2020's Best Combat Knife Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife

The ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife is made of fairly hard steel, it comes in a decent all-purpose size, and there’s an included sheath for attaching it to your gear. You can’t go wrong.

A knife is a handy tool to have in almost any situation. So, if you run any sort of tactical setup, a knife isn’t a bad thing to have on your kit. But, combat knives are a good addition to any bug out bag, survival kit, and they even work well as EDC fixed blades, if you get one that’s not crazy big.

And we’re here to help you find the combat knife that will make the cut, based on your needs.

SPOILER: If you just want to grab a knife (by the handle!) and go, get the ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife. It’s made of fairly hard steel, it comes in a decent all-purpose size, and there’s an included sheath for attaching it to your gear. You can’t go wrong.

If you’re here for the whole party, keep reading. We’ll show you who’s who in the world of combat knives.

All our reviews go like this: our overall best combat knife is up first. All the runners up will be presented in order of price, from down low to up high.

Time to start carving.

Best Combat Knife Overall

Editor’s Choice: ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife

The ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife is a good jack-of-all-trades blade. It offers a good blend of quality materials, size, and price.

Top 6 Best Combat Knife Reviews

The ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife is a good jack-of-all-trades blade. It offers a good blend of quality materials, size, and price.

This knife is made of 1095 carbon steel. It’s not the hardest steel on the block. But, it’s fairly easy to sharpen, and the edge holds up pretty well

Also, the blade is powder coated to add corrosion resistance. This is handy because 1095 carbon steel will rust if you store it in wet conditions. This knife offers a good compromise between ease of maintenance and edge durability.

The blade is 6.5 inches long, and the whole knife is 11.75 inches in overall length. This knife is a good size for a bug out bag, tactical kit, or using as a hunting knife. However, it’s probably too big to conceal.

At the other end, the handle features a canvas micarta scaling that offers good grip even when your hands are wet and slippery. And, the handle features a steep guard that will keep your fingers off the blade, even if you’re using your knife for stabbing.

After all this, the included polymer sheath is pretty much just a bonus. But, it gives you a good way to secure your knife to your gear.

Overall, this is an excellent knife for almost anything you’d want a fixed blade for, and the price is right.

It might seem strange to present a Marine Corps fighting knife as a budget blade. But, the KA-BAR Full Size Marine Corps Fighting Knife is priced to sell. And, it’s a solid blade.

First, it’s a solid blade because it’s made of powder coated 1095 Cro-van steel. It retains an edge through most common uses. But, it’s easy enough to sharpen. So, the blade is tough and requires very little maintenance.  

However, the blade is very clearly designed as a fighting blade. The clip point is double edged for better penetration and tip utility. There’s also a blood groove to keep the blade from sticking in soft tissue if you happen to bury the blade. And, this knife has a full hilt to keep your fingers off the blade and protect them.

The whole knife measures 11.875 inches, and the cutting edge is 7 inches. So, this is definitely a knife for your bug out bag or tactical kit. It’s too large for any sort of EDC.

The handle is leather, which provides good grip. But, it can be a bit slick in wet conditions.

Even so, if you’re looking for a solid fighting knife, and aren’t concerned about everyday viability, this knife is the way to go.

If you carry a fixed blade for self defense, a combat knife is a good option. However, you need a knife that you can conceal, or at least carry inconspicuously. The Tops TPCUT40A-BRK Cut Combat Utility Tool Knife is a good fighting blade that comes in a versatile size.

The steel is 1095 high carbon steel. The carbon content makes this blade impressively hard for 1095 steel. So, the blade holds an edge well. However, the steel is susceptible to rust.

But, all the metal is powder coated to improve corrosion resistance. Which means this knife will hold up in wet conditions.

The blade is 4.5 inches long, and the knife is 8.5 inches overall. It’s large enough for most defense and most heavy cutting. However, it’s compact enough that you could conceal it with a little thought.

The handle is canvas micarta, which offers excellent grip in any conditions. There’s also a beta ring on the end of the handle to help get the knife out of the sheath fast. If you use this on a tactical rig, just make sure you mount it where the beta ring won’t snag on anything.

Also, the handle features a really nice finger groove that keeps your hand in place, even during high impact use.

