2020's Best AR-15 Grip Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Hogue G-10 Grips

This incredibly durable fiberglass grip uses layers of fiberglass mesh and epoxy resin binder to balance weight and strength. It is available in 3 colors to match your gun’s aesthetic. The finger contours and texture are simple, yet effective, for maintaining grip in a variety of shooting conditions.

AR-15 rifles are a popular choice for hunting and target shooting, and they are highly customizable. AR-15 grips are an essential part of your rifle because they determine how well you’ll be able to manage recoil and control your aim.

Grips are usually made of acrylics, but some use layered fiberglass to create an incredibly durable grip. Both the main grip and the front grip of a rifle should be carefully considered and chosen based on strength, grip texture and contours, and general features like storage compartments and flip-up hinges. Here are the best AR-15 grips you can buy now.

2020's Best AR-15 Grip Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Hogue G-10 Grips for AR15/M16

This incredibly durable fiberglass grip uses layers of fiberglass mesh and epoxy resin binder to balance weight and strength. It is available in 3 colors to match your gun’s aesthetic. The finger contours and texture are simple, yet effective, for maintaining grip in a variety of shooting conditions.

The high-density thermoset acrylic grip is a solid investment for both new and veteran shooters. Click here to buy it now so you can experience it for yourself.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Grip Reviews

Most AR-15 grips use acrylic, and while some of these acrylics are excellent, they still can’t beat a fiberglass and epoxy blend. Hogue is known for excellent G-10 grips that hold up to the elements without getting cracked or scratched. They put a heavy emphasis on inspecting each grip to make sure it’s free from defects in design or finish.

The grip has a simplified finger groove that balances grip and texture with the ability to move fingers as needed. It’s an excellent option for gun owners with particularly large or small hands who struggle with other grips’ finger grooves.

Thanks to the manufacturing process used to make them, these grips have a unique look with subtle color variations similar to Damascus steel. They’re perfect for personalizing your rifle without compromising on quality.

Who Should Get This?

This grip is great for anyone who is willing to spend a little extra money to get a highly durable option that can take serious wear-and-tear.

Magpul Industries makes excellent budget-friendly grips for AR rifles, and its new and improved MOE-K2 grip is no exception.

The rubberized grip is thoughtfully-shaped for comfortable and safe rifle positioning and uses trapezoidal surface projections for aggressive texture. The steep angle allows users to keep their hands closer to their body, improving overall control. It’s optimized for personal defense weapons and short rifles, but user reviews say it’s perfect for a wide range of weapons and uses.

At 2.9 ounces, it’s somewhat heavier than competitors, but this can be a plus for users looking for more support. The basic storage cap can keep batteries and other small parts within easy reach, and can be improved and customized with storage cores.

Who Should Get This?

This grip is best for users who don’t want to commit a lot of money to AR-15 accessories yet, or who need a quick replacement for a damaged grip.

The Spectre is a high-end grip that comes with your choice of either a KeyMod or M-LOK foregrip attachment. Its streamlined design eliminates excess material and weight without compromising on strength or comfort.

Weight reduction makes a huge difference when on the move, especially in high heat. Pairing this grip set with other low-weight parts can radically transform your shooting experience.

The front grip is vertical, and the main grip has a steep angle to keep it comfortable. The main grip uses a triangulated lattice surface to keep it strong while shedding additional weight. Both grips use an internal composite structure that’s carefully designed to allow it to hold up to years of wear-and-tear in the field.

Who Should Get This?

This is the best option for AR-15 enthusiasts who are serious about reducing weight as much as possible with a matching carbon fiber grip and foregrip.

Unlike vertical grips, this grip is tiled back to allow the fingers of the supporting hand to curve at a more natural angle. This makes it easier to hold the gun for long periods and to adjust after each shot’s recoil.

The grip surface has ridges for even better control than standard texturing. It sits low enough below the barrel to keep your hand safe, while still allowing you to maintain full control. Although the position and angle take a little getting used to, a quick run at the shooting range should be sufficient.

It includes a grip plug and is available in 3 colors to match your rifle’s overall design. Its relatively low price makes it a great deal for anyone hoping to improve their accuracy.

Who Should Get This?

This grip is sure to win over any gun enthusiast or novice seeking a comfortable and highly durable foregrip that’s different from the standard vertical design.

The storage kit included with this handle can be customized to accommodate batteries or other supplies as needed. Simply swap out the battery cradle with the regular cover to allow the storage space to fit larger, irregularly-sized items. The battery cradle fits 2 AA batteries or an assortment of smaller batteries, so you can keep enough power for your scopes and other accessories.

The handle itself is as good as rubber gets, and user reviews report no issues with the durability of the grip, so it’s a good investment for the money. The texture is excellent for shooting in the rain and high humidity. 

The finger grooves are curved to accommodate a wide range of hand sizes comfortably, and the cap snaps securely into place, preventing damage or loss of contents.

Who Should Get This? 

The simplicity of this kit makes it good for novices and experienced gun owners, especially if they want the comfort of a rubber grip.

This folding grip has heavy geometric texturing over a comfortable curved grip to provide a stable and secure grip. It is wider than most foregrips, yet remains comfortable for users with smaller hands thanks to its curves. The polymer feels sturdy and the adjustment screws lock into place snugly.

Its angle can be adjusted and locked into place to accommodate users who don’t want a completely vertical angle. Installation is easy, so even novice users can try it if they really want more flexibility.

It also can be used with pistols and other small handguns, making it an excellent investment for gun owners with multiple weapons. Considering its flexibility, it’s a great value for its mid-tier price range.

Who Should Get This? 

This is the best option for experienced AR-15 users who want the added flexibility of a folding grip, and want multiple positions and angle options.

Wild boar hunting and other nighttime activities require a reliable and easy-to-use flashlight holder. This one has a superior tactical grip and trigger to activate the flashlight and uses a mechanism that can turn on the flashlight temporarily without locking it on, reducing the risk of accidentally leaving it on.

The adjustment screws for the grip and flashlight holder are intuitive, allowing them to install on any Picatinny rail and use almost any 1” flashlight. It also has a safety switch that keeps the light from turning on accidentally. 

The grip texture and shape are made of a reinforced polymer that can hold up through dozens of night hunts in any weather. Since it’s available in three colors, get it in a shade that complements your existing equipment and doesn’t compromise your camouflage.

Who Should Get This? 

Serious survivalists and night hunting enthusiasts can appreciate this grip for its secure, yet easy-to-use, flashlight adapter and activation trigger at a reasonable price-point.

Best AR-15 Grip Overall

AR-15 grips vary in their materials, shape, and features. As a general rule, carbon fiber and fiberglass grips are stronger than acrylics and rubber, making them a better investment for serious gun enthusiasts.

The Hogue G-10 Grip for AR-15/M-16 is the best overall pick because of its material strength and design. It has enough texture to maintain a safe grip without compromising on appearance or comfort. Buy it today to take your AR-15 to the next level.

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