2020's Best AR-15 Sling Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling

Fully adjustable and extremely comfortable to wear, the Magpul Two Point MS1 AR-15 sling is great for all body types. If you have a smaller frame, you can easily adjust the length, and for a taller frame, the sling can be altered for your height.

Carrying your AR-15 firearm should be comfortable. Rifle slings are a great accessory for steadying your aim for a more accurate shot. Slings are a huge favorite among sharpshooters, and a sling can greatly improve your aim in competitions or while you’re out hunting.

However, there are several rifle slings on the market. Narrowing down the choices can seem overwhelming at first. It’s important that you choose the correct material, sling type, and mounting system to ensure that you get a sling solution that fits and is comfortable.

To help narrow down your search, here are the best AR-15 rifle slings on the market for 2020.

2020's Best AR-15 Sling Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling

Fully adjustable and extremely comfortable to wear, the Magpul Two Point MS1 AR-15 sling is great for all body types. If you have a smaller frame, you can easily adjust the length, and for a taller frame, the sling can be altered for your height.

Made using polymer materials, this sling is extremely lightweight and durable. With the addition of a separate adapter, the sling can be transformed from a 2-point to a single point sling with ease. 

For a strong rifle sling that offers supreme comfort and resistance to tails, loops, and snags for safe firearm support, click here.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Slings Reviews

Part rifle holster and part aiming aid, the Magpul Two Point MS1 AR-15 gun sling is a popular rifle strap. Designed for rapid adjustments and no slipping when set, this versatile gun sling provides close body security and helps to steady your shooting aim.

Great for hands-free rifle carrying, this 2-point AR-15 sling can be converted to a single-point with the addition of an adapter that’s sold separately. For a loop, tail, and snag-free sling that offers supreme rifle support and improved aim, this value for money strap is an ideal solution.

With a number of unique features, including a ripstop coated, closed-cell foam pad that’s sewn into the sling webbing, carry your rifle in complete comfort and safety. The colored webbing is Near Infrared (NIR) treated to reduce your IR signature.

Designed for comfort and convenience, the Magpul Two Point MS1 AR-15 sling is an effective rifle carrying solution.

Who Should Get This?

This AR-15 gun sling is ideal if you are looking for a blend of comfort, convenience, style, and aim improvement from a rifle carrying solution.

The FAB Defense Tactical Weapon AR-15 gun sling is designed to give you the ability to attach to a single swivel or 2 swivels for steady rifle support. The sling allows over the shoulder, over the neck, and cross-chest carry options to find the most comfortable way to carry your weapon.

Made using highly durable, tight-weave webbing, this gun sling is a super-strength solution that’s resistant to snagging and fraying, giving you long-lasting rifle support. With a built-in earplug pouch, easily carry your protective hearing accessories when out on your hunting trip or during tactical operations.

Great for commando-style carrying, the FAB Defense Tactical Weapon gun sling offers a steady, secure, close body grip that can help to improve your shooting precision. The sling gives you great maneuverability and prevents fatigue from carrying your weapon.

Overall, this is an ideal AR-15 gun sling if you’re on a budget.

Who Should Get This?

This is a great gun sling for rifle owners in the market for a budget solution that offers fantastic versatility, comfort, convenience, and firearm support.

A new and improved version of Viking Tactics original VTAC wide padded sling. Modifications include a textured rubber pull tab for faster and easier adjustment. Metal buckles have replaced plastic ones, improving the durability of the sling and allowing for better mounting.

The shoulder strap is manufactured using closed-cell foam, which is breathable, giving the upgraded Viking Tactics VTAC wide padded sling greater comfort than the previous model, and most slings on the market.

Designed with an inch of nylon on the attachment end and featuring 2 inches of tubular nylon in the center, the sling has been reinforced for greater strength. While the sling does have a tendency to snag, it offers greater convenience and support when your firearm is on your person for improved rifle carrying.

Safe, secure, and very comfortable, overall the Viking Tactics VTAC wide padded sling upgraded version is a strong and very practical rifle carrying accessory.

Who Should Get This? 

This AR-15 rifle sling is ideal for military personnel and casual shooters. Great for tall and short body types with fast, convenient adjustability, even when you’re on the move.

