2020's Best Camping Tent Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

This tent is built to withstand the toughest conditions–snow, wind, and rain–and can accommodate even the tallest of campers. 

Camping allows you to get outside, unplug, and enjoy the great outdoors either alone or with loved ones. However, searching for the perfect tent for your next adventure can seem like an even bigger challenge than leaving your house and starting your journey. 

To help you wade through all the options on the market, we’ve assembled a guide on the best camping tents. Whether you’re looking for a family tent, a teepee tent, or a 4-person backpacking tent, we’ve got you covered. This guide takes you through each category of camping tents and helps you find the perfect fit for your camping adventure.  

Best Camping Tent

Editor’s Choice: ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent

This tent is built to withstand the toughest conditions–snow, wind, and rain–and can accommodate even the tallest of campers. 

Top 11 Best Camping Tents Reviews

The key to family camping trips is comfort. In close quarters, even the happiest of families can get on each other’s nerves. With the spacious 3-room Ozark Trail Instant Cabin, your outdoor adventures will be full of happy memories. 

With an L-shaped 256-sqft footprint and 55-pound weight, the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin is the largest and heaviest tent on the list, which means it is best suited to car camping. With this extra space, you have plenty of room to comfortably sleep a family of six, store your gear, and even set up a makeshift family room in the center of the tent. 

The ceiling measures in at almost 7-feet high so you can walk around freely without straining your back. The added height can make the tent slightly unstable in high winds, but with added guy lines and reinforced anchor points, you can safely secure the tent to almost any terrain. 

One of the biggest benefits to the Ozark Trail Instant Cabin is the setup. Ozark claims that the entire 3-room tent can be set up in under five minutes thanks to the pre-attached poles. 

The Instant Cabin features a 6-inch tub floor with fully welded seams, fully taped rainfly, and seven windows with awnings for exceptional weatherproofing, allowing you to camp with the family rain, snow, or shine. 

The beauty of car camping is that you don’t need to worry about the weight of your tent dragging you down. This means you can enjoy a few more creature comforts while exploring the great outdoors. 

The NTK Indy GT XL is designed for a speedy setup and uses nano-flex fiberglass poles with gold chrome-plated ferrules for added stability. It has 64-sqft of sleeping space with a front porch and vestibule area. The domed shape means that head clearance can be an issue, but the center height is just over 6 feet, so it isn’t too uncomfortable to move around. 

When it comes to weatherproofing, the NTK Indy GT is second-to-none. The tub-style floor keeps out the elements and has a silver-coated inner layer, which prevents moisture buildup and insulates the floor, making it an excellent option for camping in all seasons. The double-layer rainfly offers full coverage, while the thermoplastic coating provides UV protection. 

Breathable micro mosquito mesh on every door and window keeps even the smallest creepy crawlies out while letting in plenty of fresh air for excellent ventilation. 

The tent only has a single D-shaped door. However, the extended covered porch area and huge vestibule enable you to store your gear securely outside the tent and free up floor space in the interior.  

This tent has several key advantages. For one thing, it’s incredibly inexpensive. It can also be set up in approximately ten seconds, making it a perfect tent for warm, dry nights during the summer. 

This quick set-up time means you compromise a little on weatherproofing. This is not the tent to sleep in during heavy rains, but it makes for a great shelter on the beach. At a maximum width of 120” and a maximum height of 57”, it can comfortably fit 3-4 people. 

Two large, mesh windows help to bring fresh air into the tent and promote a good night’s sleep while keeping bugs at bay. Two large doors provide easy access and are easily zipped up. The tent also features storage pockets to help you organize your gear, as well as a lantern hook in the center of the tent’s ceiling. 

The tent can be easily erected without tent pegs, but tent pegs are included in case you’re anticipating windy weather. The bottom of the tent features inverted seams and a bathtub-style floor to protect you from damp ground and morning dew. 

If you are an intrepid adventurer or a hard-core survivalist, sleeping outdoors in the dead of winter probably sounds like a great time. Even the toughest of campers need a tent to keep in heat and keep out the elements. 

The GEERTOP Toproad 2-Plus is a winter camper’s dream. It can be set up in minutes by a single person and comes with an ergonomic carry case, ideal for carrying in your backpack. 

