2020's Best Ar-15 Muzzle Brake Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

  • 37 models available
  • 17-4 stainless steel material
  • Ships with spanner wrenches
  • 84% recoil reduction
  • Sophisticated convergent-divergent port geometry

The Precision Armament Hypertap is easily the best muzzle brake on the market. With different variations to choose from, you can find the perfect device you need to take your shooting to the next level. This muzzle brake can help you with increased accuracy, safety, decreased gas blowback, and most importantly less recoil. It boasts a total recoil reduction of over 80%. 

There are many types of muzzle attachments you can buy, but muzzle brakes offer a unique shooting experience for even the most dedicated marksman. These devices accomplish three main goals: Reduce recoil, decrease flash and dust, and improve accuracy

A muzzle brake quite literally puts a brake on the recoil of your weapon. Gases are routed to the sides of the muzzle which reduces recoil. With a muzzle brake, you can increase your accuracy and speed while minimizing recovery time

A muzzle brake is ideal for anyone who needs to retain accuracy with consecutive shots at an efficient speed. This is a great choice for competition shooters, the military, and law enforcement.

2020's Best Ar-15 Muzzle Brake Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

The Precision Armament Hypertap is easily the best muzzle brake on the market. With different variations to choose from, you can find the perfect device you need to take your shooting to the next level. This muzzle brake can help you with increased accuracy, safety, decreased gas blowback, and most importantly less recoil. It boasts a total recoil reduction of over 80%. 

Many muzzle brakes don’t differ substantially from one another and are designed similarly. However, Precision Armament implements its unique convergent-divergent port geometry which provides unparalleled recoil reduction while retaining safe bore clearance. If you are looking for a quality muzzle brake that is optimized for performance and well worth the investment, the Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake is for you.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Muzzle Brakes Reviews

With the most options available by far, the Precision Armament Hypertap is available in 8 colors, 3 weights, 3 colors, 2 finishes including matte or matte PVD, and more. 

It can be easily tuned or even removed with the included spanner tools. For more serious shooters, it can be tuned so that the sight picture remains constant for consecutive shots. 

The quality of craftsmanship on the Hypertap is like no other. Every single detail is engineered for proper functionality. This muzzle brake is quite expensive, but it is worth every penny. You simply will not find quality like this at a cheaper price. 

Many customers have reported that this brake reduces weapon recoil to essentially zero. It is very loud, but this only attests to its amazing port design which offers exceptional accuracy and precision. 

Who Should Get This? 

Whether you are competition shooting or just shooting for fun, this muzzle brake can take your experience to the next level and greatly improve your performance. This is the ideal muzzle brake for anyone looking to upgrade their shooting capability.

  • Decreased gas backfire
  • Wrapped in an Ionbond PVD coating for class-leading durability
  • Reduces flash effects and won’t create secondary flash
  • Easy installation and removal with included spanner wrench
  • Very loud, hearing protection highly recommended

Upgrade your shooting performance with this Black Arms Developments Thumper that is available in either black nitride or stainless steel. A muzzle brake made with high-quality components at a price like this is hard to beat. 


It comes in 3 calibers: 9mm, .30 carbine, and .22. For easy installation, the manufacturer includes a washer with the muzzle brake. It is lightweight and does an excellent job of eliminating muzzle rise. 

Whether you are just getting into rifle builds or are an experienced shooter, this muzzle brake is guaranteed to increase your precision and accuracy. It is one of the least expensive muzzle brakes available, but it packs a lot of quality into an affordable package. This muzzle brake is meticulously designed and crafted for optimal performance. 

This muzzle brake combines recoil reduction and decreased muzzle rise, allowing you to make accurate shots time and time again. 

Who Should Get This?

If you are on a budget, look no further than this muzzle brake. It is very close to the specifications and standards of other muzzle brakes on this list for half the price. 

  • 3 caliber compatibility
  • High-quality stainless steel
  • Made with reliable materials
  • Reasonably priced for its quality/performance
  • Better sound reduction
  • Slightly less recoil reduction than the M4-72 and Hypertrap

Although this muzzle brake is not first on the list, it is right up there with it in terms of quality and performance. It is available in 5 different calibers including .223 Remington, 5.56 NATO, and 7.62 NATO. Furthermore, it comes in two finishes: Matte black and matte stainless. 

Its closed bottom design provides a reduced dust signature, especially when shooting in the prone position. Precision Armament’s muzzle brake is carefully designed with heat-treated stainless steel for increased durability

It has a distinct reverse venting triple baffle design for industry-leading recoil reduction. The muzzle alignment system that is needed for installation does not come standard with the muzzle brake and will need to be purchased separately. 

This muzzle brake from Precision Armament provides excellent performance, with many customers reporting that with it equipped, their rifle barely moves at all. One thing to note is that because the venting faces back toward the shooter, there is tremendous blow black. If you do not care about the concussion increase, this muzzle brake will be a great choice for you. 

Who Should Get This?

If you are looking for a muzzle brake that greatly reduces recoil and muzzle rise while maintaining a quality fit and finish, the Precision Armament M4-72 is for you. 

  • 5 models available
  • Solid, compact design
  • Thermally-treated stainless steel
  • Great recoil reduction for faster consecutive shots
  • Washer installation system not included

With heat-treated 17-4 stainless steel and satin nitride finish, this muzzle brake has proven that it is the leader of muzzle devices in the performance category. It is only available in two calibers: 5.56 mm and .223 Remington. 

