2020's Best AR-15 Safety Selector Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Timney Triggers 49ER Safety Selector

  • Designed for close tolerance
  • Allows for really fast transitions between firing modes
  • Adaptable to the shooter’s preference
  • High-grip selector does not obstruct finger
  • No screws or pins needed for installation

This rugged and heavy-duty safety selector for AR-15s operates smoothly, allowing gun users to have a selector on each side of the lower receiver. It is made in the USA from high-quality parts, meant to provide ease to the gun user when switching firing modes.

The safety selector may be a small piece for your AR-15 build, but its role is definitely not minor. The safety selector is one of the most important features of the operation of your gun. 

When selecting a safety selector for your AR-15 build, some aspects to consider are whether you want ambidextrous capability, what size of the levers you prefer, as well as what level of resistance or tension you like. It is also important to consider compatibility and the type of material because these can affect the quality of your build or repair. 

Here are the best AR-15 safety selectors to consider for your rifle.

2020's Best AR-15 Safety Selector Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Timney Triggers 49ER SAFETY AR 49R Safety Selector Steel Black 49ER Safety

This rugged and heavy-duty safety selector for AR-15s operates smoothly, allowing gun users to have a selector on each side of the lower receiver. It is made in the USA from high-quality parts, meant to provide ease to the gun user when switching firing modes.

For a great safety selector that feels and acts reliably in the field, the Timney Triggers 49ER SAFETY AR 49R Safety Selector is an option that delivers. 

Top 7 Best AR-15 Safety Selectors Reviews

The Timney Triggers 49ER SAFETY AR 49R safety selector offers a reliable way to arm your safety in the field or for home protection use. It can be installed either as a single-side safety selector or ambidextrous configuration for added versatility. 

It is ergonomically designed with a 49-degree throw that allows you to engage and disengage your safety faster. It is precision-machined and made out of premium materials that can last you for many years of range time. Its lever is quite large, easy to handle, and durable for extra reliability for when you need to switch modes quickly.  

Who Should Get This?

This safety selector is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality parts that provide options and flexibility for installation, including throw angle and ambidextrous support. 

  • Ergonomic 49-degree throw allows for fast handling of safety
  • High-quality coatings for best fit and feel
  • Surfaces are precision-machined for smooth and easy operation
  • Can be installed for ambidextrous or one-sided use
  • Thick, easy-to-click lever made out of high-quality steel
  • The 49-degree throw may not be preferred by some shooters

The Battle Arms Development AR-15/AR-10 Enhanced Single Side safety selector is made out of high-quality Investment Cast 8630 steel that is heat-treated and coated in a black phosphate finish for extra durability. 

Its design is based on their famous BAD-ASS Ambidextrous Safety Selector with unique, diagonal serrations. This makes it easy to feel and find when you’re switching between firing mode and safety mode, even in low-light conditions.

This is a single-side receiver that has a 90-degree standard throw. It is made to fit all Mil-Spec dimensioned lower receivers for AR-15s. For users looking for a budget-friendly safety selector and don’t really need it to be ambidextrous, this Battle Arms Development safety selector works great. 

Who Should Get This?

This AR-15 safety selector is a great choice for gun users who are looking for a cost-effective option that still provides a great quality shooting experience. 

  • Enhanced single-side safety switch
  • Made with Investment Cast 8620 heat-treated steel
  • Black phosphate finish for durability
  • Budget-friendly price for all gun users
  • Can also be used on the ArmaLite AR-10
  • Harder to operate than stock safety
  • Some users find it too thin

This lightweight safety selector from Strike Industries offers both 60-degree and 90-degree settings for added flexibility. The 60-degree throws may be preferable for competitive shooting. It is ambidextrous and can be activated by the strong side or support side hand. 

The low-profile, ergonomic design of this safety selector allows for easy engagement and disengagement, despite its small size. It clicks into place well with a good amount of resistance, assuring that your firearm is secured when you need it to be. 

It is easy to install and customize to your preferred settings, providing positive and tight action. Gun users with larger hands can enjoy the comfort this low-profile safety selector offers. 

Who Should Get This? 

The Strike Industries Flip Safety Selector Switch is great for sensitive gun users who experience discomfort with other safety selectors and want something more ergonomic. 