The freestanding design allows you to set up camp on any terrain, with triangular windproof pegs for increased stability and reflective guy lines so you won’t trip over them in the dark. 

The tent fabric is double-layered with a breathable, mesh-heavy interior, and a windproof outer layer made from durable anti-tear polyester with a waterproof coating. The outer layer also features a snow skirt to keep away the chill. 

The Toproad has an 82′ x 102’ inch footprint with a 45-inch center height, which provides a warm, cozy sleeping area for two people and storage space for gear. The truly amazing feature is that it only weighs just over five pounds, making it an excellent option for backpacking. 

Unlike most winter tents, the Toproad features two entrances that offer maximum convenience and necessary ventilation without sacrificing the insulating properties of the tent fabric. The two-zippered doors mean that you can open the doors from either side.

There’s something about packing your bags and hitting the open road that screams adventure. The great thing about exploring the countryside on your motorcycle is that you can set up camp anywhere. To keep you and your bike safe and dry, you need the right tent. 

The lightweight Catoma Switchback Motorcycle tent is the perfect option for adding to your backpack or strapping to the back of your bike. It sets up in less than 60 seconds thanks to the speed dome integrated frame and offers a vestibule area with an extended rain cover to protect your bike. 

The footprint is 54-sq ft and comfortably sleeps two. It has excellent ventilation. The fabric is rugged 75 denier polyester ripstop, so no matter where you choose to set up camp, your tent can handle the terrain. A weatherproof base features tub-style construction, reinforced stitching, and waterproof polyurethane coating. 

Two doors give you easy access in and out of your tent, and if you need added storage for your gear and road camping essentials, the Switchback has a mesh gear loft and integrated storage pockets on the interior.

This tent allows you to enjoy the close company of friends and family while also providing some measure of privacy. Capable of fitting two queen air mattresses with ease, this tent features a divider that effectively creates two rooms. This makes it an excellent option for families who want a little bit of space between the parents and the kids. 

Adjustable ground vents, six large mesh windows, and a completely mesh ceiling help this tent breathe and provide you with a continual supply of fresh air. The polyester rainfly hovers approximately six inches above the mesh ceiling, which helps keep the tent dry and well-ventilated even in rainy, humid weather. 

The gear loft is extensive and helps you enjoy a more pleasant stay in your tent. With lantern hooks, storage pockets, and an electrical cord access port that remains fully closed when not in use, this tent is designed with maximum comfort in mind. 

This fun and iconic tent has a lot to offer. Many falsely believe that teepee tents feel crowded or cramped, but that’s not the case. So long as your teepee tent is suitable for your group size, the teepee’s characteristic shape provides roomy gear storage along the outer edge of the teepee, while campers can sleep in comfort toward the middle. 

This teepee, in particular, can accommodate up to seven people, depending on the size of the individual campers. 

The shape of the teepee tent encourages heat to rise away from sleeping campers during the summer, and snow and rain to fall away from the tent during wet or cold weather. The result is a tent that can perform well in a variety of conditions and climates. 

Ventilation and airflow are important concerns in any tent. This Winterial Teepee Tent features mesh windows and a mesh peak capped with a rainproof covering. 

The tent is made out of weather-resistant material. However, if you’re planning on braving downpours, a tarp footprint, waterproofing treatment, and rainfly can help make your camping experience more comfortable. 

This tent, pound per person, is surprisingly lightweight. Its 15 pounds budget out to approximately 2.5 pounds per person in a 6-person group. This makes it an excellent choice for backpacking trips, but you’ll probably want an extra rainfly to guard against condensation. 

If you’re looking for a tent that can brave even the toughest conditions, look no further. ALPS’ reputation for quality outdoor gear is no surprise when you take a look at the engineering that went into producing their Tasmanian 2-Person tent. With an interior floor space of 7’8” long by 3’10” wide, it can accommodate tall campers with ease.

This tent’s exceptionally sturdy rainfly can repel rain, snow, and UV rays for a safe camping experience. It also comes with a snow skirt option for added winter waterproofing.  Even though it’s only a 2-person tent, it features two doors with zippered mesh windows for easy ventilation and a good supply of fresh air. 

Mesh pockets and a gear loft provide fantastic storage options inside the tent. The polyester fly adds two vestibules, one on each end of the tent, for additional storage, as well as providing a waterproof, windproof barrier to the tent. 

