2020's Best Deer Hunting Bow Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow in Mossy Oak Bottomland

The take-down power of the Whitetail Hunter STR means that you can bag a prized buck this season. The speed and lightweight feel of this bow will take your deer hunt to the next level.

Hunting for deer using a bow instead of a rifle adds an extra element of thrill and provides a rigorous sporting challenge. However, using any type of bow isn’t enough. 

You need your bow to perform adequately in a hunting situation and give you the power to take down your targets. Hunting with a bow is no use if the bow you’re using isn’t a quality hunting weapon

Deer are quick animals, who are also very alert. When you are hunting deer with a bow, stealth and speed are paramount to getting your prize. Find the bow that best fits your hunting style, so you are comfortable with your shot.

Best Deer Hunting Bow

Editor’s Choice: BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow in Mossy Oak Bottomland

The take-down power of the Whitetail Hunter STR means that you can bag a prized buck this season. The speed and lightweight feel of this bow will take your deer hunt to the next level.

Top 7 Best Bows for Deer Hunting Reviews

This crossbow–while not a traditional hunting bow–boasts incredible take-down power and is an excellent weapon for bringing down even the biggest bucks. Smooth, powerful, and accurate, this bow has the recoil of a small rifle, so shoot with care.  

Crossbows provide beginning and intermediate bow hunters with a way to transition from rifle hunting into the world of bolts and arrows. Advanced hunters will love the power of this bow. Shooting at 375 ft. per second and with 118 ft.-lbs. of kinetic energy, this bow packs a serious punch. 

However, even with such power, it remains incredibly lightweight. At only 6.6 lbs. and an axle-to-axle length of just over 18”, this bow is suitable for long, backcountry hunting trips where every ounce matters. 

The Whitetail Hunter comes with a lightweight quiver, a rope cocking device, a 4 x 32 mm multi-reticle scope, lubrication wax, and two 22” headhunter arrows

Compound bows are the staple of deer hunting. They offer the most reliable deer bow hunting experience and are trusted among the hunting community. Bowtech is well renowned for building excellent hunting bows, the best of which is their Diamond Archery series

The Infinite Edge Pro Represents the best Bowtech has available and is an excellent compound bow. This bow offers ample draw length as well as adjustability that lets the bow match a number of different hunters. 

It is also an excellent bow for beginning hunters, while also providing power while launching arrows at 310 fps. Draw length adjustments go from 13” to 31” and draw weight can be adjusted from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs. 

This bow should not be confused with a cheap beginner’s bow, however. It is a sturdy ultra-durable hunting weapon that can hold up in any environment. The draw cycle is also excellent, making this bow an absolute joy to shoot. Furthermore, this bow features a let-off of 80%, allowing you to hold full draw if necessary. 

Weighing a total of 3.2 lbs., this bow is light enough for extended periods of carrying. If you like to move and hike while you hunt, then you will have no trouble carrying around this compound bow. From axel to axel the bow has a total length of 31.5”.     

If hunting runs in the family, you will not want to miss out on the chance to take your child into the great outdoors with you to go bow hunting for deer. Finding a bow for a little hunter shouldn’t have to be difficult

Enter the PSE Mini-Burner™: This is the perfect bow for young and aspiring hunters to get their start. 

Bow size is important when looking for the right archery weapon for young hunters. The Mini-Burner™ is the perfect size for youngsters at 26” axel to axel. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about your young archer growing out of the bow too quickly. The draw weight is highly adjustable, allowing for the bow to grow with your hunting buddy. The bow can be adjusted from 16 lbs. to 26½ lbs. 

Making the deal even sweeter for your hunter in training is the very forgiving brace height of 6 ⅝”. A major issue for young bow hunters is their fleeting ability to get a hold on their target. Thankfully, the Mini-Burner™ has a 65% let-off that makes this much easier. 

Wrapping everything together in a very manageable package is that the bow is ultra-lightweight. It comes in at a total weight of only 2.7 lbs. With this bow, smaller hunting companions won’t get tired out easily when trekking through the woods. 

Some hunters prefer an unassisted and natural draw. That’s where the recurve bow comes in. It may be hard to pick out a quality recurve bow just by looking at one because they don’t have all the same fancy bells and whistles that most compound bows possess. 

However, there is a difference in quality for recurve bows as well, and the OMP Recurve Mountaineer 2.0 is the best recurve bow you will find. 

