2020's Best Hunting Bipod Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod

The Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod focuses on two things: keeping your pack light and delivering the best possible shooting platform.

When you’re out in the field, it can be tricky to find a good position with a place to rest your rifle to get a stable shot.

That’s why keeping a good bipod in your pack is practically a necessity for ensuring that you can get the hit, no matter where you are when you spot an animal.

Interestingly, there are a ton of tactical bipods out there. But, not so many for hunters. Fortunately, we’ve done the digging for you.

SPOILER—If you want to skip the dirt and get right to the gold, get the Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod. It’s super affordable, and it’s designed specifically for supporting a hunting rifle, in hunting environments.

Best Bipod for Hunting

If you like digging through options yourself, scroll on. We’ll unearth the best bipods for hunting and have a look at them.

Our winning bipod is up first. All the rest will be presented in order of price. We’ll start with the bipods with the slimmest prices, and move on to the spendiest rifle holders.

Let’s get set in.

Editor’s Choice: Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod

The Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod focuses on two things: keeping your pack light and delivering the best possible shooting platform.

Top 5 Best Bipod for Hunting Reviews

The Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod focuses on two things: keeping your pack light and delivering the best possible shooting platform.

At the top, there’s a V-shaped rotating yoke. The yoke has serrations to keep your rifle secure when it’s rested on the bipod. This creates a very stable shooting rest. However, the serrations are hard, molded plastic. So, you may want to protect your wood stock with a rag.

There are foam grips on the legs, just below the yoke. So, you have somewhere other than your rifle to put your support hand.

The legs themselves are 20mm aluminum alloy tubes. The legs are both light and strong. The whole bipod weighs in at just 1.10 pounds. And, the legs extend from 22.25 inches to 62 inches. So, all but the tallest shooters will have no problem using this bipod standing up.

The feet are capped with rubber knobs to dig into the dirt and keep your bipod from slipping.

It’s nothing fancy. But, overall, this is a very simple and effective bipod that’s ideal for anyone who wants to keep their kit light without spending much money.

The CVLIFE 6-9 Inch Bipod is, first and foremost, affordable.

This bipod is similar to tactical bipods. But, it mounts to a sling swivel stud instead of a rail system. So, it will fit on most hunting rifles. Additionally, there’s a quick release adaptor for those who have a rail system on their hunting rifle.

However, if you prefer to keep your bipod folded in your pack, this may not be the best option for you.

All the mounting hardware is made of steel. The legs are aluminum. It’s not as light as some simpler bipods. But, it’s exceptionally durable.

The legs extend from 6-9 inches. And, they’re spring loaded for quick deployment and retraction. These bipods are great for prone shooting positions, and any situation that mimics benchrest shooting. However, they’re obviously too short to use in almost any sitting or standing position.

The feet are rubber, and have grip serrations. So, this bipod won’t slip while you’re getting lined up for a shot.

For the price, these bipods are a good deal. If you often shoot from a prone position or use your pack to build a shooting platform, these bipods will work well for you as long as you don’t mind having them mounted to your rifle.

The BOG-POD SB Series Shooting Bipod is designed for fast deployment, so you can quickly set up a shooting platform when there’s an opportunity to take a shot.

This bipod uses a wide U-shaped yoke, with mellow serrations.

However, the serrations aren’t what keep your rifle in place. There’s a rubber retaining strap that can be quickly fixed over the top of your rifle to keep it in the bipod. This creates a very stable shooting platform. And, you can use this bipod as a rifle rest without your rifle sliding out.

There are foam grips on the legs for support hand placement and additional stability.

The legs themselves are aluminum, and extend from 21 inches to 40 inches. The height is good for kneeling and sitting shooting positions. But, it’s a bit short for standing positions. However, the height is ideal for children.

But, the smaller size does keep the weight down. The overall weight is just 1 pound 3 ounces.

The feet are capped with plastic tips. The feet have some traction. But, they could be better.

Even so, this is still an excellent bipod for the money. It’s a great option for those who prefer not to shoot from a standing position, or who want a bipod that’s perfect for teaching kids to shoot.

The BOG-POD CLD Tall Bipod is ideal for hunting. However, it also offers utility for other activities.

The yoke is a wide U-shaped yoke with serrations to keep your rifle in place. And, there are flanges at the ends to help you slap your rifle into the bipod quickly. You set up a very stable shooting platform very fast.

There are foam grips on the legs for your support hand. That way you can hold the bipod steady for a more stable shot.

The legs are aluminum, and extend from 22 inches to 68 inches. The adjustment range makes this bipod ideal for shooting from the sitting, kneeling, or standing.

Additionally, this model is equipped with the Switcharoo shooting system that enables you to remove the yoke, and replace it with hardware for photography, bird watching, or other observation.

Lastly, the feet on this bipod are extreme. The rubber caps can be retracted to expose metal spikes for maximum traction.

However, all that versatility comes at a price: this bad boy weighs 2 pounds. It’s not much. But, it’s heavier than most other bipods.

Even though it’s a bit hefty, this is still the perfect bipod who wants to be able to shoot from any position or use their bipod for multiple activities.

The Primos Trigger Stick Gen 3 Bipod is super lightweight. However, it’s also got a lot of cool features.

First, it’s got a wide U-shaped yoke with flanges to make it easy to set your rifle in the bipod. But that’s pretty standard.

The cool thing is the grip just below the yoke. There’s a contoured handgrip beneath the yoke for your support hand. So, you can get maximum stability from your bipod.

Additionally, the yoke can be quickly removed if you want to use the bipod for photography or stabilizing your binoculars.

However, be careful, as the trigger that pops the yoke off can be accidentally engaged, releasing the yoke when you don’t want to.

The legs adjust from 24 to 61 inches. So, you can get the perfect length for any shooting position but prone.

At the bottom, there are aggressive plastic feet, which prevent slipping.

And, since we said it was lightweight, this bipod weighs in at just 1 pound

Unfortunately, the width of the legs is not adjustable. They swing out and lock at their widest setting every time.

But, gripes about this one are fairly minimal. If you’re looking for a very light, but still quite capable bipod, this is the one for you.

Setting In

You probably spent a lot of money on your rifle and your scope and all your other hunting gear. None of that does any good if you miss your shot when it counts. A bipod helps minimize the human factor in shooting. So, you can get your hits when it matters.

If you just want a bipod that will do the job, get the Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod. It’s a solid hunting bipod that will support you in most shooting positions, and it comes in at the low end of the price spectrum.

So, if you’re still trying to hold your rifle up yourself, and you’re tired of feeling that shoulder burn, get a bipod, and get more accuracy from your hunting rig.

Best Bipod for Hunting Overall

The Vanguard Scout B62 Bipod focuses on two things: keeping your pack light and delivering the best possible shooting platform.

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