2020's Best AR-15 Trigger Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Elftmann Tactical ELF Match Trigger

For an AR-15 trigger that checks all the boxes when it comes to build quality, fantastic pull, and reset ability, and with an essential drop-safe design, this incredible model should be of interest to both beginners and seasoned marksmen. The back-up lifetime guarantee is also a superb market-leading bonus feature.

When choosing your AR-15 trigger, it’s essential to take a number of factors into consideration. After establishing that a trigger is safe, you’ll want to know the construction materials are durable, while also meeting your needs in terms of trigger pull-weight

If you like to install your own triggers, a drop-in system can eliminate the need for a gunsmith, while tactile feedback can help you to get a better feel when shooting. A short reset is essential when rapid firing, and a 2-stage trigger can help you to regain your composure before taking the next shot.  

Whatever your preferences, there’s an ideal trigger available for your needs.

2020's Best AR-15 Trigger Reviews

Editor’s Choice: Elftmann Tactical ELF Match Trigger

For an AR-15 trigger that checks all the boxes when it comes to build quality, fantastic pull, and reset ability, and with an essential drop-safe design, this incredible model should be of interest to both beginners and seasoned marksmen. The back-up lifetime guarantee is also a superb market-leading bonus feature.

Although there are many excellent options on the market, for the best available AR-15 trigger, look no further than the Elftmann Tactical ELF Match Trigger.

Top 7 Best AR-15 Triggers Reviews

With a straightforward drop-in trigger system, you can be ready to shoot within minutes. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction combined with A2 hardened steel ensures your trigger is durable, even in inclement weather conditions

To reduce the risk of misfiring, the full-power hammer spring provides full ignition of the primer, making this one for the most reliable triggers on the market.

If you have a variety of AR-15 rifles, this trigger can fit almost any military-specification AR-15, allowing you to use the same mechanism across your range of rifles. Although this is one of the more expensive models available, this feature could save you a considerable amount of money over time.

The unique disconnect system ensures there is no risk of double-firing.

Who Should Get This? 

If you’re looking for an AR-15 trigger that has a range of great features for competition shooters, hunters, and those needing a reliable trigger for home-defense, this is a solid choice.

Just because you’re shopping on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. This wallet-friendly model has polished smooth sear surfaces and the trigger components are treated with a Hardlube process, combining to provide a smooth and sharp trigger pull that is a pleasure to use.

Corrosion-resistant springs and the nickel Teflon-coated trigger and hammer pins bring peace of mind that your model is built-to-last. The trigger pull-weight averages approximately 6 lbs., and it is considerably below the maximum 9.5 lb. weight limit. 

This feature may put off some competition marksmen, but is ideal for those seeking a safe trigger mechanism for protecting their property. Building from previous models, this ALG trigger has an established pedigree.

Who Should Get This?

Bringing a solid, yet smooth, feel to this AR-15 trigger, this is well-suited to marksmen who like to use substantial pressure when firing their weapon.

This single-stage drop-in trigger is ready to go right out-of-the-box, and is built for those who like to shoot quickly when on the range. Only requiring a light 3.5 lbs. of pull-weight pressure to fire, it also comes with an extremely short reset time, which is vital when you are engaging in rapid-fire.

Although this quick-firing feature could put strain on the weapon, the KNS anti-rotation pins ensure the surrounding holes and the receiver walls are free from unnecessary wear-and-tear.

The traditional, curved trigger shape is attractive and appeals to many who started out using this style. Breaking away from the standard gray-and-black color schemes, this bright blue design brings a touch of class to the overall mechanism.

Who Should Get This? 

Many competition marksmen need the ability to rapid-fire. However, this also means they need their trigger to be robust, and this model is an excellent combination of both features.

Using RISE Armament’s Quik-Klik reset feature, this model boasts superior feedback for the marksman, which can help improve both accuracy and the overall shooting experience. While the interior parts are precision-machined for unrivaled consistency, there is also an individual inspection procedure, ensuring each trigger is impeccable. For added quality, RISE also implements a handcrafted fine-tuning process.

The trigger blade sits further back than in many rival models, giving enhanced control. This is an essential feature because the single-stage firing system enables you to fire quickly, even when applying light pressure on the trigger. For easy installation, this model has no set screws, allowing you to drop the mechanism into your AR-15 rifle, and head straight to the range. 

The black color scheme complements the sleek design of this popular and effective model.

Who Should Get This?

Any marksman who values superior craftsmanship can appreciate the style and quality of this AR-15 trigger. While the components have precision-machined quality, the individual crafting raises the bar.

For the ultimate in versatility, choose your preferred weight configuration to help find the weapon balance that is most suitable for your needs. Although a 1-stage trigger pull system allows for more rapid firing, in circumstances such as home defense, a 2-stage pull trigger may be a safer choice

The most significant benefit of a 2-stage trigger is that it requires more pressure to fire a shot, giving you more time to think before you fire your weapon. While this is helpful for even the most experienced marksman, it is also useful for beginners, as they can center their aim before taking their next shot.

Although the trigger pull is factory-set, this is still an excellent choice due to the build-quality and the ultra-crisp trigger pull.

Who Should Get This?

Using a 2-stage trigger can be an effective way to learn how to control and recenter your weapon after each shot. Anyone hoping to improve their aim can benefit from this trigger.

Timney has a trusted reputation for producing high-quality devices made from the finest materials, and this model raises the standard again. Because it uses a lightweight aluminum-alloy housing to keep the internal components protected from the elements, you don’t need to worry when you take your AR-15 into the field. 

The wire-EDM machined, S7 tool steel hammer can provide many years of reliable service, and the drop-in installation method means you don’t need a gunsmith when fitting this trigger. This feature is useful for making a quick-start, and also if you plan on using it in more than one firearm.

For added convenience, you can use the original hammer and trigger pins to install this new trigger, saving you time, money, and the hassle of installing new pins.

Who Should Get This?

One of the most vital aspects of getting familiar with your firearm, and improving your shooting, is that the parts are durable so you can get used to them. This trigger is robust, reliable, and can last for many years.

The duplex, 2-position trigger system allows you to choose the pull-weight that is most suitable for specific situations. If you are in a home-defense situation, let your finger ride high on the trigger, and the pull-weight is approximately 5-6 lbs., giving you extra time to think. If needing to get a shot off quickly, place your finger low, and the pull-weight decreases to around 4-5 lbs.

The heat-treated alloy steel has a reassuring feel, and the military-specification Strike Energy system makes this a favored choice for a wide-range of marksmen.

Although installation is straightforward, there is a selection of helpful installation videos. If something doesn’t feel quite right, the troubleshooting guide is ideal. While the trigger pull-weight may be heavy for some, it should meet the needs of most AR-15 owners.

Who Should Get This?

The 2-position trigger system ensures this is a popular choice for many people who value the flexibility of choosing different weights in various scenarios. It is also ideal for beginners finding their preferred set-up.

Best AR-15 Trigger Overall

While everyone has their specific preferences when it comes to their AR-15 trigger, there are some elements that are beneficial to just about any marksman. Durability, comfort, and pull-weight are essential elements to consider before you purchase an AR-15 trigger.

While there are many great AR-15 triggers, for the all-round combination of quality materials, convenience, and the ability to help improve your shooting through trigger feedback, look no further than the Elftmann Tactical ELF Match Trigger.

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