2020's Best AR-15 Pistol Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Noveske Gen 4 AR-15 5.56 PISTOL

This pistol brings a combination of durability with its ceramic finishing and hand comfort with the Magpul K2 Grip. It also features an ultra-smooth charging handle, convenience with the included pro-folding sights, and still weighs well under 7 lbs. This is the ideal AR-15 pistol for both beginners and those who have been shooting for many years.

When choosing your AR-15 pistol, you want it to be an accurate firearm, but you should consider if a little extra precision justifies using a slightly longer barrel. The trigger configuration and style of the best AR-15 brace also contribute to improved aim, while a flash hider is essential for concealing your shooting position.

If you’re going to be using your pistol outside, then the materials need to be durable. For your protection, the handguard needs to be good quality, while a responsive trigger can prevent hand fatigue and make the shooting experience more enjoyable. Fortunately, there are many excellent available options.

2020's Best AR-15 Pistol Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Noveske Gen 4 AR-15 5.56 PISTOL

This pistol brings a combination of durability with its ceramic finishing and hand comfort with the Magpul K2 Grip. It also features an ultra-smooth charging handle, convenience with the included pro-folding sights, and still weighs well under 7 lbs. This is the ideal AR-15 pistol for both beginners and those who have been shooting for many years.

There are many choices available, but for a model that is outstanding in nearly every area, look no further than the Noveske Gen 4 AR-15 5.56 Pistol.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Pistols Reviews

Although it is one of the more expensive models on the market, this feature-packed model more than lives up to the price tag. The extended feed ramps offer a smooth and reliable loading experience, while the Lo-Pro .750 gas block provides all the energy required to achieve maximum velocity. 

The free-floating handguard can help to improve your shooting accuracy. The ALG ACT trigger has smooth polished sear surfaces that provide a fluid movement that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged shooting.

Suitable for use with powerful 5.56 caliber ammunition, and coming with one included magazine, this excellent firearm is ready to go right out of the box.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re able to spend a little more on your AR-15 pistol, then this model brings an unrivaled blend of great features that make it the best on the market.

If you’re shopping for an AR-15 pistol on a budget, there’s no need to accept a lower quality firearm. This wallet-friendly model comes with a nitride-coated barrel that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions, while the enhanced forged receiver set provides reassuring stability. 

The charging handle meets minimum military-specifications, ensuring your cocking mechanism is smooth and reliable, and the M-LOK aluminum handguard provides a safety barrier against any accumulated barrel heat. For accuracy, the SBA3 pistol brace provides enough support to help you group your shots. 

Often these upgrades are only found on more expensive rifles and this model is a solid choice for those looking to try out an AR-15 pistol for the first time.

Who Should Get This? 

Anyone on a budget who is looking for an excellent entry-level model can benefit from purchasing this AR-15 pistol. It is reliable and feature-packed, despite the modest price tag.

The enhanced nickel Teflon trigger has a reassuring feel that hints at this pistol’s high-quality construction. The aircraft-grade aluminum receiver and the chrome-moly steel black nitride barrel complete the picture of a firearm that is one of the most robust on the market. 

Although durable, it is also a lightweight 5.7 lbs., and the free-floating rail handguard with 3 attachment points can improve your shooting accuracy and your comfort. The mid-length carbine gas system provides smooth and reliable cycling, and adds enough power for rapid bullet velocity, but also helps to protect the firearm by reducing recoil. Over time, this feature can significantly improve the lifespan of the pistol.

If you prefer to use a scope, then this model is also optics-ready for your convenience.

Who Should Get This? 

Improving your accuracy requires becoming familiar with your pistol, and that means the materials need to be durable in a range of conditions. This model can outlast the competition.

Exceeding minimum military-specifications, this precision CNC-machined solid billet aluminum pistol has ambidextrous controls, making it attractive to a wide range of marksmen. The flexible features extend to the adjustable gas block, which you can fine-tune depending on your needs and the feedback you receive from your pistol. 

The M4 speed-ramp provides a straightforward loading experience and is renowned for loading round after round without jamming. The DNA charging handle cocks the hammer without needing excessive pressure, and the 7-inch handguard provides excellent protection from barrel heat, even after extended use.

For improved accuracy, you can use the pistol in suppressed or unsuppressed applications, and the supporting SB Tactical PDW brace can steady your aim when engaging in single or rapid fire.

Who Should Get This?

If you’re still trying to find your ideal AR-15 set-up, then using the adjustable gas block to find the level that’s right for you could be a game-changer.

Designed predominantly for law enforcement use, this tactical pistol is ideal as a home defense firearm. The 4-prong flash hider minimizes the flash level, which is particularly vital in low-light conditions as it won’t ruin your night vision, and it also helps to conceal your position from your target. 

If you prefer competition shooting, top performers have reported hitting targets as far away as 600 yards when using heavy ammunition. You can choose between .223 or 5.56 rounds, depending on your needs. The modest 4.5-lb. trigger-pull weight means you can shoot quickly, and the tactical design ensures you get a smooth feel each time.

Coming complete with a lifetime manufacturing warranty, you can shoot while safe in the knowledge you have support from RISE Armament. 

Who Should Get This?

The AR-15 pistol is a formidable home-defense firearm, and this model is designed for use by law enforcement. If you enter competitions, it is also suitable for long-range shooting.

Not every marksman needs a pistol with all the bells and whistles, and this model is simple, affordable, and also an excellent choice for an all-round capable firearm. The direct impingement gas system cycles effectively and efficiently, while the flat-blade single-stage trigger appeals to marksmen who need to get their shots off quickly, such as in a competition or when hunting. 

For your comfort, there are lightning cuts on the handguard which significantly reduces the weight, and the multiple grip configurations ensure you can find the position that is most suitable for your body dimensions. Although some users may find the 11.5-inch barrel slightly too long, it can help to increase accuracy, and this feature is complemented by the M-LOK front sight adapter.

Who Should Get This?

Shooting doesn’t have to be complicated, and this AR-15 pistol set-up is straightforward. It’s perfect for those who want to pick up their firearm, head to the range, and enjoy a day of shooting with a pistol from the trusted SIG Sauer brand.

Every aspect of this pistol has a solid feel, and it can provide years of reliable service due to its robust design. The 1.8T barrel-twist rate is one of the best for stabilizing the ammunition as it leaves the barrel, and as it comes complete with a 30-round magazine, you can start enjoying your pistol as soon as it arrives. 

Although it is made of strong materials, such as the steel black-nitride barrel, it is still relatively light at just 5.65 lbs. The enhanced single-sided safety is vital for reducing the risk of a misfire when shooting, while the ambidextrous charging handle also provides a smooth action which is both useful for safety, and for improving accuracy by reducing hand fatigue.

Who Should Get This?

It can be frustrating if your pistol jams and has internal issues and you need to take it apart. This model has a robust build that is reliable and minimizes many common firearm issues.

Best AR-15 Pistol Overall

The superior blend of features makes this model the stand-out one in the crowd. While many marksmen appreciate the precision machined construction, others find the comfortable arm brace and grip help them to improve their accuracy, while also softening any recoil effects. The generous accessories combine to make this model great value for money.

Although there are other excellent models available, for the best AR-15 pistol, buy the Noveske Gen 4 AR-15 5.56 Pistol.

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