If you prefer a more classic look, you can get the Tops Knives CUT40 Cut 4.0 Combat Utility Knife with a woodgrain handle. 

And, both knives offer an included sheath. So, you get a concealable knife, with all the hardware you need to carry it.

Ultimately, the blade shape and size make this knife super versatile. It’s a great option if you’re looking to get one knife that you can use for EDC, then take it off your belt and strap it on your tactical kit.

The Fallkniven A1 Fine Edge Fixed Blade Knife is a tad on the pricey side. But, the quality and versatility help you get your money’s worth out of it.

This knife is made from VG10 steel. VG10 is great because it holds an edge well, it’s easy to sharpen, and it’s virtually immune to rust. So, you get a really durable and capable blade that you don’t have to baby.

Also, the blade is a very simple, drop point blade that works for just about anything. The handle is a comfortable, textured rubber. And, there’s an excellent finger guard that keeps your fingers off the blade, no matter what you’re doing.

Then, the dimensions: the blade is 6.2 inches, and the overall length is 11 inches. It’s probably a tad too big for everyday carry. But, it’s a good size for a working knife

So, you get a super high quality, all-purpose knife at a really respectable price.

However, it’s not a perfect tactical knife, because the blade is polished steel. So, you may prefer to use this in your survival kit or bug out bag. But, it comes with a sheath that you can strap to any piece of gear you like.

No matter how you use this knife, it will perform admirably. This knife might give you more performance per dollar than any other combat knife.

The CELTIBERO BLACK is a combat-style survival knife that offers a few extras to add utility, in addition to being a decent fighting knife.

This knife is made from HRC 56-58 steel. It’s similar to the steel used in many high-end kitchen knives. It holds an edge reasonably well and sharpens easily. But, if you’re banging on this knife really hard, it’s more likely to chip than to bend.

The blade is 5.7 inches long, and the whole knife is 10.8 inches long in total. It’s a good all-purpose size that could be concealed for EDC, with a little care.

On the back end, the handle is micarta. It’s durable, comfortably shaped, and provides a decent grip. However, it can be a bit slick with very wet hands. There’s a nice guard to keep your fingers from sliding onto the blade, though.

This knife comes with a leather sheath, sharpening stone, and firestarter. So, it’s a good knife to throw in your survival kit, since it offers some utility and comes with everything you need to maintain the blade.

The sheath holds the sharpening stone and firestarter, which is convenient. However, it makes the sheath a bit bulky. So, you may need to get a different sheath if you plan on attaching this knife to your tactical kit.

Even with the bulky sheath, this is still an excellent option if you want a combat knife with the survival utility to use in a bug out bag or long range survival pack.

The Treeman Combat Knives – EDC Black Ops is designed to withstand a lot of hard use. So, it’s an ideal tactical or survival knife.

The blade is 01 tool steel, which offers excellent impact resistance. It also has solid wear resistance. So, you can beat on this blade a lot, and it won’t break. It also holds an edge decently. However, some find tool steel to be difficult to sharpen.

The blade is 3 inches long, and this knife is 6.75 inches overall. Some may prefer a larger combat knife. But, the size makes it easy to fit on your kit or carry concealed. And, a 3 inch blade is enough for most fighting situations.

At the other end, the handle is G-10. It provides an incredibly sure grip, even with wet hands. And, there’s a fairly steep guard to keep your fingers off the blade, even during high-impact use.

All the metal is Cerakoted to improve corrosion resistance. And, this knife comes with a leather belt sheath. However, there are better sheaths for attaching your knife to your tactical gear.

 But, if you’re looking for a super tough knife that takes up very little space on your tactical rig and works great as an EDC knife, this is the blade to buy.

Touching Up the Edges

A fixed blade combat knife isn’t just a fighting tool. It’s an all purpose tool that you might end up using for prying, hammering, wedging, and all sorts of other stuff. So, it pays to get a decent knife that will hold up to some abuse.

So, if you’re still rocking a budget folder on your tactical kit, get a nice combat knife, and give yourself an upgrade. You’ll get more done and look cooler.

Best Combat Knife Overall

If you want a solid knife that’s strong enough and conveniently sized for just about everything, get the ESEE Knives 6P Fixed Blade Knife. It’s affordable, durable, and can be carried almost any way you want.

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