi-range adjustable parallax feature ensures you can steady your aim and eliminate blurriness. 

The second-plane focal reticle is ideal in close-range situations, preventing the blurring or covering of nearby targets. Although the eye relief may not be enough for the most powerful rifles, this is a solid choice for most enthusiasts. The scope also arrives with a lens cloth and scope caps to help you protect your gear. 

Who Should Get This? 

This scope is perfect for the beginning to intermediate marksman who doesn’t want to break the bank. It is most suitable for competition shooting and hunting.

For air rifle owners who prefer to hunt game at night or in low-light settings, this scope may be the right choice. With an illuminated reticle and a 4-12x adjustable magnification range, it’s ideal for low-light hunting to snag nocturnal, predator animal trophies. 

The optical scope features a 44mm objective lens which improves your visual acuity, even in fading light. The high-quality glass lens is also fully-coated, which increases visibility in all weather conditions. While some may prefer a multi-coated lens, a fully-coated finish is more than adequate for nearly every shooting scenario.

Durable, waterproof, and built-to-last, this scope features a shockproof build that can withstand the accidental bumps and scrapes that can happen when out hunting, especially outdoors and in low-light terrain. 

Who Should Get This?

A fantastic option for aficionados of coyote, fox, or bobcat hunting, this gun takes on low-light environments just as well as it does in the daytime. 

Using dovetail rings and an included stop pin, this rifle scope is stable and secure, even on rifles with a powerful recoil. The 3.9-inch eye relief provides you with a safe distance from your scope when shooting, and the Truplex reticle provides a straightforward guide when you are aiming. Using the familiar MOA adjustment language, it is easy to change the settings according to the target range and elevation.

The fast-focus eyepiece allows you to quickly find and verify your target, even at 9x magnification, and the objective lens diameter of 40mm gives excellent clarity of vision. You can keep your scope in pristine and optimal-working condition, by gently cleaning it with a phosphor bronze brush after each use.

Who Should Get This?

Any marksman who is looking for a reliable and sturdy model that is suitable for outdoor shooting can benefit from purchasing this dependable rifle scope.

The 6063 aluminum material gives this rifle scope a durable feel, and it is even capable of working in temperatures as low as -40℃, which should be enough even for the hardiest of hunters. 

Although it has a slightly bulky appearance compared to some rival models, it makes up for this by providing up to 30° of field of view angle, ensuring you can watch the landscape around your target. 

The rapid variable adjustment features allow you to quickly change your magnification levels, and the second-focal plane set-up means you can always see close-range targets, without the reticle obscuring your view.

The fully-coated optics support clear visual contact, and even at a range of 100 yards, you’ll have a clear sight of your target.

Who Should Get This?

Shooters who are looking for a scope they can use in all kinds of weather on most landscapes can enjoy the durability the Gamo 3-9x40mm Air Rifle Scope provides.

If you like your scope to add a touch of style to your air rifle, or one that has a minimal profile for camouflaging, then this model is worthy of consideration. The matte black finish complements the slimline design, while the lightweight materials mean this model weighs less than 14 oz

As it is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof, it can stand up to the rigors of a weekend hunt, and the military-dot reticle helps with judging the distance to your target. After your shoot, cover your glass with the included scope caps to ensure there are no unnecessary scratches on the scope when you bring it out for the next use.

Who Should Get This? 

Although improving accuracy, winning competitions, and bringing home more meat are the usual aims for adding a scope, adding a touch of style can be good, too.

Although there is no illuminated reticle with this model, it has a range of features that are attractive to many marksmen. While a fully-coated lens may be enough for your requirements, there is also the option to choose a fully multi-coated covering, raising your scope’s clarity and brightness to the next level. This is the most effective choice of glass coating and is ideal for the experienced marksman who shoots at a high level. 

The eye relief can go as far as 4 inches, giving your face adequate protection from powerful recoils, while the magnification levels of between 3-9x are suitable for a range of shooting distances.

Who Should Get This? 

Although the fully multi-coated option appeals to experienced marksmen, the magnification and eye relief features also make this attractive for beginners. The range of magnification is great for all shooting levels.

Best Air Rifle Scope Overall

There are a range of excellent models available, and your choice may depend on the distance you shoot, if you need adjustable parallax settings, and even what weight your scope adds to your rifle.

However, there is one model that is suitable for nearly every requirement. Coming with adjustable magnification, generous eye relief, and made of durable materials, for the best air rifle scope on the market, buy the Barska 3-12×40 AO Air Gun Riflescope.

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