This tent’s free-standing aluminum pole system provides the perfect mix of stability and ease of use. Strategically placed guy lines can be anchored to tent pegs in the ground or in snow for added stability, no matter the weather. 

This tent is by far the least expensive tent on our list. While it’s also on the smaller side–best for one person with gear or two people without gear–it’s a great fit for taller campers. Over 7 feet long and more than 5 feet wide, it provides ample room and is the perfect companion for a minimalist outdoor adventure. 

Perhaps the most interesting feature of the tent is its set-up. It’s a trekker pole tent, which means you need two trekking poles to make it work. On the one hand, it means you need additional gear to set the tent up. On the other, it can significantly save on space and weight for a backpacking trip. Many reviewers, in fact, state that this tent was an ideal trail companion, especially on longer trips. 

Even if you aren’t a fan of trekking poles, this tent can be used with any straight stick over 42” tall. Whether you choose to utilize trekking poles or sticks, just make sure that the bottom ends are sharp enough to be solidly secured in the ground. 

Because of this tent’s unique design, it weighs only 2 pounds and 12 ounces and packs down to a compact, football-sized unit. However, it does not include an independent rainfly, which would significantly raise the tent’s weather-resistance capabilities. If you’re thinking about backpacking in a rainy climate, any waterproof 10’ x 12’ tarp makes a great addition to the kit without drastically increasing overall weight or overall cost. 

At just over $50, this tent is an absolute steal for anyone and an exceptional choice for backpackers in particular. It’s perfect for individuals, friends, or couples. 

If you’re looking for a 6-person tent that won’t eat into your adventure fund but will keep you dry, look no further. The Coleman Sundome 6 is one of the most affordable tents on our list and features technology that many more expensive tents lack. 

With sealed seams, a high-quality rainfly, and WeatherTec bathtub floors, this tent will see you through adventure after adventure, rain or shine. Reviewers gush about its ability to stand up to repeated soakings, but it’s also a breathable, comfortable tent that won’t make you feel like you’re in a box. 

For ventilation, it features large mesh windows and air vents to help you feel relaxed and comfortable, even on balmy summer nights. At only 16 pounds, its weight would distribute well between a group of six people for a short backpacking trip. 

However, this tent also is kitted out for car-camping creature comforts. Its E-port allows an extension cord to power an air mattress pump or device charging station. 

With a 10’ x 10’ floor and a maximum ceiling height of 6’, it is roomy and ready for a spacious camping experience. Internal storage features include strategically placed mesh storage pockets. 

This tent has earned every rave review and loyal follower it currently possesses. If you’re on the market for a tent that can accommodate a wide variety of warm-weather adventures as well as up to six people, this is the tent for you. 

ALPS has recently made its mark as an outdoor brand that delivers high-performing products for passionate outdoor enthusiasts. This tent is no exception. Inexpensive, lightweight, and built for the trail, this tent gives your small adventurer group a chance to split the weigh and the cost and hit the backcountry ready for new horizons.  

The minimum trail weight of 7 pounds and 14 ounces mean that each individual in a 4-person group could feasibly carry less than 2 extra pounds each. However, this tent has far more to offer than a low trail weight. It’s also remarkably weather-resistant and durable, thanks to its polyester rainfly and free-standing, aluminum pole design. 

The rainfly also doubles as a vestibule for added storage space. However, keep in mind that if you plan to store anything in the vestibule in rainy weather, you will need to make sure it’s in waterproof dry bags, trash bags, or insulated with a tarp. 

Two doorways, a gear loft, extensive storage pockets, and guy ropes help to give you a functional, practical, and sturdy home on the trail. With this tent, you and your group are ready for the next adventure. 

Best Camping Tent Overall

While our list featured a wide variety of exceptional tents, the ALPS Mountaineering Tasmanian 2-Person Tent still wins the prize for the overall best product. That’s because it’s built to withstand even the harshest environments. 

The polyester fly keeps your tent dry and cool, protected from rain and UV rays in any terrain. An added bonus is the lifetime warranty that comes with this sturdy and durable tent. For the price and features of this tent, it is an incredible value.

However, the tent doesn’t compromise on ventilation, comfort, or storage. If you’re looking for a 2-person tent that will fare just as well car-camping as it will out in the backcountry, look no further. Get this tent today and start planning your next adventure.

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