The Padded Vickers Combat Applications AR-15 gun sling is one of the more expensive on the market. However, it’s durability and adjustability justifies its higher price tag. Highly resistant to loops, tails, and snagging, this sling offers you a gun-carrying solution that’s effective and convenient. 

Equipped with a patented molded acetal adjuster, enjoy faster adjustments to get maximum comfort when wearing your gun sling. Although the strap has no quick release feature, this actually gives your rifle greater security, holding your firearm securely in place for fully hands-free gun support.

Made using glass reinforced DuPont Zytel Nylon, the sling gives you a lighter, stronger, and more flexible sling solution. It can be mounted upside down with an adjuster to the rear for even greater comfort when carrying your traditional bolt action rifle.

Perfect for the huntsman or military personnel, this sling is designed for real-world experiences.

Who Should Get This?

This is the ideal AR-15 gun sling solution if you’re looking for security, durability, and fast adjustments. This sling is for those seeking optimal functionality.

The Firefield Tactical Two Point Paracord AR-15 gun sling is a unique looking strap with a King Cobra style braid. Manufactured using heavy-duty materials, this quirky rifle sling can take weights of up to 550 pounds

Designed with strength and comfort in mind, this rifle support solution is great if you’re out on an all-day hunting expedition. When unwound, you can make use of approximately 80 feet of usable Paracord. Adjustable between 37.5” and 45”, the sling makes it easy to carry your rifle over your shoulder and over the neck.

A fantastic rifle support sling for reducing weapon fatigue, its relatively wide strap makes carrying the heaviest weaponry less of a strain. This stylish strap is equipped with two, 1.5” swing swivels for secure rifle attachment and can accommodate a wide variety of gear. 

Overall, this is an impressive-looking rifle sling that’s super practical and made to last.

Who Should Get This?

This is a great sling for rifle owners who spend days or weekends away hunting, providing extreme comfort and versatility when out in the wild.

The Specter Gear Universal QD Swivel SOP 3 Point Sling gives you greater control over your rifle when moving hands-free. This prevents self-injury from your rifle slamming into you when you are on the move.

This sling is extremely versatile. The front and rear heavy-duty QD swivels that can be used with your existing side-mounted, rear, and front QD swivel sockets. It comes available with or without an emergency release buckle.

Requiring fewer adjustments than most rifle slings, this solution is fully ambidextrous for improved comfort. Designed to make carrying weapons even easier during tactical missions, this 3-point sling allows you to switch from hands-free to combat-ready smoothly and quickly.

Overall, the Specter Gear Universal QD Swivel SOP 3 Point Sling offers excellent security when carrying your weapon. However, the sling does tend to snag on bolt mechanisms, which is something that could be improved.

Who Should Get This?

This is a great rifle sling solution if you’re looking for that fine balance of hands-free support and a quick switch to combat-ready mode.

Andy’s Leather Ching Sling range for AR-15 rifles is a fine example of high-quality rifle support straps. Made using premium leather materials, the Ching Sling series is tough but is prone to wear-and-tear over time.

This iconic sling solution features 38 punched holes to find the right length adjustment to suit you, while a solid brass buckle locks it tight for a non-slip, secure hold. With a center strap that locks around your upper arm, you get super-steady stability for a deadly accurate aim.

Where precision shooting is essential, Andy’s Leather Ching Sling range is the ideal AR-15 rifle solution. The sling gets you ‘shot-ready’ faster and once your loops have been preset, no further adjustments are required.

Overall, this unique AR-15 rifle sling range offers extreme comfort and an improved aim. For a solution that actually improves your shooting, this is a great sling to choose. 

Who Should Get This? 

This sling is perfect for target shooters, competition shooting, and dangerous game hunting, where fast, reliable and accurate rifle shot placement is a must-have requirement.

Best AR-15 Sling Overall

The Magpul Two Point MS1 Sling is the best AR-15 gun sling available on the market right now. It’s innovative and customizable, with an adjustment mechanism that can be fine-tuned to give you the best fit for your comfort.

The sling offers you a steady aim when shooting, whether you’re sitting, standing, or kneeling when pulling the trigger requires stability. This sling is great for the first-time buyer, and it offers supreme functionality in any environment.

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