With recurve bows, it is all about the craftsmanship, and the Mountaineer 2.0 is a truly beautifully constructed archery weapon. The sturdy wooden grip gives the bow a very rugged and almost antique look that harkens back to a more sporting time. The hardwood limbs can withstand intense stress and still provide a natural curve on every draw. 

The three-piece bow possesses a slim grip riser as well as limb tip reinforcements to ensure that the structural integrity of the bow is top-notch at all times. It comes with Flemish and Dacron twist string. Standard and toolless limb bolts are included for adjusting on the fly. 

A larger bow typically translates into larger power. This is a big bow reaching a total of 62’ from tip to tip. Power is also translated through the bow’s 55 lb. draw weight. The bow weighs a total of 3 lbs., which isn’t too heavy for a large bow.  

If you are just beginning your journey into the world of archery weapon hunting or you are a seasoned hunter trying to introduce a friend to the sport, we have the perfect bow for you. It is important that a beginner feels comfortable, and for that, you need a bow that is manageable, yet still provides enough strength for them to land shots on their targets. 

Introducing the Bear® Archery Limitless RTH Compound Bow. This bow has the combination of adjustable features and high-performance that a new bowhunter needs to be successful on the hunt. Adjustability includes an impressive 10” of draw length adjustment from 19” To 29” as well as wide draw weight adjustment from between 25 lbs. to 50 lbs.  

The bow is not intimidating, and its compact size makes it easy to handle and shoot. The bow stands at 28” from axel to axel, making it a very accessible deer hunting weapon. The camo frame also allows the bow to effortlessly blend into any woodland environment.

The bow weighs 3.5 lbs., adding just the right balance for maximum accuracy while remaining lightweight enough to carry overland for extended periods. The bow’s brace height is 7” which is a bonus to its already very manageable specs.   

Sometimes classic sensibilities work best. There is often no need for fancy attachments and accessories. When you strip down and distill a bow to its essence, you often come away with a more effective hunting tool. That’s what Bear Archery has done with the Super Kodiak

One of the first things you will notice about the Super Kodiak is its gorgeous design. The craftsmanship and care put into the design of this bow are immediately evident. With a hardwood grip and a greyed finish that blends into the traditional wooden color, the Super Kodiak is stylish and effective in the same package. 

The bow stands 60” from tip to tip, so it is recommended for an experienced bow hunter. On the back of both the riser and the limbs, the wooden components are paired with black fiberglass for extra integrity and durability. The bow also seamlessly integrates almost any modern stringing material. 

Weighing a total of 4.19 lbs., this bow offers great power at your fingertips. You will have no problem taking down a prize buck with this beast of a weapon. Its traditional design also lends to its remarkable accuracy with just you and the bow with nothing else in the way. 

Deer can sometimes be a tricky animal to hunt. You need a bow that you can rely on in any situation you may find yourself in while on the hunt. Cabela’s offers the Dash RTH Compound Bow which does not disappoint. It shoots with accuracy, efficiency, and power, ensuring that you get the job done effectively. 

For a bow, reliability also means durability, and the Dash RTH is incredibly durable thanks to its EnduraFiber limbs that provide even more power per draw and greater structural integrity. The draw weight is adjustable from 20” to 30”. 

Other adjustments include the draw weight, which can be altered from 50 lbs. to 70 lbs. The bow shoots with respectable power at 310 fps, allowing your arrows to reach their intended target, even if the deer in question is making a break for it. Completely ambidextrous, the bow is easily accessible to a broad range of hunters. 

Designed to be easy to transport, the Dash RTH is easy to carry overland and will not get in the way during a forest hike. Axel to axel, the bow stands at a comfortable 32” tall. The let-off on the bow is also very nice at 75%.  

Best Deer Hunting Bow Overall

All these bows are truly fantastic hunting weapons, but one stands slightly above the rest. The BARNETT Whitetail Hunter STR Crossbow is truly the ultimate bow weapon for hunting deer. With its minimal recoil and lightweight frame, these features make it a versatile and high-quality tool to add to your hunting arsenal. 

The Whitetail Hunter hurtles arrows at a strong 375 fps, providing the necessary power needed for taking down large bucks. Take this bow with you on your next backcountry hunting trip, and challenge yourself to bring home a prized buck this hunting season. 

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