2020's Best AR-15 Suppressor Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: SilencerCo Specwar 556

Easy installation, mission-ready, and simple removal make the Specwar 556 quick detach suppressor the premier choice for your AR-15 build. In fact, this suppressor is rated for full-auto and multiple calibers, making it an incredibly versatile and durable option. 

If you own an AR-15, you know the power behind these gas block rifles. If you fire a shot, the supersonic rounds can travel up to 3,200 feet per second, making this an ideal firearm for hunting, competitions, and even home defense.

However, with great power also comes tremendous noise and recoil. Sometimes this noise is a nuisance, especially if you want to spend the day at the range or you want to keep things quiet on a hunt. An AR-15 suppressor, sometimes also called a silencer, can help reduce the decibels and recoil of your rifle, saving your hearing and providing better aim in a tactical, competitive, or hunting setting.

2020's Best AR-15 Suppressor Reviews

Editor’s Choice: SilencerCo Specwar 556 

Easy installation, mission-ready, and simple removal make the Specwar 556 quick detach suppressor the premier choice for your AR-15 build. In fact, this suppressor is rated for full-auto and multiple calibers, making it an incredibly versatile and durable option. 

The patented TrueBore manufacturing process keeps point of impact shifts to a minimum and ensures precise bore alignment. The flash hider adds additional protection and camouflage for your shooting position. In addition to all of these great features, it’s also an affordable investment. For the best AR-15 suppressor for your firearm, click here.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Suppressors Reviews

The SilencerCo Specwar 556 suppressor excels at reducing the noise when you fire your rifle. At just 19.5 oz, this little suppressor packs a lot of punch in reducing recoil, hiding flash for your AR-15, and minimizing the decibel output from your rifle. 

A SilencerCo Specwar 556’s Active Spring Retention design makes it mission-ready with a fast-attach mounting system where the installation and removal takes mere seconds. With a durable baffle stack and minimal point of impact shift, this is a suppressor that is reliable in extreme conditions

In addition, SilencerCo’s proprietary TrueBore manufacturing process keeps you confident that the suppressor has precise bore alignment. As a result, this suppressor has a minimal effect on the accuracy of your AR-15.

This is one of the least expensive suppressors available, and it’s a bargain when factoring in its quality construction and effectiveness. Many shooters may already be familiar with the Specwar 556K, which is the shortest and lightest hearing-safe suppressor on the market.

Who Should Get This?

This suppressor has a combination of quality construction, effectiveness, and affordability that makes it an ideal purchase for anyone using their AR-15 for home defense or hunting.

Simply put, the Advanced Armament 556-SD Suppressor is a high-quality AR-15 suppressor that’s offered at a bargain price (below $500).

The noise reduction of this model is 31 decibels on average, which is substantial. In addition, the 556-SD’s 51T Ratchet Mount system allows for fast installation and removal.

Advanced Armament’s 556-SD has a baffle core constructed from 100% Inconel 718 and full circumferential fusion welding, allowing it to have a long service and withstand the harshest conditions. In addition, it has a rounded-off muzzle that improves handling and is rated for fully-automatic fire.

This suppressor is not rated for multi-caliber use. However, if you’d like to have some options for your rifle, there is a model variant from Advanced Armament rated for multiple calibers. If you like to shoot with .300 Blackout or 5.56mm/.223, the 7.62 NATO is a great choice and it’s still an excellent value.

Who Should Get This?

The Advanced Armament 556-SD is a great AR-15 suppressor for gun enthusiasts who often find themselves target shooting at the gun range or deer stands.

SilencerCo’s Omega suppressor is a lightweight, compact, and versatile multi-caliber suppressor that is useful for .300 Winchester Magnum, 5.56mm NATO, .300 AAC Blackout, and 7.62mm NATO rounds. These suppressors are constructed of titanium, stainless steel, and stellite, arguably making them the most durable suppressors on the market. These suppressors are also both full-auto and magnum-rated. 

One of the more unique design features of this suppressor is that there’s an integrated Anchor Brake that provides recoil reduction. Each Omega suppressor has a 5/8×24 direct thread mount, a Specwar ASR muzzle brake that reduces recoil, and an Active Spring Retention mount for rapid attachment and installation.

