2020's Best Concealed Carry Holster Reviews

OUR TOP CHOICE: Galco Miami Classic II

Glocks are among the most popular types of guns used in the world today, which is why Galco designed its Miami Classic II Shoulder System to work with models like the 17 and 31.

Obtaining a concealed carry permit gives you the legal authority to bring a weapon on you when you step outside. This lets you better protect yourself from robbers, thieves and even those looking to do you harm. While you can bring your gun in your pocket or purse, you should look for a holder that will keep that weapon tucked away safely and out of the reach of others.

The Galco Miami Classic II is our top choice for a concealed weapon holster. Designed for use with many of the top Glock models, this model uses real leather that fits comfortably on your body and comes with a spider harness that you can adjust for additional comfort.

Whether you want the best concealed holster for sig P38 or another type of gun, you need to read over our list of what to look for in a gun holder before you pick one out.

  1. Where You Want It
  2. Material
  3. Weapon Grip
  4. Unusual Models
  5. Ride Height
  6. Ease of Use
  7. Overall Concealment
  8. Removable Design
  9. General Comfort
2020's Best Concealed Carry Holster Reviews

We’ll review the 11 best concealed holster for men first, and then we’ll move on to the 10 best concealed holsters for women

Editor’s Choice: Galco Miami Classic II

Glocks are among the most popular types of guns used in the world today, which is why Galco designed its Miami Classic II Shoulder System to work with models like the 17 and 31.

Top 11 Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Men Reviews

Glocks are among the most popular types of guns used in the world today, which is why Galco designed its Miami Classic II Shoulder System to work with models like the 17 and 31.

Though it looks like a standard shoulder harness, it features a spider rig that reduces some of the discomfort that you might otherwise feel. You can easily adjust the harness to fit comfortably around your head, neck and shoulders.

This is the same type of harness that many law enforcement professionals wear every day on the job. As it uses real leather, you’ll find that it softens over time and eventually molds to the exact shape of your body. A swiveling back plate works with the holster itself to help you quickly reach for and remove your weapon when needed.

Galco designed this harness to include four distinct parts that can move independently and together. This keeps the system from putting too much pressure on your back and ensures that you can grab your gun in seconds. Many wearers put this harness on over a shirt and under a jacket, but you can wear it in several different ways based on the type of clothing you wear.

This Pro Firearm holder can easily store and help you bring some of the top Ruger guns on the market, including the P91, P95, LC9 and SR9. Similar to those used by law enforcement, this concealed model fits over the back of your neck and comes down over your shoulders. You can slip it on under your coat or jacket without feeling like it weighs you down.

Made from leather, it comes with metal screws that you can remove and adjust to make the concealed gun holder fit your body. A break strap on one side keeps your weapon from moving while you wear the harness all day, but that strap easily pops off when you need to draw your weapon. The screws also adjust to fit the height of your gun.

Thanks to a small compartment on the other side of it, you can now carry an extra magazine or clip with you too. The screws on that compartment adjust to fit the height and shape of that clip. Additional snaps let you control the amount of grip or retention that the model has in regards to your magazine or weapon as well.

One of the more unique entries on our list is this pair of pants from STRYKR. The “Agent” looks just like any other pair of pants but comes with a special pocket designed for safely storing your gun. You can easily grab your weapon and remove it from that pocket without the gun snagging on any loose stitches.

Another great feature is that these pants actually reduce the pressure that the weapon puts on your body. With other models, you can feel that gun bumping against you every time that you move. The pocket on this pair keeps that gun from rubbing or bumping against you and also keeps the weapon away from all your important organs.

Available in a khaki color, these pants go with all your favorite shirts and shoes. You can wear a pair while running errands around town, while at work or even while you’re on vacation. Each pair comes with loops for pairing with your favorite belts and additional pockets for your wallet, cell phone and anything else you usually bring.

STRYKR offers these pants in a number of different sizes that can fit both men and women. The pants come in sizes as small as 30 X 30 and as large as 40 X 34.

