2020's Best AR-15 Collapsible Stock Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Maxim Defense Industries CQB Gen 7601

The incredible range of features on this model blends together perfectly to provide a marksman with a stock that can help to improve your accuracy, provide many years of reliable service, and it won’t weigh you down after use for extended periods. The attractive design is a further bonus.

An AR-15 collapsible stock is possibly the part of your firearm that needs the most consideration. There are a number of individual aspects that can help to improve your shooting accuracy and to help you feel comfortable when you’re taking aim. 

An adjustable length of pull (LOP) can have a significant impact on your position, while having the cheek piece at the right place can help when in intense settings such as a competition or a hunting trip in the woods.

There are excellent options at all price-points, so it’s a matter of choosing the collapsible stock that is most suitable for your individual requirements.

2020's Best AR-15 Collapsible Stock Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Maxim Defense Industries CQB Gen 7 Stock For AR-15

The incredible range of features on this model blends together perfectly to provide a marksman with a stock that can help to improve your accuracy, provide many years of reliable service, and it won’t weigh you down after use for extended periods. The attractive design is a further bonus.

While there are many great models available, for the best AR-15 collapsible stock, get the Maxim Defense Industries CQB Gen 7 Stock For AR-15

Top 7 Best AR-15 Collapsible Stock Reviews

Move between the 4 adjustable length of pull (LOP) positions to find the one that feels most comfortable. Whether you’re in competition or when on a hunt, being relaxed can help you to shoot more accurately, and the extended cheek weld is the ideal complementary accessory to the multiple LOP options. 

If you need to react quickly, there are no buttons to push so you can be ready to take aim in a matter of seconds. Fatigue can be a key factor when shooting, and the integrated QD mounts allow you to quickly attach a sling for ease of carrying. 

With a closed position length of only 5.35 inches, this is the ideal stock for both easy transportation, and storage when not in use.

Who Should Get This?

If you can spend a bit more money on your stock, this feature-packed model can bring a high level of reliability and performance to your shooting experience.

Although this model may not have as many features as some more expensive rivals, it still provides excellent value for money with a straightforward and functional design. The ambidextrous hand set-up means anyone can use it, and the slide-on attachment system is one of the easiest to use during installation. 

Coming complete with a roll pin, there is no need to alter your firearm when attaching this stock. The rubberized buttpad provides plenty of shoulder traction, even when wearing several layers of clothing, or even body armor.

The optimized sling configurations mean you can choose the one that suits your body dimensions, and present the rifle in any direction for rapid target acquisition.

Who Should Get This?

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to accept a drop in quality. This AR-15 stock can compete with many more expensive rivals through its intelligent design.

When making an investment in your AR-15 rifle stock, you want to know it can last for many years. This model is built using heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum for extra durability. With the 7 adjustable positions, it can meet the requirements of nearly every marksman, and the adjustable cheek rest provides a snug fit when you are choosing the correct elevation and direction for your next shot. 

With excellent recoil buffering, this stock saves your shoulder from excess impact and also prevents unnecessary jarring when you are adjusting your aim before your target is on the move. This feature is essential for game hunters.

With the addition of 5 spring-loaded ball bearings, the buffer tube stock has smoother transitions, providing a more pleasant and reliable shooting experience. 

Who Should Get This?

Improving your shooting accuracy and target acquisition times requires becoming familiar with your firearm, and this stock can provide many years of quality shooting service.

Despite being a collapsible model, this stock has the stability and reassuring feel of a fixed version and subsequently benefits from having zero noise from rattle that can occur with some rivals. This feature also improves the overall balance of the stock.

The adjustment level is sensitive, yet requires only gross motor movements to change settings. The dual-locking pawls ensure it can withstand the accidental drops and bumps that can occur when out in the field.

The integrated storage compartment is useful for storing small items such as batteries, although you can remove it if preferred. Because this is an update of the trusted UBR stock, you get the benefits of years of experience combined with the latest in modern stock innovations.

Who Should Get This? 

If you value going out for a no-fuss day on the range, competition event, or hunt, this stock provides simplicity while still bringing a host of excellent features to your firearm.

Constructed using weather-resistant synthetic materials, this model can handle both low and high temperatures, as well as providing a good grip even when wet. The 2 QD points allow you to easily attach and detach a sling for transportation, and it is easy to clean after use by gently rubbing it down with a bronze phosphor brush.

This stock has an incredible 8 adjustment positions, ranging from 8 inches when collapsed, to 12 inches when fully extended, providing a suitable LOP for just about every marksman.

The over-molded carbine length buffer tube provides a stable holder while also smoothly moving the bolt back into place after recoil absorption. This allows you extra time for composure before taking your next shot.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re still trying to find your ideal LOP position, or you like to move between lengths depending on what you’re shooting, the range of options on this stock may be perfect for you.

Whether you’re shooting in a competition or out on a hunt, you need to have complete trust in your firearm. This stock is one of the most reliable available, and uses only the most robust and dependable components, giving you the same results shot after shot. 

While it has a heavy-duty design, there are multiple cut-outs that reduce the weight, ensuring it is also suitable for extended hunts because it isn’t too heavy to carry. The neoprene rubber buttpad nestles firmly into your shoulder and is ideal when shooting in conditions where your stock could become moist or mucky.

All the components are included in the box, so as soon as your stock arrives it is ready for quick assembly.

Who Should Get This?

It can be reassuring to receive the same tactile feedback after each shot, and this well-built model provides a level of consistency and reliability that is difficult to find.

Although it is one of the longer stocks, with the fully-collapsed LOP being 11.5 inches, this can benefit scoped rifle users by increasing the available comb for any LOP. The waterproof side battery compartments can hold batteries for powering your scope or nightlight when out on a hunt.

The anti-reflection matte finish is also anti-glare, which both helps to conceal your position and prevent reflected light from affecting your vision. The polymer material protects this rifle from accidental bumps and scrapes, and it’s also shockproof should you drop it from height.

Choose either military-specification or commercial-specification, depending on your requirements. Pick between foliage green, black, or dark-gray earth colors to complete your sleek and stylish AR-15 stock.

Who Should Get This?

Those who like to have flexibility when shooting can benefit from the modular design and customizable configurations provided by this model. It’s ideal for those shooting from distance.

Best AR-15 Collapsible Stock Overall

A collapsible stock can bring your shooting experience to the next level of comfort and accuracy. Standing out from the rest, the Maxim Defense Industries CQB Gen 7 Stock For AR-15 is the best AR-15 collapsible stock on the market

This stock brings together a range of fantastic features that provide you with a straightforward installation process and a comfortable shooting experience. It’s even being compact enough for easy carrying and handy storage. It’s an ideal stock for novices and experienced firearms users.

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