2020's Best AR-10 Stock Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock

This stock is an excellent combination of comfort with the rubber butt-pad and durability from a hard-anodized finish to protect the outer materials. It has the ability to work both as a semi-automatic stock and one for use for varmint shooting. This AR-10 accessory can be an asset to both the novice and experienced marksman.

Your AR-10 stock can improve your shooting accuracy and help to control your rifle by minimizing recoil effects. The stock is a crucial factor when adding accessories to your firearm, and it can provide a more comfortable shooting experience. 

Depending on your body shape, you can adjust the length of many stocks to find a position that feels right for you, and most come with protective finishes that ensure your stock can be a familiar asset for many years.

While more expensive stocks come with a range of impressive features, there is also plenty of value in budget models, ensuring there is an option for every avid marksman.

2020's Best AR-10 Stock Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock

This stock is an excellent combination of comfort with the rubber butt-pad and durability from a hard-anodized finish to protect the outer materials. It has the ability to work both as a semi-automatic stock and one for use for varmint shooting. This AR-10 accessory can be an asset to both the novice and experienced marksman.

There are a number of terrific models on the market, but for the best AR-10 stock available today, get the Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock.

Top 7 Best AR-10 Stocks Reviews

You can be ready to shoot almost as soon as your order arrives because this model has an easy installation process that allows you to be up and running in minutes. If you already own accessories such as 1913 Picatinny rails or additional sling mounting attachments, then you can quickly connect them to the unit using the bottom M-LOK slots.

The reassuring feel of positive-locking click mechanisms on the adjustable knobs when setting the height of your cheek piece and length of pull (LOP), give reliable feedback that you are in the desired position.

The enhanced butt-plate provides protection for your shoulder, which can be vital if you are on an extended hunt or in intense competitions.

Who Should Get This?

Any marksman seeking to find an AR-10 stock that provides convenience, reliability, comfort, and a reassuring feel of quality materials can appreciate this superb model.

If you’re on a budget, this model comes with a range of features you typically associate with a more expensive rifle stock. Made of high-quality polymer materials withstands even the harshest weather conditions, you can be confident that your investment can provide many years of excellent service. 

The M4-style stock has a non-slip vented rubber recoil pad that helps to get improved control of the recoil, enabling you to quickly reacquire your target after the initial shot, and ultimately improve your shooting accuracy. 

Although this model comes with incredible functionality at a low price, you can also add a touch of style by customizing it with the range of available color schemes.

Who Should Get This?

Your stock doesn’t have to include all the features of more expensive models to be a valuable asset for your rifle. This unit comes with a range of options that can benefit most avid marksmen.

With an ambidextrous hand set-up, this AR-10 stock can be useful to any marksman. The quick-detachment (QD) cups located on each side of the unit sit below the surface, both streamlining the appearance of the stock, and reducing the chances of it snagging on clothing or natural obstacles.

You can choose between the dual recoil plate system, which provides excellent protection from even the most powerful kickback, or you can opt for a single plate design that offers a saving in the overall stock weight.

The shortened cheek rest allows you to have more LOP adjustments, meaning you can find the most comfortable position for your needs. This feature is especially vital when you are participating in an intensely competitive environment.

Who Should Get This? 

Whether you’re shooting for recreational purposes, or on an extended hunt if you’re uncomfortable it won’t be enjoyable. This stock contributes to a pleasant day of shooting.

Even the best rifle stocks can have issues, and this model takes that into account by allowing you to replace only the elements that have problems, rather than purchasing a whole new stock. The patented modular design is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and is precision CNC machined to ensure consistency of quality, and also to ensure each part aligns perfectly.

The skeletonized design reduces the weight of the unit, and you can choose from a Cerakote or anodized finish to protect your stock from the elements and any accidental bumps and scrapes.

Although the tools required for installation are included in the box, you can request that the manufacturer assembles your stock before it ships.

Who Should Get This?

Whether you have a stock set-up that suits your needs, or you’re still trying to find your most comfortable positions, having the ability to try out different options can be a valuable benefit.

Although this AR-10 stock comes with eight adjustable LOP positions, helping you to find the most comfortable set-up for your needs, it also has the reassuring feel of a solid fixed stock design. 

Using a multi-shell construction that protects the key elements from corrosion and damage, and dual-locking pawls that offer maximum protection and shock proofing in the event of accidental droppage, this is a model that can cope with any condition.

Although it may be slightly heavier than other models, the removable storage compartment could be essential in the field, and the included sling mounts make this one of the most robust stocks available today.

The adjustment lever needs only gross motor movement to make essential adjustments, adding to the feel of a well-built and reliable stock.

Who Should Get This?

A vital element of improving your shooting accuracy is becoming familiar with your firearm, and the robust design of this stock means that it can provide many years of reliable service.

Although this model may not have as many features as some rivals, the minimalist design appeals to many marksmen due to its straightforward functionality and excellent performance. Installation couldn’t be any easier with a slide-on design, and non-slip rubberized materials allow you to present the buttstock rapidly in both competition settings and when out in the field.

The QD mounting point on the rear of the stock provides easy-access when attaching a sling for a more comfortable carrying experience, and the enhanced cheek weld on the upper section gives a welcome feeling of comfort when waiting to take your next shot.

Designed to cope with challenging conditions, this model brings a combination of simplistic functionality within a sleek and slimline design.

Who Should Get This?

Any marksman who values attaching their stock and heading out for a day’s shooting with the minimum of fuss can appreciate the straightforward, yet effective, design of this model.

Stability is a key component of taking an accurate shot, and this stock delivers one of the firmest feels in the market. Specifically designed to deliver maximum precision, the dual push-button and clamp system ensures your cheek piece is firmly in place after adjustment. Apart from providing extra comfort, this feature can significantly improve accuracy and help you become more familiar with your firearm. 

The durable high-quality polymer materials are long-lasting, allowing you to become comfortable using the same settings and firearm for many years. Use the two included spacers to find the most suitable recoil pad position for your body, and enjoy a reliable and comfortable stock when you are on the range or in the field.

Who Should Get This? 

An unstable shooting position can be one of the most difficult elements when trying to improve your accuracy. This model has a number of features that minimize inconsistency from your rifle stock. 

Best AR-10 Stock Overall

Although there are several excellent options on the market, this model brings together the ideal blend of comfort, stability, and durability in a compact design. Use the LOP adjustments to increase the size to fit your needs, and feel the reassuring click when you are locking in the comfortable cheek pad

Finding such an impressive range of features in one unit is rare. For the best AR-10 stock available today, choose the Magpul Industries PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock.

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