This half-guard concealed holster is perfect for those who want to appendix carry rather than put directly on their hips. Carrying a weapon on your hip can cause injuries if that weapon accidentally discharges. It positions the gun at an angle and puts it directly near your appendix to keep the weapon from hitting any vital organs during an accidental discharge.

Though you can use this model for appendix carry, you can also use it to put in a number of other positions and ways too. It comes with three holes that let you attach it directly to your belt in the place you want. It can work with belts of up to 1.75-inches in size.

The manufacturer made this model from a type of brushed aluminum that is extremely durable and provides years of wear and use without weighing you down. When you attach it to your belt, you may not even realize it is there. We ranked this model closer to the top of our list because it comes in different designs to fit weapons like a Glock or an S&W and because you can choose from designs for right or left handed shooters.

This Safariland 6360 Level 3 Retention ALS Duty is the type that detectives and police officers use on the job every day. Available for both left handed and right handed shooters, it comes with a self-locking system (SLS) hood that slips over your weapon and an automatic locking system (ALS) that prevents your gun from accidentally slipping out of it. Thanks to its design, you can wear your weapon closer to your body.

Another benefit of this model is that you can slip your weapon out with just your thumb. Use your thumb to unlock your gun before pulling it out to reduce the risk that others might see you reaching for your weapon. As soon as you release the retention button, you can easily slide your gun out of it.

It comes with a universal belt loop fastener that can work with almost any type of belt, but it also features a wraparound design made from a basket weave material that keeps it from slipping as you walk. Safariland guarantees that this model will have better retention than Level 2 models and that the holster won’t get in your way when you draw.

Not everyone likes the look of concealed carry handbags, but many of those weapon enthusiasts will like the look of this 5.11 Tactical Rush Delivery Messenger Bag. It combines elements of a traditional messenger bag with the tactical bags that military personnel carry in the field. Though it comes in a more standard khaki color that mimics military bags, it also comes in a darker color option.

This nylon bag has a built-in belt system that runs through the bag to ensure that you never lose a single item and that your weapons stay safe and secured. A small handle on the very top lets you grab the bag with one hand before taking off, and you can use the adjustable padded strap for carrying over one shoulder. Compression strings on the front can work with reflective tabs to make sure that anyone can see you and the bag.

Its internal belt system also lets you secure your weapon inside to make certain that no one can see it or to prep your weapon and have it handy when you need to draw and use it. The manufacturers designed this bag to accommodate optional accessories and to put different items, including a water bottle and laptop computer.

Men on the go can now comfortably carry almost any type of weapon with this Man Gear Alaska Ultimate Chest. Constructed from a type of durable nylon, this model is one you can wear in several different ways. The manufacturer guarantees that you can adjust the fit to keep it from getting in your way while working or doing activities outside like camping and fishing.

The harness comes with three heavy-duty D-rings that attach to the corner of the storage pocket. When you need to grab your weapon, you can easily slip it from that pocket without the rings or fabric getting in the way. Though most men may wear it with the pocket in the center of their chests, you can also move the harness to cover more or less of your body.

Thanks to the belt loops, which the manufacturer sews into it, you can wear it on your hip too. Use those loops to keep it firmly attached to your belt and to keep your weapon right on your hip. You can then adjust the model itself to change the angle at which your gun sits on your body.

Those who want to wear a holster under their clothing may find that shoulder gun holders are a little uncomfortable and that those models get in their way, but some enthusiasts will like the way this Belly Band Gun fits. Made from a type of high-quality neoprene, it adjusts to fit the bodies of both male and female users as well as the weapons that they carry. The neoprene also feels smooth on your skin, and you can wear it under a tank top or directly on top of your skin.

Designed for all types of users, it allows you to carry your gun on your left or right front as well as on the left or right side of your back for fast and convenient drawing. The gun pocket on the front has a safety that covers the top of your gun to keep you from discharging your weapon as you remove it. The flexible design of it provides good retention too.

