2020's Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews


The PMAG GEN M3 magazine is an offering from MagPul, a company that has quickly become one of the most popular magazine manufacturers, drawing praise for their durability, reliability, affordability, and diversity

Even if you’re a novice shooter, you’ll eventually realize that having the right magazine for your AR-15 is as important as any other part of your rifle. It may just seem like a box and spring that holds your ammo, something so simple that it can’t possibly be that integral to your shooting success. However, faulty magazines are one of the most common causes of gun malfunctions.

Magazines need to be able to function well even if they’re being used in harsh environments, and durable enough to withstand the impact of being dropped multiple times during reloads. Because these are high-capacity magazines, they also must work properly after thousands of rounds have been fired.

2020's Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews

Editor’s Choice: MagPul PMAG GEN M3

The PMAG GEN M3 magazine is an offering from MagPul, a company that has quickly become one of the most popular magazine manufacturers, drawing praise for their durability, reliability, affordability, and diversity

The PMAG GEN M3, which is the third generation of PMAG magazines, is designed to exceed military performance standards for strength and durability. It has expanded on the versatility and reliability of the original PMAG magazine

MagPul PMAG GEN M3 magazines are constructed of polymer, incorporating a USGI-spec stainless steel spring and a 4-way anti-tilt follower. It also features a pen dot matrix that provides consistent ID marking on each side.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews

The MagPul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 magazine is the best AR-15 magazine on the market, thanks to its durability, reliability, and versatility. Constructed from an impact- and crush-resistant molded hard polymer, this standard capacity magazine has a 4-way anti-tilt follower and constant-curve internal geometry that increases feeding reliability. Its long-life USGI-spec stainless steel spring was designed, built, tested, and accepted by the government.

Although designed for an AR-15, the MagPul PMAG GEN M3 magazine is also fully compatible with the HK 416, HK MR556A1, M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR), SA-80, and FN SCAR MK 16 (and 16S). This gives it a level of versatility that many other rifle magazines don’t have

However, in contrast to the versatility found in the rifles that it’s compatible with, it’s only designed for use with .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO cartridges.

With a highly affordable price point, you can purchase the MagPul PMag GEN M3 and get a quality magazine without breaking the bank.

Who Should Get This?

Anybody that owns an AR-15 should purchase the MagPul PMAG GEN M3 magazine because it can be used for self-defense, hunting, tactical situations, target shooting, and shooting competitions.

Lancer Systems is another one of the most highly-regarded magazine manufacturers on the market, and they specialize in completely clear, translucent magazines. In fact, many people have begun switching from PMAGs to Lancers

The L5AWM (L5 Advanced Warfighter) 300BLK Translucent magazines are made out of military-strength polymer, with the feed lips and the top of the magazine catch constructed of hardened steel

These magazines also use a steel spring system, which is beneficial because they can take a higher load and last for many years of use. In addition, the sides of the magazine have an aggressive texturing that improves the grip

An underrated feature of this 30-round magazine is that it has numbered indicators on the body for easy ammo count reference.

The Lancer Systems L5AWM 300BLK magazine may be specially tailored for the .300 BLK cartridge but it can also hold 7.62×40, 5.56 NATO, and .223 Remington rounds. 

Who Should Get This? 

The thrifty shooter who wants a high-quality AR-15 magazine without having to spend a bundle should get this Lancers System L5AWM 300BLK translucent magazine.

Another offering from MagPul, the PMAG D-60 is an expectedly durable and highly reliable 60-round 5.56×45 NATO/.223 Remington polymer drum magazine for weapons that are compatible with the AR-15 and M4 rifles. However, this particular magazine has a larger capacity than most PMAGs, effectively allowing the shooter to have the same round count as 2 standard capacity magazines without requiring a reload. 

Other features of the magazine include a paint pen dot matrix for easy marking, as well as the MagLevel system that indicates the magazine capacity.

The PMAG D-60 has a unique drum configuration that keeps the height of the magazine manageable, allowing for gun owners to shoot from the prone position. It also allows for easier storage. This magazine is compatible with multiple NATO rifles, such as the M4 carbine, M16, FN SCAR MK16 (or 16S), HK416 A5, MR556A1, and the M27 (Infantry Automatic Rifle (IAR).

Who Should Get This? 

