2020's Best AR-10 Scope Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: SIG Sauer Tango6 Riflescope

With a combination of style and functionality, this AR-10 rifle scope is head-and-shoulders above its rivals. The adjustable magnification from 3-18x should meet the requirements of nearly every marksman, and the shockproof construction reduces the chances of accidental damage. 

Choosing an AR-10 rifle scope can seem overwhelming because there is a myriad of possible configurations. Depending on whether you shoot during the day or at night, if you only need a scope for one range, or for multiple distances, and even the recoil of your firearm, you’ll need to choose a scope that checks boxes across a range of factors.

Picking the scope that best suits your needs can lead to a significant improvement in your shooting accuracy, and even in your enjoyment of your day at the range. Fortunately, no matter your budget or your requirements, there’s a scope that can meet your needs.

2020's Best AR-10 Scope Reviews

Editor’s Choice: SIG Sauer Tango6 Riflescope 

With a combination of style and functionality, this AR-10 rifle scope is head-and-shoulders above its rivals. The adjustable magnification from 3-18x should meet the requirements of nearly every marksman, and the shockproof construction reduces the chances of accidental damage. 

The 10-available brightness settings can help to improve your vision in challenging conditions.

While there are many excellent models available, for the best AR-10 rifle scope on the market today, buy the SIG Sauer Tango6 Riflescope.

Top 7 Best AR-10 Scopes Reviews

Although this AR-10 rifle scope is one of the more expensive models, a look at the specifications and wide range of options explain why it is at a higher price-point. The 3.7 inches eye-relief is enough for all but the most powerful recoil rifles, and the parallax correction is up to 100 meters, which is more than enough for most scenarios.

The scope clarity is impressive, with the 44mm-objective lens diameter providing excellent vision even in low-light conditions, and on rifles with a high-recoil. The fog-proof vision adds to the feeling of a scope that enables you to shoot even when the weather isn’t on your side. This feature is essential if you enjoy a weekend away hunting.

Who Should Get This?

For the marksman that needs an excellent all-around rifle scope that is durable, and also suitable for shooting in any lighting conditions, look no further.

If you’re on a budget, there’s no need to compromise on the range of features or the quality of your rifle scope. This model allows you to find targets quickly, which is ideal for both competition shooting, and when you’re out on a hunt. The fully multi-coated optics ensure that all your glass is ready to provide high-levels of clarity and brightness, allowing you to identify your target in no time.

The military-dot reticle is ideal for estimating the distance to your target, and the push/pull locking turrets provide a reassuring feel when adjusting your wind and elevation settings.

If you shoot with a variety of AR rifles, this can fit onto any device that has a Weaver-style rail.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re shopping for your scope on a budget, choosing this model means you won’t have to compromise on quality. This model has everything you need for an enjoyable shoot.

In order to make this the best scope possible, Atibal collaborated with both competition shooters and serious hunters. The result is that this is one of the most durable scopes available, and has a reassuringly robust feel due to the use of aircraft-grade aluminum materials. Even in the field, you can be sure your scope is ready to use as it is water-resistant up to a generous 10 meters.

The slimline tube is compact and won’t significantly increase rifle bulk, while the MOA adjustment measurements are familiar to most marksmen as a common measurement of accuracy. 

The Rapid View Level feature allows you to make almost instant changes to the 1-6x magnification lens, which can make all the difference in a situation where you need to take a quick shot.

Who Should Get This?

If you shoot in inclement conditions or just want to know that your scope construction is of high-quality materials that are built to last, this is a solid choice.

Providing a linear view of between 10-21.5 ft. even at 100 yards, you can retain a good all-round view of the surrounding area, even when focusing on your primary target. As it is lightweight at only 13.1 oz., you may notice very little difference to the feel of your rifle after fitting. Although the scope is compact, it still provides a powerful 4-12x magnification, which is more than enough for most needs.

The adjustable eye-relief gap allows you to choose your preferred setting depending on the recoil of your rifle, which is an excellent safety feature for preventing facial damage. The Leupold brand is a legend in rifle scope manufacturing, and this superb model lives up to the name.

Who Should Get This?

For those looking for a scope that is both lightweight yet powerful, and also comes backed by one of the biggest names in the market, this is an excellent rifle scope.

When in a competitive shooting situation, or if you’re out on a hunt, there are times when the target moves quickly, and you need to adapt rapidly to aim your shot. Using 2 throw-down power levers, this well-built model can move from close-range targeting to long-range scoping, and vice-versa, at incredible speed. While this is faster than using turrets, it is also easier on your hands because you don’t need to turn any dials.

The second-focal plane set-up means that your reticle won’t block your view when engaged in close-up target shooting, and the crystal clear images ensure you can center your aim before taking that all-important shot.

Who Should Get This? 

Sometimes you need to react quickly, whether it be in competition, or identifying that stag before it runs. This model has excellent and clear rapid-targeting features.

It’s an age-old debate between marksman as to whether it’s better to use a red or green illuminated reticle, but with this model, you can change between both. Some users find one color washes out their night-vision. Test each one and then choose the color that is most suitable for you. If you’re constantly adjusting your scope settings, the zero-reset feature is a quick way of returning your scope to its original state.

Although the objective lens diameter is relatively small at 24mm, there is enhanced clarity from the 5 adjustable brightness levels, which are essential when the natural light starts to fade. The lifetime warranty provides peace of mind that your scope can provide many years of sterling service.

Who Should Get This?

Having a range of options available when you’re out on a shoot can make the experience considerably more enjoyable. This rifle scope has you covered for a variety of situations.

Although this model is capable of sighting targets up to 600 yards away, few markmen need this range. However, the 3-9x magnification setting is also excellent for those engaged in close- to mid-range shooting. Choose between using an illuminated glass-etched reticle, or use it in black without illumination. 

Water and shock-resistant, and fog proof, this AR-10 rifle scope is suitable for use out in the field, and the one-piece tube is made of robust aircraft-grade aluminum. The leaf-spring fingertip-adjustment turrets allow you to easily adjust your wind and elevation settings.

Use the military-dot reticle to help with aim distancing, and then take advantage of the 100-yard parallax-adjustment feature to steady your aim and get a clear picture of your target.

Who Should Get This? 

The excellent build quality, combined with a range of useful features for identifying your target before taking the shot, make this a great choice for beginner and experienced marksmen alike.

Best AR-10 Scope Overall

Choosing an AR-10 rifle scope comes down to your personal preferences. You can choose to have a greater range of magnification if you shoot at multiple distances, or you can use a second focal-plane design if you usually shoot at close range targets. Whatever you prefer, there is sure to be a scope for you.

While there is a selection of formidable models available, for the best AR-10 rifle scope you can buy, choose the SIG Sauer Tango6 Riflescope.

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