It also comes with an extra pocket right next to the gun pocket for storing a phone, wallet or another larger object, and that pocket can accommodate many of the larger cell phones available today. Also included is a pocket on the opposite side of the gun pocket for storing a clip or magazine.

Another option for those who want to carry on their waists instead of on the ankle or shoulder is this CanCan Sport Belt Classic Concealed Holder. The manufacturer recommends measuring your hips and purchasing a size that fits your hips. The small size will fit hips ranging from 31” to 34”, while the largest size can fit hips to up to 57” in size.

It can stretch out to hold thicker guns and can accommodate guns of up to 6.5-inches long. One reason why this model ranks lower on our list is because it has a tendency to create a bulge from your gun in the front pocket that can make your gun visible. If you wear a longer or looser shirt, most won’t spot that bulge.

A hook-and-loop closure on the back keeps it in place and stops it from moving, but you can also rotate the holster to put that closure in the front. Its pockets let you carry up to three weapons, including pepper spray, a taser and a gun, and it also has pockets available for magazines and extra clips. You can use those pockets for a phone, cash and other items too.

The best 1911 gun holder might be the Galco Summer Comfort Inside the Waistband 1911. This model can fit any type of 1911 handgun like one from Springfield or Colt. Unlike other models that wrap over your shoulder or around your ankle, this one fits snuggly inside the waistband of your pants and won’t let your gun fall out.

Available in designs for both those who shoot with their rights hands and those who shoot with their left, it comes with dual belt loops that snap on and off for attaching to your pants or belt for extra stability. It can work with belt loops of up to 1.75-inches wide, which lets you use this concealed gun holster will all your pants. Once slipped inside your pants, this holster will remain in the same spot as you move and won’t irritate your skin.

The reinforced leather used on it adds to its durability and ensures that you get years of use from it. Though it lacks storage for a clip or magazine, it does come with easy to use snaps that help you quickly draw your weapon in the heat of the moment.

If you prefer carrying on your ankle to carrying on your hip or waste, you’ll like this TufForce Padded Concealed Ankle Holder. Designed with comfort in mind, it comes with additional padding on the ankle to keep it from digging in or rubbing against your ankle bone and nearby skin. Made from an elastic material, it actually expands to better fit your weapon and can accommodate most medium guns.

It comes with a wider and thicker strap that wraps around your calf and fits cleanly under jeans and other pants. As it doesn’t create a bulge like other ankle holsters do, few will know you’re wearing it. This model is ambidextrous and can fit on either your right leg or left hand.

While we do like that all users can wear this model with most guns, we put it in last place on our list because it isn’t quite as durable or dependable as other models are. Though it is more affordable, it may not last as long as you would like.

Top 10 Best Concealed Carry Holsters for Women Reviews

The American Hobo Handbag might be the top concealed carry holster for women. Though it looks just like a standard purse, it comes loaded with features designed for those who need to carry a weapon with them. It even has reinforced stitching on the bottom to ensure that the weight of your gun doesn’t cause the bag to break.

This bag uses the hobo chic design that is so popular in the fashion world today. It has a slightly slouched design that hides the amount of storage that it offers inside. Thanks to its extra-wide strap, which you can adjust to your needs, you can wear this bag comfortably across your chest without the bag digging into your skin.

Inside the bag is a concealed carry compartment that locks for extra safety. Measuring slightly smaller than the bag itself, this compartment can accommodate many of the top gun models, and it comes with a universal holster designed to fit most weapons. You’ll also find an external pocket designed for a cell phone, a large zippered pocket on the back, two larger pockets on the inside of the bag and a key ring that helps you keep track of your keys.

Many women who want to obtain a concealed carry permit hate the idea of wearing a bulky holster, but many of those women will love the Eos Concealed Purse. While it looks like the purses they already have in their closets, it allows them to take their weapons with them. It makes a great addition to your wardrobe or a great gift for a loved one.

