2020's Best AR-15 Speed Loader Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: MagPump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader

To make your shooting experience more enjoyable, you need an AR-15 speed loader that has a solid build, and this model’s laser-engraved aluminum billet construction puts it ahead of many rivals. With a generous 90-round hopper capacity and the safety additions that prevent damage to your rounds, this speedloader is head-and-shoulders above its competitors.

Buying an AR-15 speed loader can be a complex decision. While you may value capacity over speed, the durability and weight of a model could also be key factors. 

In addition, there are models that are extremely durable that can withstand even the most inhospitable of conditions. In some scenarios, it may be preferable to have a speed loader that utilizes the latest technology and multiple power supply options.

Budget is also a vital consideration as there is an enormous price range depending on your speed loading needs. Fortunately, there are many options, and you are sure to find a model that meets your requirements.

2020's Best AR-15 Speed Loader Reviews

Editor’s Choice: MagPump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader

To make your shooting experience more enjoyable, you need an AR-15 speed loader that has a solid build, and this model’s laser-engraved aluminum billet construction puts it ahead of many rivals. With a generous 90-round hopper capacity and the safety additions that prevent damage to your rounds, this speedloader is head-and-shoulders above its competitors.

Although there are many excellent models, for the best AR-15 speed loader on the market today, buy the MagPump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Speed Loader Reviews

Manually loading ammunition can be time-consuming and contribute to hand fatigue, which can lead to a drop in concentration and accuracy. Because this speed loader can attach to any Picatinny or Weaver rail, it is an excellent addition for many marksmen.

With the ability to load 60 rounds in under 60 seconds, this speed loader is an invaluable advantage in a competition setting, while also saving you time when you’re on the range. Because the device can self-sort ammunition in either direction, this model also brings unrivaled convenience to your shooting experience.

Backed by the industry-leading MagPump brand, while this is one of the more expensive models on the market, it is the premium choice for an AR-15 speed loader.

Who Should Get This? 

For anyone looking to purchase a speed loader that is hassle-free, convenient, and can help them to reduce fatigue, this model is worthy of serious consideration.

If you train in cold weather or in intense tactical conditions, this well-priced speed loader may be the ideal choice. The Baltic birch plywood exterior is lightweight, waterproof, and durable. The 5 rubber feet help to prevent gliding, and the round markers help you to stay organized if you’re working with different calibers.

To improve security, the pusher has an attached magnet, and the exclusive gray color scheme is ideal for blending into the background, particularly on a wet and cold wintery day. For a superior reloading experience, this model can load up to an astounding 10 magazines in just 4 minutes

With a weight of just 1.6 lbs., you’re always ready to fire, and it keeps your shooting experience smooth.

Who Should Get This?

For the marksman who enjoys getting out into nature, even when the shooting conditions are less than perfect, this speedloader can make reloading a pain-free experience.

If you need a hopper-fed loose ammunition loader that gives you feedback when in use, consider this model that is compatible with all military-specification AR-15 magazines. This feature is especially useful if you have more than one AR-15 because you can use the one-speed loader on each rifle.

While the exterior polymer material enables you to carry it effortlessly in a small bag or even in your pocket, the machined steel and aluminum components provide reassurance that this model can provide you with many years of hard use. 

Many shooting enthusiasts find the fatigue and discomfort of manual ammunition loading can lower their enjoyment, but this model can eliminate those problems, allowing you to have a great day on the range.

Who Should Get This? 

Whether you’re away on a weekend retreat with friends, or just taking a couple of hours out to shoot on the range, it should always be enjoyable. Buy this model to reduce hand and finger discomfort.

When you get to your shooting spot after transporting this speed loader using its heavy-duty T-handle, enjoy making a rapid start because this model can load 30 rounds in only 45 seconds. Once you’re in a rhythm and finding your range, the last thing you want is to need to manually reload your gun. 

Fortunately, you can use the AC adapter or batteries, to ensure your speed loader is always ready for use. The clear display screen brings a feel of modern technology to the unit and allows you to see the current status of your loader.

Because the 60-round hopper works with almost every AR-15 magazine, this model holds appeal for many consumers who are on the lookout for one of the best units available.

Who Should Get This?

For those who enjoy mixing the latest modern technology with their gun equipment, the display screen, fast-loading ability, and versatility of this model are key features.

Few things are more frustrating than your speed loader breaking down when you’re shooting, especially if you’re far away from home or in a competition. Consisting of just 3 parts, this model reduces the chances of you encountering any issues. 

Because it requires virtually no cleaning or maintenance, you can use it time after time, without the hassle of ensuring it is ready for the next use. The 6 rubber feet ensure it stays stable when loading and the intelligent design ensures that your magazine lips stay intact.

With a subtle matte black color scheme and a chemical-resistant finish, this model is rugged and built to last, making it ideal for use in any weather.

Who Should Get This?

While there are many speed loaders that have complex designs and utilize modern technology, sometimes it can be best to go back to basics. This model is the epitome of a straightforward design.

This speed loader is convenient to use, whether you’re picking up ammunition from a box, tray, or even if it’s lying loose. The compact and lightweight design enables you to easily carry it from place to place, which is ideal if you need to move positions when out in the field.

The manufacturer boasts this is the first universal speed loader for rifle magazines because it can fit with almost any variation. This feature may appeal to marksmen who like to practice with a number of rifles during the same shooting session.

The polymer finish provides a welcome reassurance that although you may use this model many times, it can withstand the elements and accidental dropping.

Who Should Get This?

If you like to use many different rifles when you’re out for a day’s shooting, then this speedloader can save you time and money, because it can fit with almost every variation.

If you haven’t yet registered your rifle with the state of California, or don’t still have the documentation to enable you to do so, this speed loader could be the ideal solution. You need to comply with the law, but you also want to have your rifle ready to use to defend your home if the situation arises, and this model makes your rifle inoperable when attached. 

However, at the push of a button, it is ready to use, and because there are already rounds in the reloader, you won’t have any unnecessary delays. While this is an excellent feature for a defense scenario, it can also provide peace of mind for any avid and safety-conscious AR-15 owner.

Who Should Get This?

Ideal for those living in California, or those who want their rifle to be safe when not in use, but capable of being ready to fire in rapid time, this model is a solid choice.

Best AR-15 Speed Loader Overall

A high-quality AR-15 speed loader can make your shooting experience more enjoyable, convenient, and even help to improve accuracy by reducing hand fatigue. Whether you’re on the range, in nature, or at home, a speed loader offers a number of benefits.

There are models available to suit the needs of any marksman, whether you prioritize capacity, durability, or even the weight of your unit. However, for a speed loader that can meet just about every need, buy the MagPump AR-15 Elite Magazine Loader.

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