  • Lightweight and low-profile ambidextrous safety selector
  • Specially-designed ergonomics for ease of use
  • Mounts at 90-degree standard position or competition-friendly 60-degree
  • Provides good resistance for ensured safety
  • May be too tight for some users
  • Some gun owners report slight wiggle after install

The Radian Weapons Talon Ambidextrous 45/90 AR 2-Lever Safety Selector features a precision-machined dovetail interface made of billet 7075-T6 aluminum. It comes with a retention stud that is spring-loaded to make sure the lever is locked in place. Its center shaft is made out of hardened steel and finished with nitride

This safety selector can operate with a 45-degree or 90-degree throw, allowing gun users to adapt it for quicker engagement. It is easy to install and is held in place with springs, so you don’t have to worry about losing any parts. It has two levers, one short and one long, for added flexibility for different gun users, as well as ambidextrous accessibility. 

Who Should Get This? 

The design-oriented gun owner will greatly enjoy this Radian Weapons safety selector because it is crafted with attention to detail for ease of use and provides a fantastic user experience.

  • Constructed out of Billet 7075-T6 aluminum
  • Precision machined with spring-loaded retention
  • Can be set as standard 90-degree or 45-degree
  • Easy to install and use
  • Fits precisely and won't snag
  • Short lever is not short enough for some people

The Knight’s Armament AR-15 Ambi safety selector is a great product that is easy to install and configure to best work with your preferences and shooting style. The lever comes in three options, including long, short, and indicator-only attachment for those who prefer extra room for their hands or use their knuckles to engage the safety

With the indicator-only configuration, the shooter can only see whether the safety is on or off. One great feature of this safety selector is how easy it is to install for either a single-side or ambidextrous configuration. It is built to accommodate all kinds of shooters, making a noticeable click when in position. 

While some safety selectors take some finessing to fit into the grip, this selector is a simple drop-in installation. 

Who Should Get This?

This is a great AR-15 safety selector for gun users who want to have multiple configuration options and an easy time installing and interchanging them.

  • Full-sized or semi-scalloped safety selector
  • Installation is extremely simple
  • Built with attention to detail
  • Can be installed for single-side or ambidextrous use
  • Smooth positive click between safety positions
  • Lower quality than others in the same price-point

The HIPERFIRE HIPERSWITCH is a 60-degree ambidextrous safety selector that provides a quick throw for gun users who prefer that kind of functionality. Made with durable 8620 alloy steel and engineered polymer composite, this safety selector is meant to provide stability and reliability for confidence on the range or in a home invasion situation. 

This safety selector is compatible with a number of guns and accessories, making it a great product for your build.

The 60-degree throw offers the quickness you would get from a 45-degree with the safety from a standard 90-degree. This can be a noticeable preference for those who want a little extra agility. It is easy to install and configure as well, but the plastic aesthetic may be a turn-off for some gun owners.

Who Should Get This?

This AR-15 safety selector is good for users looking for a universal product that has a high compatibility with other products and is good for overall use.

  • Made out of 8620 Alloy steel
  • Compatible with most brands
  • Installed at 60-degrees for quick access
  • Designed for enhanced tactility
  • Plastic levers feel and look cheap
  • Does not come with installation or operation instructions

The Phase 5 Weapon Systems Inc SAFE90BLK 90 Degree Ambi safety selector is made out of anodized lightweight 6061-T6 billet Aluminum out of materials sourced in the United States. Its CNC-machined levers are wide to provide better access and easy use, and its center core heat-treated to ensure longevity. It can be set up for left-handed or right-handed shooters and is easy to install. 

The 90-degree standard throw is the safest way to secure your gun in the disarm position. It is the most common configuration and what most shooters are used to. Along with a well-constructed design and durable materials, this safety selector lets you reliably switch modes quickly. 

Who Should Get This? 

The Phase 5 Weapon Systems safety selector is a great choice for users who want straightforward reliable performance, good quality construction, and reliable safety mechanism.

  • Manufactured in the United States
  • Black anodized finish provides extra durability
  • Precision machined from 6061-T6 billet Aluminum
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Carbon steel core is heat-treated
  • Short arm hits finger when weapon is put in fire mode

Best AR-15 Safety Selector Overall

Timney Triggers 49ER SAFETY AR 49R Safety Selector Steel Black 49ER Safety

Timney Triggers 49ER Safety Selector

When it comes to safety selector, it’s important you get one that suits your needs and that you are comfortable using. Whether you’re accustomed to engaging the switch with your shooting hand, support hand, or prefer an ambidextrous option makes a difference in your shooting performance. 

For an option that uses high-quality products and provides a reliable experience, the Timney Triggers 49ER SAFETY AR 49R Safety Selector Steel Black 49ER Safety is a great choice. 

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