A zipper on the top runs across three sides of the bag and lets you decide how you want to draw. This makes the bag a good choice for both those who shoot with their right hands and those who shoot with their left hands. That zipper also lets you open the bag and get to your gun when valuable seconds matter.

This bag comes with two straps that let you bring it in multiple ways too. You can use the two smaller straps to wear the bag by hand, or you can use the adjustable longer strap to wear it over your shoulder. Thanks to the internal concealed carry compartment and reinforced stitching, you can easily find your weapon without worry about your weapon ripping through the bottom or losing that gun in your purse.

With this concealed carry handbag, you can look your best while packing some heat. Designed to mimic the hot trend of hobo handbags, it comes in multiple color options based on which shade works best with your wardrobe. You’ll also find tons of extra storage on both the inside and outside of the bag.

Designed to work with weapons like pistols, the bag has a unique design that lets you draw your weapon with either your right or left hand depending on how you wear it. The shoulder strap on the top adjusts to let you wear it over your chest or over your shoulder, and that strap has a slash-resistant design. If someone tries to grab your bag and run, you can hit the clip to drop the bag from the strap and possibly save your neck.

Reinforced stitching on the bottom adds to the strength of the bag and ensures that it can support the weight of both your weapon and the accessories or belongings that you put. Smaller interior pockets are perfect for storing makeup and small items, while a large pocket on the outside adds to its storage. With this bag, you can easily reach your weapon and anything else in your bag.

4. Black Leather Cross Body Purse

Black Leather Crossbody Bag

Another option for female gun enthusiasts is this Black Leather Cross Body Purse. Unlike other purses that have a slouchy or bohemian look, this one has a more structured and traditional look. It comes with a long strap that lets you carry the bag across your body or chest, and that strap adjusts for a tighter fit.

Designed for those who shoot and draw with their right hands, it has a concealed compartment inside that can hold pistols and other smaller weapons. This compartment locks with the included key to keep others from grabbing your gun when you put your bag down. The manufacturer also gives you a second key as a back up.

You also get a universal weapon holder that can accommodate most small and medium weapons. The bag features leather on the exterior and an interior lining that keeps your belongings safe. You’ll also find a number of pockets that help you store everyday items like your keys, cell phone, wallet and makeup as well as storage compartments designed for accessories like extra ammunition, a small gun cleaning kit or even an extra holster.

5. Black Leather Hobo Purse

Black Leather Hobo Purse

Women who dislike seeing concealed carry bags that put more focus on function than style will like this Black Leather Hobo Purse. With this purse draped over your shoulder, no one will know that you have a weapon on hand for protecting yourself. It features a type of real cowhide leather that gives it a more expensive look and metal grommets that add to its stylish look.

Unlike other purses that have a compartment hidden on the inside, this bag places that compartment on the outside. This lets you drape the bag over your chest or shoulder for accessing the weapon with either your right or left hand. Reinforced stitching supports the weight of any gun that can fit inside the compartment, and the locking compartment comes with two keys for easily unlocking the zipper.

You also get a universal holster that adjusts to fit the exact specifications of your gun. It fits comfortably on your body and won’t snag on the gun when you draw your weapon. As an added bonus, this stylish leather bag comes with extra pockets for the things you carry to work or the things you need while away from home.

CanCan Concealment created this Sport Belt Big SheBang Belt Bag for women who do not want to carry a purse every time they leave the house. It has a funky design that wraps around your waist and comes loaded with pockets for carrying more than just a weapon. It measures six-inches wide and comes in sizes up to XXL as well as both a solid black option and a camouflage and black option.

It gives you the option of carrying your weapon in the exact spot you want to carry it. You can position the model for wearing that run on your hip, near your kidneys or over your appendix. It also features a nonslip design that keeps it from moving or shifting as you walk and move.