However, while this suppressor offers much in the way of durability and versatility, its premier construction makes it significantly more expensive than other AR-15 suppressors. 

Who Should Get This? 

The SilencerCo Omega is a suppressor that should be used by avid hunters or law enforcement officials and military personnel who find themselves in tactical situations.

This suppressor is high-performance, yet incredibly lightweight. The 6AL4V Titanium ensures that this suppressor is incredibly durable, even though it is not made from the traditional welded construction. 

With CNC-machined billet 17-4 stainless steel, heat from rapid-fire is reduced considerably. In fact, it is twice the strength of the usual 316L SS tube bodies, which also helps to minimize sparking and keep you safe while you shoot. 

The 6.3” length still keeps this powerful silencer relatively compact, and at just 12.5 ounces, it’s not much to bring along with your other hunting gear. It is also full-auto rated and can be used with multiple calibers from .22 LR up to .22-250 Remington

Who Should Get This?

Shooters who prefer a smaller caliber ammunition and who are tired of cycling through suppressors can appreciate the strength and quality of the materials used in the Paladin 5.

The Surefire SOCOM 556 Mini 2 Suppressor is an extremely compact suppressor whose design is inspired by the Surefire suppressor trusted by NATO member countries and law enforcement agencies across the globe. That same suppressor design was also the 2015 choice for the U.S. SOCOM command, adopted after rigorous testing.

Finished in high-temp Cerakote, remove and attach this suppressor quickly using the fast-attach system. The bore alignment keeps the aim and punch of this suppressor accurate while still reducing recoil and noise. 

Effective, durable, and short, this suppressor minimizes flash and muzzle report while keeping the added rifle length to a minimum. Surefire suppressors are designed and made in America. You can also use this suppressor on AR sporting rifles and AR pistols. 

Who Should Get This?

Hunters who travel long distances or carry lots of gear can appreciate the compact size of this suppressor. Shooters with multiple AR models can also enjoy the versatility of the design.

Blowback is still an issue, even with some suppressors. When gas is vented back towards the shooter, this can affect aim, concentration, and it can even make your eyes start to water. However, the Operators Suppressor Systems HELIX 5.56 solves that issue. This suppressor regulates backpressure and vents gas away from the shooter using a flush mount system. This can help you better transition between targets and speed up your rapid fire sessions.

The noise reduction of the Operators Suppressor Systems HELIX 5.56 is also excellent, offering 35 decibels of noise reduction.

In addition, the sturdy IFM6 construction can expel carbon and reduce heat buildup, which reduces build-up and constant cleaning. 

The STS Muzzle Brake never loosens, even during rapid-fire sessions. This is due to the self-tightening threads.  

Who Should Get This?

If you struggle with blowback and heat build-up, this suppressor’s baffleless design minimizes heat and constant cleaning. This is great for the busy marksman who hates the hassle of suppressor maintenance.

The Advanced Armament SR-5 Suppressor, an improved design of their 556-SD model, is top-tier for noise reduction. Amazingly, this model reduces the noise by up to 34 decibels, depending on the ammo and firearm used.

Like other high-quality suppressors, the attachment system also has top-tier bore alignment, so it only has a miniscule impact on accuracy. 

This suppressor has a 90-tooth ratcheting quick attachment system (90 Tooth Ratchet Taper) that’s designed for rapid attachment and removal. The hardy interface of this attachment system minimizes point-of-impact shift and the SR-5’s durable 100 percent Inconel 718 baffle core minimizes the back pressure. 

Fire away with confidence and enjoy the reduced recoil and noise provided by this suppressor. The Advanced Armament SR-5 5.56 has great value, with a price point that can match your budget.

Who Should Get This? 

Being as silent as possible is an important skill for hunters, and the Advanced Armament SR-5 5.56 is a worthwhile accessory for your AR-15 hunting rifle.

Best AR-15 Suppressor Overall

When it comes to finding the right suppressor for your AR-15, durability, length, noise reduction, flash suppression, and reduced recoil are all important factors to consider. While there are many excellent options to choose from, the features you need at an affordable price are all rolled up into the SilencerCo Specwar 556

With this quick-detach suppressor, you can take your AR-15 out on the range or keep it handy for home defense. The sound and recoil reduction can help you maintain accuracy and protect your hearing

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