Law enforcement or military personnel who want a great magazine for personal use should use this drum magazine. It also works well for home defense and tactical use.

The SureFire MAG5-60 is an ultra-high capacity box magazine that has far more than enough rounds to keep a rifle running longer between mag changes during a shooting competition. Because the weight of these magazines is centered under the weapon, you don’t have to alter your shooting stance or grip. 

In addition, as it is less than 2 standard magazines wide, it’s easy to handle and can fit most dual-mag pouches that are used for 30-round magazines

The nesting nylon followers don’t need any lubrication and they fully support the round stack, aiding the reliable feeding. The springs have cadmium coating, a soft white metal that reduces friction and resists corrosion.

SureFire MAG5-60 magazines meet NATO STANAG 4179 specifications, allowing them to be compatible with all rifles that accept AR-15, M16, and M4 magazines

Who Should Get This?

Gun enthusiasts that often take part in shooting competitions should use SureFire MAG5-60 magazines because they offer an ultra-high capacity in a relatively compact size.

Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 magazines are relatively new to the market, but they are being utilized by gun enthusiasts, law enforcement officials, and military personnel. These magazines are branded as being the most durable and diverse AR-15 magazines available.

There are plenty of features of these magazines that are relatively unique, such as stripper clip guides that make them easier to load and a lead-in ramp that sits above the catch pocket that improves the stability of the weapon. They also come with a patented raised hexagonal pattern that provides a superior grip for your AR-15.

These magazines are constructed from a proprietary polymer that was created by Hexmag, has an impact-resistant polymer body, and can withstand harsh conditions. The stainless steel spring is not only corrosion-resistant but is ALSO heat-treated, allowing it to remain loaded for extended periods of time. 

Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 magazines are an American-made magazine and have a lifetime warranty.

Who Should Get This?

Hexmag Series 2 AR-15 magazines are perfectly designed for self-defense due to their enhanced grip, durability, and the ease with which they can be loaded.

The Elite Tactical System Group AR-15 30-Round Magazine with Coupler and Tritium Follower is extremely useful for hunting, thanks to a myriad of features that allow it to withstand harsh conditions and to be easily used in low-light conditions.

This magazine is constructed from an advanced polymer and has Extreme Impact Resistance, preventing it from cracking open or breaking when dropped. In addition, it is resistant to harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and UV rays. The durability of these magazines is unrivaled.

Additionally, this magazine has an anti-tilt follower with a reliable bolt open on the last round, a clip-on dust cover that keeps out dust and debris, and tool-less disassembly. With a translucent body, allowing you to see the ammo and ammo type clearly, it has an ergonomically-designed floorplate that makes it easier to retrieve from magazine pouches. It also features magazine grip ribs that give you superior handling.

Who Should Get This?

Easily to see in low-light conditions and as durable as any magazine on the market, this is a top-tier AR-15 magazine that is especially useful for hunting trips.

The Daniel Defense AR-15 DD magazine can hold up to 32 rounds of 5.56x45mm NATO, .223 Remington, and .300 BLK ammo. The frame of these magazines is molded from a durable carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer, which is strong and lightweight.

Features of this magazine include improved feed-lip design and an enhanced anti-tilt follower that enables smooth and reliable feeding. It also has an impact-absorbing floorplate that enhances the magazine’s overall durability.  The magazine is easily disassembled simply by removing the floorplate. 

Because the design prevents snagging and the textured surfaces improve the grip, it’s nearly effortless to insert or remove these magazines from your AR-15 rifle. For target shooting, this is a premier magazine because it can work with a number of different calibers, is highly durable, ultra-reliable, and easy to use.

Daniel Defense is the only manufacturer on the list that’s also known for manufacturing AR-15 rifles.

Who Should Get This?

Gun enthusiasts that enjoy target practice and need an ultra-reliable and multi-caliber magazine to use at the gun range should buy this Daniel Defense AR-15 magazine.

Best AR-15 Magazine Overall

The best AR-15 magazines have a combination of durability, reliability, and features that provide for smooth and consistent feeding, along with a superior grip. 

Whether you’re planning to use your AR-15 for a hunting trip, home defense, or competitions, the magazine you choose should be no-nonsense. Don’t fumble with your mag; get one that you can rely on time and time again.

Look no further than the MagPul PMAG GEN M3 AR-15 magazine, made by the best magazine manufacturer on the market.

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