With a hook-and-loop closure, putting on this holster is a breeze. You can even adjust those hooks as your body changes to get a more comfortable fit. Though it can accommodate many different types of pistols and smaller guns, its individual pockets and flexible design lets it stretch to hold a cell phone, pepper spray, your wallet and other items.

With the Lethal Lace Universal, you can make a fashion statement or just enjoy the feel of lace against your skin while carrying a weapon. This holster is unique because it features a type of elastic material that you can wear any way you want. You simply wrap the fabric around your body and around each body part until you feel comfortable adding your weapon.

Most belted or belt holsters attach directly to your belt and can interfere with your range of motion, but this holster will never get in your way. It comes in multiple sizes as well as different colors to match your sense of style and your needs. Lace edging adds to its feminine look, but you can also purchase the holster without that lace.

Though the material stretches and expands to fit your body, it also bounces back for future use. You can wear this holster around your waist, across your chest, on your hip, by your ankle or even on your thigh. Though most use the concealed holster when carrying a pistol or a handgun, other women use the concealed holster for carrying other things like a bottle of medication, spare keys or even some extra cash.

With the Belladonna Concealed Carry Purse, you can feel confident and stylish while walking down the street because this elegant bag has a hidden pocket designed for weapons. When you first look at the bag, you may not realize that it has a hidden pocket on the front. Unzipping this pocket reveals a space large enough for a handgun as well as a small holster that keeps the gun from moving.

Designed for women on the go, the holster in this bag is completely adjustable. You can move that holster up and down as well as to the left or right based on the size of your weapon. As the zippers are accessible on both sides, this bag is one of the best options for ambidextrous users as well as those who draw with their right or left hands.

That front pocket can also accommodate other types of weapons that make you feel safe like pepper spray or a stun gun. Other pockets on the bag’s interior are just the right size for items like your wallet, keys, money, cards, makeup or phone. You’ll also like the two simple handles on the top for easy carrying and the reinforced stitching.

LINIXU designed this hip hugger concealed carry holster specifically for women and lets you choose between a traditional black design with lace detailing or a holster with red stitching across the front and sides. Both designs fit comfortably over your waist and rest just below your belly button on your hips. It can fit a number of handguns from manufacturers like Ruger and Glock.

Unlike similar belly gun holder that are a pain to get on and off, this one is easy to wear and remove because hook-and-eye closures on the front that let you increase or decrease the size of the belt. When you wrap it around your stomach, you simply line up those hooks and eyes. It also has a military-grade elastic band around the top that expands to fit your stomach.

Two pockets on the front and two additional pockets on the bag let you carry up to four guns at once. The front pockets have a band that slips over your gun for additional protection. You can also use those pockets for carrying magazines.

Men and women can wear this Ultimate Belly Band Concealed gun holder under their clothing to carry one or more guns while outside of their homes. It comes in two orientations based on how you draw or shoot. Make sure you choose the right one based on your primary hand.

It comes in a one size fits most design that can fit stomachs of up to 44-inches around. The neoprene used in its construction stretches to fit larger stomachs, but it won’t fit tightly across your midsection or cause discomfort as it stretches. Elastic pockets can easily fit smaller guns, but those pockets also expand to fit larger guns like a Ruger or Glock.

The manufacturer gives you an optional retention strap that you can leave off or use to increase the retention of your weapon and an optional magazine pocket. This concealed holster lets you carry a weapon on your hip, over your appendix, at the small of your back and in a variety of other positions.

Best Concealed Carry Holster Overall

We selected the Galco Miami Classic II as the best concealed carry holsters as well as the best Glock holster. This lightweight system fits over your shoulder and allows you to carry your gun under your coat and over your shirt. You can easily slide your gun out without it snagging on either the holster or the fabric.

Made from leather, it will mold to the shape of your body and become more comfortable the more you wear it. It also comes with a spider harness that you can adjust to better fit your body. Choose from a holster in a rich black shade or a more neutral tan color.

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