If you want the muzzle brake that can provide you with the best recoil reduction available on the market, look no further than the VG6 Precision Epsilon. The brake reduces muzzle rise by about 60% compared to the standard A2 birdcage flash hider

The VG6 Precision Epsilon 556 is guaranteed to surpass any competitor on the market. Its performance is matched by its rugged design. It has 6 underside valve holes that provide a very low recoil with uncompromising control. 

It excels not only as a muzzle brake, but also as a compensator and flash hider. Unlike most flash hiders, this muzzle device also retains its amazing recoil reduction features. It includes a crush washer for fast, easy installation and only weighs 2.5 oz. 

Who Should Get This?

For professional and recreational shooters alike, the VG6 Precision Epsilon 556 is the ideal muzzle brake for those looking to greatly reduce the recoil of their rifle while also obtaining some of the features of a compensator and flash hider

  • 17-4 heat-treated stainless steel
  • Class-leading performance and tactical ability
  • Great for competition as well
  • Significantly reduces muzzle flash
  • High-quality design in compact form
  • Compatible with only 2 calibers

Improve your accuracy and overall shooting experience with this military-grade muzzle device. It is nitride coated for increased durability and comes with a crush washer for easy installation. 

Made from 4140 stainless steel for greater strength and durability, this muzzle brake can help decrease muzzle rise while also reducing recoil. Both of these features are used to provide improved accuracy.

It is available for rifles using .223 and 5.56 caliber ammunition. This muzzle brake performs exceptionally well, but it also looks great on any kind of AR-15 build. 

Made in the U.S.A. and designed by avid members of the gun community, this Fortis MFG muzzle brake offers premium quality and optimal performance at a reasonable price. 

You can use this muzzle brake with the Fortis CONTROL Shield in order to reduce felt side blast. The gases are directed both up and out with top and side vents for maximum recoil reduction. 

Who Should Get This? 

This muzzle brake is ideal for serious shooters looking to improve accuracy with fast, consecutive shots downrange. It has been tested by law enforcement and the military for guaranteed results. 

  • Coated in nitride for increased durability and strength
  • Created with 4140 steel
  • Made in America
  • Equipped with washer for fast installation
  • Very loud, hearing protection needed

If you are looking for a reliable muzzle device that produces consistent results then the Cross Machine Tool Tactical Competition Recoil Brake is the one you need. It is made from stainless steel with a nitride finish and is equipped with anti-corrosion properties. 

The external surface is extremely hard and durable with a rating of 68RC. There are no bottom vents because this muzzle brake is designed to reduce the dust signature, especially when shooting prone. Although you will most likely never use full-auto, this device is rated to be able to handle full-auto firing for shooting ranges that have full-auto AR-15 models.

It has 3 forward-angled side compartments for optimal gas dispersion thereby reducing recoil. There is an installation crush washer included with this product and it is made in the U.S.A. If you do not wish to use the crush washer, shims can be used as a substitute. 

This is a high-performing muzzle device that combines quality and style. It is also less expensive than most muzzle brakes on the market that perform half as well as this one. 

Who Should Get This? 

The CMT Tactical Competition Recoil Brake is ideal for competition shooters or anyone who is looking to improve their accuracy with consecutive shot placement. This muzzle device can greatly improve your performance while also complementing the look of your rifle build

  • Nitride finish with corrosion-resistant feature
  • Decreased dust signature with a closed bottom
  • Can be used in full auto
  • Extremely durable outer surface with a rating of 68RC
  • Only made for calibers up to .30

The only muzzle brake on the market that combines great performance with customization options is the F-1 Firearms Dragon Slay-AR Brake. It is available in 5 finishes: Standard black nitride, diamond-like carbon (DLC), gold TiN, rose gold TiCN, silver CrN. 

Like most of the other muzzle brakes on this list, it is made from 4140 stainless steel for increased strength and durability. It can reduce the recoil and muzzle rise of your rifle to essentially zero so you can make rapid, accurate follow-up shots. 

This brake is designed for .223 Remington and 5.56 caliber ammunition. Made with high-quality, durable materials, this muzzle brake is carefully crafted to bring you the performance you need for a long time.  

F-1 Firearms is known to produce quality products and has gained a strong, positive reputation within the industry. They are a company that you can trust and rely on for quality, consistency, and reliability. This muzzle device is quite expensive but you are paying for what you get: A high-quality product with the most customization options available on the market

Who Should Get This? 

Look no further if you are searching for a muzzle device that can give you the durability, performance, and customization you need. With this brake, your rifle recoil is reduced to nearly zero.

  • Available in 5 finishes
  • Has features of a compensator as well
  • Combines quality with customization
  • Reinforced steel for increased durability
  • Like most on this list, the only real con is noise

Best AR-15 Muzzle Brakes Overall

Precision Armament Hypertap Muzzle Brake

Precision Armament Hypertap

The Precision Armament Hypertap is one of the best muzzle brakes on the market for your AR-15 build. It comes in two finishes: Matte and matte PVD. PVD stands for physical vapor deposition which is a process that creates a long-lasting, durable, scratch-resistant material

This muzzle brake boasts the greatest recoil reduction that has yet to be contested by its competitors. Its unique Convergent-Divergent port geometry provides an 84% reduction in recoil on your rifle. You will have no trouble keeping a steady aim and making multiple accurate follow-up shots. 

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