2020's Best AR-15 Stock Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Maxim Defense Industries SCW Stock Gen 7 for AR-15

This stock is the ideal mixture of comfort with the extended cheek weld, durability with the use of military-grade materials, convenience with the 5-adjustable conditions and compact design, and an easy operating system. This Gen 7 stock is a stand-out model, even among peers that have also produced some exceptional AR-15 stocks.

Choosing your AR-15 stock comes down to a variety of preferences that are unique to each individual. If you hunt in extreme conditions, you’ll need a heavy-duty stock that has durable materials. If you are traveling over long-distances, then you’ll need QD-points to quickly attach and detach a sling.

Comfort is vital, especially if you are on an extended shoot, and choosing a model that offers variable positions and included cheek welds can make your shooting experience considerably more enjoyable.

While there are expensive models, there are also many mid-range and budget options that can meet the needs of just about every marksman.

2020's Best AR-15 Stock Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Maxim Defense Industries SCW Stock Gen 7 for AR-15

This stock is the ideal mixture of comfort with the extended cheek weld, durability with the use of military-grade materials, convenience with the 5-adjustable conditions and compact design, and an easy operating system. This Gen 7 stock is a stand-out model, even among peers that have also produced some exceptional AR-15 stocks.

Although there is a range of high-quality alternatives, for the best AR-15 stock available today, buy the Maxim Defense Industries SCW Stock Gen 7 for AR-15.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Stocks Reviews

This top-of-the-range AR-15 stock is built for real-world use, and has a rapid deployment system that prepares you to fire quickly, whether in a competition or when out in the field. The compact design means it is easy to find a storage space, while the 5-adjustable positions allow you to extend the stock out to a comfortable position depending on your body dimensions. 

The difference between the closed position and the full-extended position is 3.55 inches, so this stock can provide enough length to suit many marksmen. If you’re on a long shoot, or your target isn’t appearing as quickly as you hoped, the extended cheek-weld adds much-needed comfort, making your shooting experience more pleasurable.

Who Should Get This?

The range of convenient features that allow quick deployment, comfort, and efficiency, make this a must-buy for the marksman looking for the highest-quality AR-15 stock.

Although this model comes with an incredible array of features you’d associate with a high-price tag, it is at the lower end of the scale when it comes to cost. The Dupont extreme temperature glass-reinforced polymer material can operate at extreme temperatures, which is essential when you are out hunting in some climates. 

Using this stock, you can fire your weapon from the closed position, which means you can adjust quickly without the need to remove components. The snag-free design reduces the chances of the stock getting caught on clothing or tree branches, and you can attach it to a sling for easier carrying. 

Backed by a limited lifetime warranty, you can shoot for many years knowing your firearm is backed by the manufacturer.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re on a budget, this model provides an enjoyable shooting experience, with a range of features that are often only seen on more expensive stocks.

Although it weighs a mere 7.6 oz, this AR-15 stock is built-to-last and has a robust aluminum alloy housing that can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions. Although it is designed for close-quarters shooting with a closed length of just over 5 inches, you can extend the barrel to a maximum of 10 inches if preferred, and be ready to take on longer-range targets. 

When ready to aim your shot, you can easily pull the stock for instant deployment, and then choose 1 of the 4 available positions. Easy-to-install on military-specification AR-15 lowers, this model comes with the buffer spring included, so you can assemble the unit and be ready to shoot almost straight out of the box.

Who Should Get This? 

When investing in an AR-15 stock, you want to know it can withstand the elements and continue to give you superb service for many years. This model delivers on durability and longevity.

Although it isn’t quite as easy to adjust as some contemporaries, there is still plenty of flexibility from this AR-15 stock. You can find the length of pull (LOP) that is most comfortable. This feature can increase your shooting accuracy, help you to acquire targets faster, have better overall control of your firearm, and generally have a more enjoyable shooting experience. Once you find your preferred length, easily tighten it using the lower bolt.

The markings help you to angle the stock which can also help with accuracy and comfort, while the precision CNC-machined parts and the Cerakote coating finish ensure that this is a stock that can last for many years.

Who Should Get This?

There are many elements that come together to make an enjoyable day’s shooting, and one of the most important is comfort. Buy this model and choose the settings that match your personal specifications.

For a neat stock that has a beautiful sleek design that keeps your rifle streamlined, look no further than this model that combines style with substance. Covered with a military-specification type III hard coat anodized finish for durability, and with a carbon fiber cheek piece that is both stable yet comfortable, you can go into the field knowing your stock is up to the task.

Although it is heavier than some rival models, there is the convenience of not needing any tools when removing the buffer tube. The aluminum lever-action stock reduces rattle and movement of components for a quiet and steady shooting experience.

These stocks are made in specialized factories to ensure each unit meets consistently high standards.

Who Should Get This?

Factors such as durability, adjustability, and performance and important factors, but sometimes so is style. This slimline stock has a minimalist appearance and looks great on the range.

Even if you’re familiar with other rifle stocks, it can be challenging to fit a new model into your firearm. The laser-etched position marks on this model provide welcome guidance to make integration a straightforward experience. Providing the option of 7 stock positions, many marksmen can feel comfortable by choosing the setting that fits with their body shape.

Utilizing 5 ball-bearings in the military-specification buffer tube stock, Doublestar has enhanced its smooth tube transitions for increased performance and a more satisfying feel when using your firearm.

Although it excels at providing a convenient and comfortable shooting experience, this model is also robust and can withstand extreme weather conditions, due to the heat-treated aircraft-grade aluminum

Who Should Get This?

The useful markings to help with fitting and the numerous stock positions that provide enough choices for just about any marksman make this a great buy for anyone looking for a relaxed day’s shooting.

Replacing a whole stock can be expensive, and the intelligent modular design of this model means you can replace only the parts that are damaged, potentially saving you considerable amounts of money. You can also take advantage of the flexible composition by adding accessories such as a Picatinny rail, hammer pads, QD sling mounts, and many more useful features to give you a fully-personalized AR-15 stock

The design is skeletonized to keep the weight to a minimum, while the CNC machined pieces ensure that each stock has the quality you’d expect from one of the leading industry names. If you’d prefer your stock to arrive fully-assembled, remember to specify this when placing your order.

Who Should Get This?

It can take time to find your ideal set-up and feel when choosing your AR-15 stock, and you’ll appreciate the modular design that allows you to try many variations before settling on the one that is right for you.

Best AR-15 Stock Overall

While there are a variety of models that can deliver on some aspects, but not on others, this AR-15 stock delivers across a range of factors. Standing head-and-shoulders above its rivals, the combination of comfort, durability, and functionality ensure that it can meet the requirements of the competition, hunting, or recreational marksman.

Although there are many superb options on the market, for the best AR-15 Stock, get the Maxim Defense Industries SCW Stock Gen 7.

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