2020's Best Camping Axe Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Fiskars Hatchet

This camping axe is sturdy and durable for all kinds of tasks you need to perform while camping, while also remaining small enough to bring with you on even the most challenging of outdoor adventures.  

Camping axes are multipurpose tools that enable you to cut wood, prepare kindling for a fire, and build an emergency shelter. Next to a knife, it’s one of the most important tools you can have in the wilderness. 

While a knife is made for precision work, a camping axe enables you to work with far greater efficiency and power. Finding the right axe for your purposes takes some research, but it’s worth the effort.

From survival axes to budget camping axes, large camping axes to smaller hatchets, here are some of the top tools for your next expedition.   

Best Camping Axe Overall

Editor’s Choice: Fiskars Hatchet

This camping axe is sturdy and durable for all kinds of tasks you need to perform while camping, while also remaining small enough to bring with you on even the most challenging of outdoor adventures.  

Top 7 Best Camping Axes Reviews

If you’re looking for a straight-forward, no-fuss camping axe that earns excellent reviews, and fits almost any budget, look no further. This 14”-long axe is heavy enough to chop medium-sized pieces of wood and small enough to perform the basic duties of camping: Preparing kindling, cutting paracord, and building shelters. 

A carefully balanced power-to-weight ratio helps to maximize cutting efficiency due to improved swing speed. The honed blade is lightly coated to provide a smoother, cleaner cut. 

An ergonomic, rubber handle also helps the camping axe user to remain safe, even when chopping hard. With insert-molded heads and stronger-than-steel FiberComp handles, Fiskars hatchets are almost impossible to damage or break. Perfect for trips in the wilderness, these durable, inexpensive, balanced axes are built for adventure.

The Estwing Special-Edition Camper’s Axe is a 16″ hatchet that is geared for longevity, durability, and edge retention. With a shock-absorbent grip and sturdy steel construction, this axe is made for survival

You don’t have to worry about the edge dulling after only a few swings, and the grip helps protect your palms from blisters and aches during heavy use. It also comes with an axehead sheath to protect the blade from the elements when the axe is not in use.

The forged steel construction gives this axe a full tang design, which means it’s far less likely to break under pressure than axes whose head is forged separately from the axe handle. This renders the axe exceptionally long-lasting.

In addition, the 16″ length is perfect for carrying while camping. It’s not too big to strap to a pack, but it’s also not so small that it can’t take a serious swing. It strikes the perfect balance of portability and utility, making it an excellent survival axe that’s well worth the money.

This full tang, perfectly sized hatchet is one of the best all-around camping axes for several reasons. Its stainless steel, full tang construction means that it can withstand years of heavy use. 

Because the metal of the blade extends the whole length of the handle, you don’t have to worry about the axe head breaking away from the rest of the tool. At a low weight of 1 lb. and 5.9 oz., it’s also highly portable and perfect for camping, whether you’re car camping or undertaking a several-week backpacking journey. 

The sturdy construction is paired with an ergonomic black rubber grip, a hammer pommel, and a thermoplastic belt sheath for optimal comfort, security, and portability. It’s perfect for hikers who are looking for a reliable axe. Small enough to strap to the outside of a pack but large enough to chop wood for a fire, this axe is made for the trail.

At just about $20, the Anchor Camping Hand Axe is a total steal. At 1 lb. 4 oz. in weight, 13.5 inches long, and with a 3.5-inch wide head, this budget camping axe helps you get the job done quickly around camp so you can spend less time working and more time relaxing around the fire and enjoying your time in the wilderness. 

The high-grade steel head comes with a rubber sheath for safe transportation and the high-visibility yellow fiberglass handle helps you locate the axe–even if you leave it against a tree in the dark.

The rubber grip is molded to fit perfectly into your hand so you can chop wood, prepare kindling, or even build an emergency shelter with safety and efficiency. Whether you need a lightweight axe for a backpacking adventure or you’re looking for a car camping axe that can also take on at-home tasks, this is the perfect budget tool for you. 

It’s one of our middle-of-the-road options in terms of both size, weight, and capability, so while you’re not getting a multi-tool or a full tang axe head, you are getting a reliable, dependable tool for your next adventure.  

Mini but mighty is the name of the game with the Gerber Pack Hatchet Camping Axe. At just under 10 inches long, this small camping axe fits perfectly into one hand

Full tang construction means that this little axe can still generate some serious power without compromising on durability or longevity. A tall blade grind helps the axe retain sharpness, and a molded rubber handle makes for a comfortable, secure grip. 

The size of this axe makes it perfect for individuals who are heading out on a camping, climbing, backpacking, or hunting trip and are concerned about keeping pack weight down. 

Schrade has done it again with another aggressive, full tang survival axe. At 15.7 inches long, this is the largest camping axe on the list. 

At 1 lb. and 15 ounces, it’s also surprisingly lightweight relative to its size and power. The hammer pommel and interior ferro rod make for excellent balance, power, grip, and stability while swinging, and it’s a large enough axe to make quick of heavy logs. That’s why it’s earned its spot as best all-around camping axe: It gets the job done. 

Its titanium-coated stainless-steel head also does an incredible job of retaining sharpness and resisting corrosion. This axe can help you make the most of your camping trip and spend less time chopping wood and more time around the fire. 

This camping axe is a multi-tool with tubular engineering, which means that for under $100, you get a folding tool that can be an axe, a shovel, or a serrated blade. 

The head folds and locks into position, which means you can shovel or chop at several different angles. Whether you’re a prepper, an explorer, or an avid camper, this tool deserves a spot in your pack or your car trunk. In fact, keeping a tool like this on-hand in your car or truck means you’ll be able to cope with almost anything

The stainless-steel survival axe and shovel heads are a mix of chromium and carbon, giving you a tough, durable tool that can stand up to any challenge you throw at it. 

Best Camping Axe Overall

Out of all these options, the Fiskars Hatchet is a compact camping axe that is heavy enough to perform the chores and tasks you need while you are camping. From chopping wood to cutting rope to mowing down brush in your path, the rubber handle keeps this axe securely in your grip as you move. 

Fiskars Hatchet is also a great addition to your camping supplies because it is budget-friendly and lightweight. You can bring this axe with you backpacking, car camping, or on solo hiking trips. Set out on your next adventure prepared for survival and fun with this ergonomic and durable camping axe. 

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